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  1. Nice build. Sweet paint job.
  2. Awesome build. Amazing detailing!
  3. Awesome build. Excellent attention to detail!
  4. Cool Corvette. Well detailed and finished.
  5. Looks nice. I like the body color.
  6. Cool build. Well built and finished. I built this kit a few years ago and also found that the tires sat too deep inside the body. So I cut new longer metal axles from music wire.
  7. Cool GTO. Nice work on the interior.
  8. Cool build. Well built and finished. Nice pics.
  9. Cool Bel Air. I like the wheel/tire combo. In the 1960's my Dad drove a 1956 Bel Air coupe with the same wheel/tire combo.
  10. That body is in pretty bad shape. Perhaps you are better off converting Jimmy Flintstone's resin 1958 Chevy sedan delivery body to a wagon. Resinrealm.net sells a 1958 Chevy Yeoman 2 door wagon that can be converted to a four door. Good luck!
  11. Sweet custom. Nice work on the chop. The tool box and cooler are a nice touch.
  12. Sharp Camaro. Nice body colors.
  13. Cool wagon. Well built and finished. Nice body color.
  14. Cool Mustang. Looks very good to me.
  15. Nice work. The silver body and pink interior go well together.
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