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  1. It was a fun show. Big thanks to the organizers and I already forward to next year!
  2. Well done. The John Milner scenes were the best ones in the movie.
  3. Cool custom! Sweet paint job. I am really diggin' the stance and wheel/tire combo.
  4. Sweet wagon. I really dig the stance and wheel/tire combo.
  5. Sharp Impala. I like the body color. Hopefully Revell will reissue this kit again.
  6. You are not the only one with a twisted frame. Last year I bought this kit and the frame was really badly twisted also. I straightened as much as I could with hot water. Clamping the frame very securely to the bed should make it okay.
  7. Yesterday I went to Sheldon Hobbies in San Jose, CA and picked up AMT Ford C-900 Garwood garbage truck. Very impressive kit!
  8. Going to be fun show! Fortunately, the San Francisco 49ers game is on Sunday, 1/22/23. The Santa Clara Convention center is across the street from Levi's stadium. On game day, all of the convention center parking is used up by people going to the game.
  9. Neat build. Cool to see a 4-door build.
  10. Cool build. Nice work on the vinyl top. I bought this kit last month and I was pretty impressed.
  11. Cool Charger. Nice wheel choice. These muscle cars cry out for mag wheels.
  12. Cool Camaro. I like the wheel/tire combo.
  13. I don't use hairspray caps but I do use deodorant aerosol caps for the same thing.
  14. I wish Danny the best and a speedy recovery. His parts and customer service were awesome.
  15. Looks good. Congratulations on finally finishing it.
  16. Cool sedan. Looks good in black.
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