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  1. Ricks added a post in a topic Scale Dreams February sale?   

    Forgot to mention. If you want to do a late night early morning order. Please email me to let me know. So i can watch for it. Im picking and packing orders now for tomorrows mail and do that most nights.
  2. Ricks added a post in a topic Scale Dreams February sale?   

    Ron. sorry about the seperate specials each day but we really wanted to do something special this year and having all of the specials everyday would kill us.. Like the wheels on special today. We set aside a number of them for the special but sold out, so I dipped into the normal stock to keep it going till midnight. After fees and all of that I lose a little bit of money on each set, but what better way to say thanks then give my fellow modelers a killer deal.. I thought about letting people set stuff aside from day to day, however it would get super complicated trying to keep track of it all and having all of those half picked orders sitting around would be a nightmare. I really do appreciate the feedback as Im always looking for ways to improve the sale year to year. Thanks Rick
  3. Ricks added a post in a topic Scale Dreams February sale?   

    Bob is correct on the dates. We will be doing it only a week long this year however we will be having a bunch of surprises. Each day will be a different special sale, freebies, kit giveaways, and some more.. Be sure to follow us on facebook to get the most up to date info on day to day sales..
  4. Ricks added a post in a topic Anyone find any "Cyber Monday" online kit deals?   

    Thanks for the plug James..

    Yea we are doing 10% off storewide and then 30% off all scaledreams labeled products. We are also doing bigger discounts on items through out the day. Each special sale is being posted on our facebook page. Check it out.. http://www.facebook.com/pages/ScaleDreamscom/190887460751
  5. Ricks added a post in a topic NNL Detroit   

    Howard cross over in the morning or tomorrow afternoon. IM not sure if you planned on doing early bird on sat or not but the traffic coming over on sat is a lot better then Friday night. Sunday will be a little harder getting home due to the game but you can avoid that by heading back up to Sarnia to cross.
  6. Ricks added a post in a topic When is NNL Detroit? November 20?   

    Heres a partial list of vendors coming. Tables are sold out..
  7. Ricks added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    i need to get me one of those vitz. looks killer and would fit in well with my small car obsession i have going..
  8. Ricks added a post in a topic New Model Car Garage Products   

    Joe.. MCG offers a 65-66 set, 67 set, and the 69 shelby set. I can get any of them just drop me a email.. sales@scaledreams.com

    George.. They run 13.99 a set.. I dont hit the downriver meetings much as they conflict with work schedules but ill have them at the fall show if you can wait that long Ill give ya a deal on a few of them.. If not drop me an email and i can ship them to you..
  9. Ricks added a post in a topic Suzuki Cappucinno   

    Thanks guys..
  10. Ricks added a topic in Under Glass   

    Suzuki Cappucinno
    Finished another one..

    Aoshima Suzuki Cappucinno
    Duplicolor Dark Cherry base, duplicolor rainbox flake, testors clear. Aoshima wheels, fujimi seats.

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  11. Ricks added a post in a topic CKM Summer Classic is getting Closer !   

    Just made my hotel reservations and We will have the sames tables as last year... Was a great time and the CKM crew really makes you feel welcomed..
  12. Ricks added a post in a topic New Model Car Garage Products   

    Jay. Sorry but we only stock 1:24/25 scale items. I really dont much about the larger scale stuff or where to get it. Sorry really wish i could help more but I just dont know enough about the larger stuff to be of help.. Thanks Rick
  13. Ricks added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    New Model Car Garage Products
    Model car Garage released some new products.
    Dzus Fasteners

    custom pulleys

    M/T Engine Dress up kits They made kits for SBF, SBC, BBC
    BBC Shown

    1934 Ford Detail Kit.. Flamed, vertical, and horizontal grills available

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  14. Ricks added a post in a topic Suzuki Escudo   

    Thanks everyone..

    It does kinda have that hotwheels look to it huh.. lol. I should bend all the wheels to have huge negative camber and then it will really look like a hotwheels or at least like my sons..

    A rotory in one of these that would be a real fun ride..
  15. Ricks added a post in a topic Dodge Sportsman   

    Thanks everyone.. Yea the tv is pretty big but thought it would be the coolest cruiser.. The second row seats are gone so you sit in the third row so your a little back form the screen.. Got the idea from a movie.. Forget the name but it was a escalade with a big screen and the people sat in the back..