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  1. Looks good. Glad that it has survived.
  2. Good job on the replica. Nice work replicating the wheels.
  3. I went to Hobby Lobby in Morgan Hill, CA yesterday and found the same thing. Parking lot packed and long lines. Also they raised the prices of some Revell kits.
  4. Nice build. I like the wheel/tire combo.
  5. Cool build of an iconic music video car.
  6. Very sharp. Cool paint job.
  7. Cool truck. The red wheels look good with the body color.
  8. Sweet gasser. I really dig the paint job.
  9. Cool build. Nice stance and patina.
  10. Cool hotrod. Nice work on the bare metal paint job.
  11. Nice Olds custom. I like the wheel/tire combo.
  12. Cool Chevelle. Looks nice in black. Reminds that I have a Monogram 1970 Chevelle that I built in the mid 1990's that is due for a restoration.
  13. Cool lowrider bomb truck. Well built and detailed. Nice color combo.
  14. Cool lowrider. Nice slick paint.
  15. Cool custom. Good job on the chop. I really dig the paint job.
  16. Nice set of Impalas. Well built and finished.
  17. Sweet hotrod. I really dig the candy apple paint.
  18. Cool build. Good job detailing the engine.
  19. Cool build. Nice work on the engine.
  20. Cool Camaro. I like the body color.
  21. Nice build. Good job detailing the engine.
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