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  1. Cool build. The Supremes look nice on this build.
  2. I built the 1980's reissue a few years ago. It builds into a nice model. It had a lot of flash. The Stingray bike was a nice touch. Lots of leftover parts to go into the parts bin.
  3. Nice custom. I really like the body color.
  4. carrucha

    '49 Mercury

    Sweet Merc. Good job combining the the two kits. I really dig the white paint with blacked out chrome.
  5. Good job. Well built and finished. Nice body color.
  6. carrucha

    green t bucket

    Cool T-bucket. I really dig the body color.
  7. Very sharp. Nice work on the engine swap. The Keystone mags look nice on this car.
  8. Cool build. Nice to see this kit on this forum.
  9. Cool display shelf. The LED lights really set it off.
  10. Nice work. Cool to see the kids take an interest in model building.
  11. Very sharp. Nice work applying the chrome side trim. When I built mine the chrome would not stick so I had to glue it with CA glue.
  12. Cool pickup. Good work on the weathering. The items in the bed are a nice touch.
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