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  1. Thanks for sharing this video. Very cool! I have been following Armando since I first saw his builds in "Lowrider Bicycle" Magazine in the mid 1990's. I have seen his builds at the NNL West the last few years. The most amazing paint jobs I have ever seen on any model cars!
  2. Cool build. The '41 Willys definitely looks good as a tail dragger custom.
  3. Nice Impala. I really dig the body color and wheel/tire combo.
  4. Cool '39 coupe. The red flames look good on the white body.
  5. Cool Mustang. I like the red/black combo.
  6. Good job. Glad you finished it. Nice work detailing the interior and engine.
  7. I keep the boxes with cool box art. I keep the left over parts and the instructions. The instructions come in handy in case you need to restore a build.
  8. Nice work. I like the body color.
  9. Cool build. Good job replicating the accident damage.
  10. Good work. Congratulations!
  11. Cool Mustang. I really dig the interior and engine detailing. I plan on building this kit replicating the 1967 Mustang GT my Dad drove in 1969.
  12. Cool Impala. Nice body color. Good work detailing the interior and engine.
  13. Neat Mustang. The red interior really pops against the white body.
  14. Nice hot rod pickup. Good work on detailing the engine and interior.
  15. Nice build. I really dig the engine and interior detailing.
  16. carrucha


    Cool build. I built this kit when I was a kid. The kit is long gone. It would be nice to build it again.
  17. Cool Merc. Nice work on the flames.
  18. Cool hot rod! I really enjoyed your article in FSM. Nice to see additional pictures of this build.
  19. Nice progress so far. I look forward to the finished build.
  20. carrucha

    57 Chevy

    Cool Bel Air. Nice slick red paint.
  21. Cool hotrod. Nice flathead.
  22. Cool speedster!
  23. Nice hot rod. Good job making all those different parts look good.
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