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  1. Nice van. I like the color. I have couple of these in my stash. Hopefully they come out as good as yours.
  2. Cool Caddy. I like the color combo.
  3. Cool build of an iconic movie car.
  4. Very sharp. Nice body color.
  5. Cool wagon. Nice job merging the two bodies.
  6. Cool build. Very realistic weathering.
  7. Cool El Camino. Nice wheel/tire combo.
  8. Sharp Impala. Nice body color.
  9. Cool build. Well built and finished.
  10. Cool Caddy. Nice to see a build of this kit.
  11. Cool replica of an iconic movie car.
  12. Very sharp Bonneville. Cool body color.
  13. Cool hotrod. I like the body color.
  14. Nice work! Well built and finished.
  15. Sweet hotrod. Nice work on the black paint.
  16. Nice diorama. Good work on the weathering. Very realistic.
  17. Cool Vette. I like the paint job.
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