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  1. Gravity Colors...anybody bought from them lately?

    I placed an order Friday afternoon and it shipped Friday evening. It cleared Canadian customs on Monday morning and I will have it tomorrow. I have never had a problem with Gravity Colors.
  2. 1969 Coronet

    Good job on the hood. I would take the hood scoops out of the amt '70 Super Bee and do this one with the Ramcharger hood.
  3. My Last Modelhaus order

    Got the email my order shipped Monday. Kinda shocked as the Canadian dollar is not what it was when the order was placed. Ordered the 1968 Coronet, with shipping and exchange $150, I could have found an original for less.
  4. Early 60s Mopar Dog Dish Hubcaps

    Thanks, I may try MCW. Interesting that the Corvette and Plymouth used the same color.
  5. Early 60s Mopar Dog Dish Hubcaps

    I love that copper color. I wanted to paint my Moebius 1965 Satellite Code H Copper. So far 3 failed attempts in getting it mixed, each time it comes out different, but always an ugly shade of brown, not the Pinkish/reddish Copper colors you see in the pictures above.
  6. Early 60s Mopar Dog Dish Hubcaps

    Here is the Lawman hupcaps
  7. Scalefinishes

    You can purchase both primer and clear coat from Scale Finishes. I use Tamiya primer under Scale Finishes paint with no problems, for both their enamels and base coats.
  8. 68 GTX grille

    How about a grille for the "69 'cuda? The grille in the amt/mpc kit is awful.
  9. An accurate 69 Cuda

    Looks great, I have the exact same project stalled for the last 5 years. I am using the Duster chassis as well. I agree we need a 3d printed grill, those tiny headlights are why the project has stalled.
  10. Scale Production in Europe

    Ordered a few times no problems. Don't use google translate, just click on the British flag to use the English version of the website.
  11. Fireball redlines are beautiful, paint with flat red acrylic. If you don't want to paint the redlines, Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland has a couple sets of resin redlines w/ separate red resin redline insert.
  12. Gravity Colors...anybody bought from them lately?

    What is the problem with Jameston? I have placed orders with him for several years, but lately, every couple weeks since last fall. They have all arrived 3-4 weeks from placing the order, including one custom order I emailed him about. Never had a problem with receiving orders, a couple times the color seemed off, a free replacement was sent shortly after contacting him. Sure in the beginning the turn around time was a few days and now it is a couple weeks, no big deal it always arrives.
  13. Gravity Colors...anybody bought from them lately?

    Not true, I have ordered custom colors several times with fantastic results. A couple were mixed to samples I sent him and another was an obscure color for the 300SL gullwing.
  14. Splash Paints - Website Up!

    Why bother with what appears to be a "questionable" new paint company. We have many choices already available: Gravity Colors - Awesome service, never had problems. Can't comment on others experience. Scale Finishes - Jameston always come through with awesome paint. I have never had to wait longer than 3-4 weeks for order to ship, most often within a 1-2 weeks. Zero Paints - North American retailer is http://www.hobbyworld-usa.com/Store/index.php?id_category=1123&controller=category&n=517. Matthew gets orders out immediately if in stock, otherwise the wait for out of stock or custom colors is a 1 or 2 weeks. MCW - no experience with them