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  1. Just a couple things are needed to convert to a '70 grille (although slightly different, it is not really noticable), can use Model Car Garage grille to be accurate front bumper - bigger signal lights (would AMT bumper fit?) wider rear taillights - again AMT lights may fit side marker lights, both front and rear wider (rear same location, front a little lower on the fender) interior is the same, sand off seat patterns to get the plain yenko interior remove any exterior antennae
  2. In regards to ' 68-'72 Dash - '68 completly different in shape and design, '69-'72 same Doors - '68 inside door lock pull place at rear edge of door , '69-'72 door lock pull moved about 6" forward Bucket Seats - '68 release button on seatback side/top and no headrests, '69-'71 release on seat back center w/ headrests, '72 highback buckets Door / Side Panels - '68 different design, '69-'72 same with only changes in the colored strip across top area ('69 parchment, '70-'72 woodgrained) Seat Upholstery - '68 different, '69-'72 very similar Hood emblem - '68 says Chevy II, '69-'72 same w/ bowtie design Grille- '68-'69 same Headlight trim - '68 no adjustment hole and chrome, '69-'72 with adjustment hole, blacked out Front bumper - '68-'69 small turn signals, ''70-'72 large turn signals Taillights - '68-69 short design, '70-'72 long design('72 has different lens) Rear trim panel (fills area between tail lights)- '68-'69 longer , '70-72 shorter Decklid emblem - '68 "Chevy II", '69-'72 "Nova" Side Nova emblem - '68 "Nova" rear quarter panel, '69-'72"Nova" front fender behind wheel opening Side marker lights - '68-69 small lights (red rear, front '68 clear, '69 Amber) '70-72 long design 9 amber front, red rear) Fender vent optional on '68-'70 '68 SS only has "Super Sport"on bottom of fender above rocker trim '68-'69 external anntenae, '70'72 anntenae wire embedded in windshield The '73-'74 same size and body shape, except dfferent. different side window open shape, front and rear, impact bumpers, hard plastic interior, hatchback offered - hood and fenders are the same as '72 (fenders have a filler bolted on, trunk lid same Hope this helps
  3. Awesome Merc. I think green is one of the nicest colors to paint a Merc. Verdoro green is a late 60s Pontiac color. Many '68 Firebirds were paint that color.
  4. Thanks for the input, I tend to agree with Jairus on this, posted on the other half of the this thread (sorry for the double post). After scaling down the wrinkle effect, it would barely be noticable. Any attempt would probably be way out of scale.
  5. What is the best way to get a scale wrinkle black finish on parts, such as Hemi valve covers? I have tried using Krylon semi-gloss black shot from the spray can with a heavy coat to get texture, but must there be a better and more realistic way to get this finish.
  6. Given these explanations, I have a question. I have 4 '59 Cadillac kits from Revell. Why does each of the 16 bullet tail lights have a bubble in the center of the lens.
  7. I can't wait for this new Nova, the #1 kit I have been waiting for. I own 4 Novas ('68, '69 SS, '72 SS, '72 6-cyl), 5 if I count my '62 convertible. I love my Novas. Just looking at the pictures, it looks like they got it right. The side view picture of the blue Nova looks like your looking at the real car.
  8. You can try going to an autobody supply store and ask them to mixup a touchup bottle of the real thing. Or have your tried your GM dealer parts counter, they may have the touch paint for it.
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