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  1. Is there a website or contact info for K7 Resin?
  2. Sure, but some of the print is not legible.
  3. Hi Tim, Items I would like to see on a detail set in addition to the obvious include printed gauges and dash details, seat belt hardware, chassis/engine brackets and linkages, fitted luggage hardware (latches, handles, hinges etc needed to scratch build a set or a complete resin set), open hood vents, headlight trim.
  4. Hopefully we will see a nice wire wheel. Thanks for the info.
  5. Anyone know of a photoetch detail set for this kit either released or in development? Any good wire wheels as well?
  6. This is the newer kit and it has the cleaned up body, the underside of the roof no longer has the swirls and ripples and the sinks marks have been cleaned up. Both the kits have the same issue of the hood being slid over the cowl for packing, therefore distorting the back end of the hood.
  7. Don't hold your breath waiting for a reply from Stevens International, I emailed them about parts for the same kit about 4 years ago. I received one reply saying they would get the part and never heard from them again. I bought another kit. Have you tried contacting Hasegawa directly through their Japan site?
  8. I found their website, but it is all prices lists and no pictures. Do you know what and where I should be looking on the website? Thanks
  9. Does anyone know any any photo etch detail sets or wire wheels for the Revell Jagaur e type? Or news of anything coming soon? Thanks Mike
  10. I am looking for the body shell for the Revell 1960 Impala, the roof was crushed. Don't need the hood and trunk lid.
  11. Looks like they fixed the front fender stripe, the original had a hook on the front pointing upward.
  12. The grille from the new kit won't fit the sd body, it is a '62 which has a taller grille. The '62 grille went flush with the hood, '63 - '65 had a hood lip molding which extended down into grille area and it turn had a shorter grille. You can use the '63 hood and grille, but that would look weird on a '62.
  13. I may have missed this in an earlier post, but what year is this Jag suppose to represent?
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