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  1. sweet, looks and turned out great

    chevy opala

    nice job, great color and great job on the interior detail.
  3. fabulous build, looks great , nice color and great looking interior
  4. cool custom work, I like the colors
  5. wow Ray this is really a cool build, fantastic job. great color too
  6. yes the best one I have seen done, looks great and great color too
  7. super job, looks great , great color and detail
  8. thanks Gareth , I like building the Cutlass kit ,I have done several thanks Larry thanks Jim thanks Snake thanks Ray thanks David, that would be a cool race
  9. WOW, this is bad A , fabulous build , great colors and detail, I love it
  10. this one is really cool nice job, love these Tom Daniel cars
  11. Revell GTO and AMT Cutlass both straight out of the box. the GTO is painted Testors Extreme Lacquer Fiery Orange - Gloss and the Cutlass Nassau Blue Metallic, thank for looking
  12. thank you Carl thank you Anders
  13. nice job , looks great and great color
  14. great job looks fabulous, great color too
  15. sweet build and sweet collection, all look great
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