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  1. I have been using Tamiya primers under Scale Finishes for years with no problems, ever. I use both the enamels and basecoats they offer. I sometimes order one of each, basecoat / clear coat for the body and the enamel for overspray on the chassis or an interior panel I want body color but don't want the extra layer of clear coat.
  2. Princess Auto sells the bits Ace mentions. You can also find the drill bits at Lee Valley.
  3. Nice. About 15 years ago when I worked on Broadway, I would always see an orange Murcielago, I wonder if it is the same car.
  4. I have ordered from them several times, awesome service. If there is a color Zero has, but not listed, just let them know and they will have it on their next order.
  5. Here is a US distributor. http://www.hobbyworld-usa.com/Store/index.php?id_product=6755&controller=product&search_query=1478&results=1
  6. Zero paint makes an Extra Fine Silver for candy groundcoat https://www.zero-paints.com/Extra_Fine_Metallic_SILVER_Groundcoat_for_Candy_Paints_60ml--product--348.html
  7. Looks like they are making some new parts for the '70 Camaro and doing a full bumper version. That should make a few people happy.
  8. He is, just not yet. I am waiting too for the Pontiac carbs.
  9. That was small block Mopar setup he announced, not Pontiac TriPower.
  10. Joseph made a new product announcement last night. https://www.facebook.com/fireballmodelworks/
  11. Not a complaint as the correct stripes are included on the decal sheet. Yes, they would be custom stripes for that year.
  12. The Revell Germany box art has 1970 -72 style SS stripes, while the Revell USA shows the correct 1968 stripes on the box art. 1968 SS stripes 1969 SS stripes 1970 -72 SS stripes
  13. Does it have the correct 1968 stripes, the box shows 1969 stripes?
  14. I think he may be refering to the Duplicolor Paint Shop clear. I bought a quart of the candy orange, the sample I sprayed 2 years ago is still tacky. The Perfect Match should be fine.
  15. Steve, Scale Finishes uses Dupont paints. Depending on your selection you can get either Acrylic Enamel or Basecoat. I use the basecoat on every paint job I do, I gave up on the Enamels since they take so long to dry. The basecoats are true basecoat/clearcoat and are not traditional lacquer that can be polished. They need a clearcoat, I use Zero 2k clear.
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