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  1. I just ordered several wheel sets on John’s advice. Looking to do my ‘73 GT. Made the GT dash as photo reduced, for my column logo car!
  2. You are welcome to make an offer if this suits your needs. Postage is extra. I only charge you what I get charged.
  3. I can look for it and give you some dimensions.
  4. I may have an old MPB vac formed piece.
  5. I have a set from an old Mopar, Dodge Daytona kit. They look just like SBC. I bought the kit to do my cousin’s car in stock form. I’ll attach a pic shortly!
  6. I might have 4, but they’d be in a box with like 10,000 little parts. If you feel like driving down to Limerick, you can look!
  7. I have this parts box. PM me if interested. Someone cut a roof and a body from a Jimmy. I think I have a Jimmy kit. Need to check!
  8. Mr sChindler, (there...I added the “C”) Outstanding workmanship!
  9. I have this version. Would need to pull it out and check it.
  10. I took your response as no interest. Held it open for you until that point. Only then, went with the offer that was waiting. You should have PM’d me.
  11. Uh... OK then...these were posted not as reference but what I had to offer. Unfortunately, someone saw them, emailed me personally and bought them all.
  12. For some reason, I’m thinking these were the tires in the GTO kit. Later licensing issues may have kept the Goodyear’s only.
  13. I have the following: These are on my original ‘73 Vega. 0.515” thick. They made a slightly thinner one, too! 0.468” For the GTO: I have 4 of the narrow and 4 of the superwides. Top pic.
  14. I may have what you need. Let me look... I had a kit with a bad body.
  15. Thanks, Tim! It’s time to get stuff done! I started a Runnin’ at Redline, but needed to get this body done and shot. Maybe this weekend, I’ll sit down and write!
  16. Testor’s Boyd Sunburst Orange. Airbrushed. Clear is Testors Wet Look... I’m not a fan. I’d give my remaining stock to anyone who’d pay shipping!
  17. Thanks for the kind words. Some back story... yes, this is probably 25 years in the making. I had the paint buffed to a high luster and was very pleased. Decided to do one more buff....I could see I disturbed the flake. I saw it, yet no one else sees it. It sat on my bench as a reminder to say when to quit. A friend kept bugging me to finish it. Last year, while out in Toledo, I decided to make a list and knock out stale projects. This one came back to life, as did a few others. Taking little bites every day helps to get stuff done. If I run into a snag, I move to another project. So no....I haven’t spent 25 years building this. I’m also doing a write up on it, so pics and articles take time. I recently did a Randall Gremlin display for a friend...that had some paint issues but was completed to my satisfaction rather quickly. I build for myself and to share the build with those interested thru my column. I’m not into power builds or builds for an event. I build to enjoy and really don’t want to spoil that with unreasonable deadlines.
  18. Yes, you can buy the Eastwood tips. Here it is... I prefer using acetone to clean! I worked there!
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