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  1. Nice. About 15 years ago when I worked on Broadway, I would always see an orange Murcielago, I wonder if it is the same car.
  2. I have ordered from them several times, awesome service. If there is a color Zero has, but not listed, just let them know and they will have it on their next order.
  3. Here is a US distributor. http://www.hobbyworld-usa.com/Store/index.php?id_product=6755&controller=product&search_query=1478&results=1
  4. Zero paint makes an Extra Fine Silver for candy groundcoat https://www.zero-paints.com/Extra_Fine_Metallic_SILVER_Groundcoat_for_Candy_Paints_60ml--product--348.html
  5. Looks like they are making some new parts for the '70 Camaro and doing a full bumper version. That should make a few people happy.
  6. He is, just not yet. I am waiting too for the Pontiac carbs.
  7. That was small block Mopar setup he announced, not Pontiac TriPower.
  8. Joseph made a new product announcement last night. https://www.facebook.com/fireballmodelworks/
  9. Not a complaint as the correct stripes are included on the decal sheet. Yes, they would be custom stripes for that year.
  10. The Revell Germany box art has 1970 -72 style SS stripes, while the Revell USA shows the correct 1968 stripes on the box art. 1968 SS stripes 1969 SS stripes 1970 -72 SS stripes
  11. Does it have the correct 1968 stripes, the box shows 1969 stripes?
  12. I think he may be refering to the Duplicolor Paint Shop clear. I bought a quart of the candy orange, the sample I sprayed 2 years ago is still tacky. The Perfect Match should be fine.
  13. Steve, Scale Finishes uses Dupont paints. Depending on your selection you can get either Acrylic Enamel or Basecoat. I use the basecoat on every paint job I do, I gave up on the Enamels since they take so long to dry. The basecoats are true basecoat/clearcoat and are not traditional lacquer that can be polished. They need a clearcoat, I use Zero 2k clear.
  14. I have never had any luck with Zero primer. I use Tamiya primers under all my Zero paints, never had a problem.
  15. https://www.modelhaustires.com/ Awesome, fast service.
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