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  1. I got my '68 Chevelle at a Winnipeg Hobby Shop a few weeks ago, they had the Mustang as well. They are in Canada.
  2. Don't complain about the boxes, they may bring back those stupid flip top donut boxes.
  3. I use it, good stuff. It is not a liquid like some of the brush on cements. It is very heavy like syrup. To keep the tip clean I always point the needle straight up and squeeze the bottle to blow out the needle, never had it clog yet.
  4. I started mine this week. Going with Cordovan Maroon, redlines and dog dish hubcaps. I would like to do the vi yl roof, but very tricky to get it to look right with this car. I have a bottle of Grecian Green, but think will save that for the El Camino.
  5. That Yamaha looks nice, I have a burgundy 175. Anyone know what other Enduro bikes were offered originally?
  6. For anyone who will be building the new Tom McEwen dragster, it is going for auction at Mecum. There are some picture up on the site, https://www.mecum.com/lots/AZ0319-366318/1968-tom-mcewen-tirend-activity-booster-top-fuel-dragster/?utm_source=AAInfoNet+Master&utm_campaign=10ecfedb65-AZ19_UglyJohn&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_fa410e9114-10ecfedb65-114077061&mc_cid=10ecfedb65&mc_eid=ecc85729c9
  7. Thanks Steve, they look great, not over-sized and bulky.
  8. Good job on the wiring, what did you use for the hold downs.
  9. I was wondering the same thing. They teased a bunch of stuff for the 2013 Mustang back in Aug 2017 and still waiting. I wanted a set of the 1967 Shelby wheels, but they have been out of stock each time I check. I messaged them in October and they responded with All model car parts/projects will be postponed to year end as I’m currently working on other personal projects at the moment. (My primary job is running an industrial design company, need to clear out all the projects on hand before going back to model car business) Sorry for keeping you guys wait.
  10. Looks great! I really need to finish mine.
  11. Greg, since your in Winnipeg, Piston Ring has all the engine paints and Eastern Sales also has the mopar performance paints.
  12. Paul Meadows of Paints, Models and More out of Alberta has what you may need. He is the Canadian dealer for Zero paints, along with Top Studio, Studio27, Plamoz, Model Factory Hiro, Hobby Design, C1, Beemax, Belkits and much more. Just email him and he will send you a spreadsheet of everything he has. 1-403-669-6270 info@paintsmodelsandmore.com
  13. Jim sold Micro Nitro and now started Dancing Bear, same great parts.
  14. Those look great, but is there an alternative to using music wire. Last time I used music wire for something, it started to rust and eventually disintegrated.
  15. I think that one is a poor recast of the Shawn Carpenter conversion kit.
  16. Take a look on the SAE forums for a build by an guy from Japan using the name CALKICHI1973. Amazing what he did with this kit.
  17. Whatever happened to these handful of kits that Testors re-issued? Are they lost like the rest of the Johan tooling?
  18. If you are still looking for the Highland Green paint, Hobbyworld-USA in Salem sells Zero Paints.
  19. Are we going back in time, whats with the metal axles in many of the new Revell kits?
  20. Just buy a can of engine enamel, Plastikote #208 or Duplicolor DE1610 are the correct early 60s light blue.
  21. Common problem, I pushed the two pieces together until it clicked and filled the gap between the two pieces with super glue and accelerator. No problem now. I had originally wound masking tape around the joint, but it eventually slid up.. then pop.
  22. I usually color over the molding and a bit of surrounding area with a black sharpie. Then use files and sanding stick, stop sanding when the surrounding black is gone.
  23. Last week I saw a guy driving a newer black COPO Camaro in traffic. Very nice and very loud. Wish I had taken a picture. Then a block later a new Corvette with a chrome wrap.
  24. Please consider adding the Revell 1970 Charger to your list. Everything is wrong on the Revell sheet, tail stripe doesn't have the peak in the middle, hood panels should have the 440 / Hemi lettering near the outside edge rather than centered and no pinstripe decals included.
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