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  1. How about the American wheels from AMT 1955 Nomad? The spokes would be the same, but you would need to play with the offset to get what you want. You would need to use 4 front wheels. I believe Round2 removed these beautiful wheels from the latest versions of the Nomad.
  2. News of Revell molding preparing in US

    Where does it say it isn't happening?
  3. Okey Spaulding - Mr. Johan

    He has a Facebook page, I have messaged him there. https://www.facebook.com/okey.spaulding
  4. Paint Booth ?

    If you have a suitable window to vent it outside, certainly do. But in my case there wasn't one, so yes, I use it inside without fumes. I get more fumes in the house from the lacquer thinner soaked towel to clean my airbrush.
  5. Paint Booth ?

    I talked to Dave Thibodeau when I built my spray booth and use the same fan as he does. The fan is amazing and sucks out any and all paint fumes and over-spray. It is a 6" Hydroponics High CFM Air Blower. One addition I made was to get the optional Activated Carbon Filter. The is not near a window, so I vent directly into the filter, the is no fumes or smell in the room even after painting 2k clear. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/4-6-8-10-12-Inch-Inline-Hydroponic-Duct-Fan-Filter-Combo-Kit-Hydroponics/253722290219?hash=item3b1306e82b%3Am%3Amh9U4-0vQuLww0jCscGHjvA&var=552988835840&_sacat=0&_nkw=hydroponic+duct+blower+filter&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=m570.l1313
  6. '68 Firebird 400 Stock wheels/tyres

    I am using a set of Fireball Modelworks Pontiac Hubcap with redlines on my Revell 1968 Firebird. They also have a nice set full wheelcovers that would look great on the Firebird. Fireball also offers a very nice set of Rally II wheels, but they are 1/24.
  7. 69 Camaro Convertible resin up top

    Do you know the contact info for Time Machine Resins? Are they still around? Contacted T.M. Resins on eBay and they say they never offered this part.
  8. 3d printed wire wheels

    Those look great. I would like to see this done with 50's wire hubcaps where the hubcap is in the center with a wire ring on the outside. Like this 1956 Chevy Wire Hubcap.
  9. 69 Camaro Convertible resin up top

    I was wondering the same thing
  10. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Once in a while I will buy a quality hobby tool. Hope these are worth it, they were not cheap.
  11. Revell parts?

    They can at least acknowledge the email. Not saying they have to replace anything at this time, just respond in some way.
  12. Revell parts?

    First of all I should not have to worry about replacing a damaged body...again. I have lost count the number of time I had to get a replacement from Revell. Round2 I have only ever made one parts request for bad chrome in the Monte Carlo kit. I should not have to look on eBay for someone selling a body for nearly the price of a new kit, it would be different if I screwed it up and needed a replacement. I am disappointed in the customer service at Blitz, it has been a week and a half and no response. They could have acknowledged my email. I think the future of Revell is not going to be good.
  13. Scale Finishes

    My last two orders have been 6 -8 weeks to get filled. No worries, he is busy and your stuff will arrive.
  14. Revell parts?

    Sent them a message on Sunday, still no response.
  15. Revell parts?

    Anyone know how or where to get Revell replacement parts? Is Revell germany is handling this? I finally found a new 1970 Torino GT and the roof is crushed.