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  1. looks great , very realistic and nice detail
  2. SWEET, thats a great looking 57. nice color combo too
  3. great job looks fabulous
  4. sweet build, looks great. nice and clean
  5. way cool, nice custom work, great job
  6. wow very nice build, excellent looking Corvette
  7. sweet build turned out fabulous, looks great


    oh no way man that is so cool, love it mighty fine job.
  9. really cool Michelle, nice job and great color choice
  10. wow I absolutely love it, to cool. great job
  11. wow great build, excellent looking car, great colors too
  12. great job, looks sweet . love the TA's and you did a fine build
  13. wow fabulous build, looks great, great color, great detail all round great build
  14. very nice build , great looking vette
  15. very nice indeed, white does look good on this build. I did one of these also, was a nice build
  16. great job, looks fabulous. nice colors
  17. sweet builds, they all look great
  18. very nice , great job. you can't tell it's a smaller scale
  19. sweet build , looks great in gold
  20. fabulous, great job , great color great build

    FHP 02 Camaro

    great build, looks nice. good job
  22. awesome build, looks great and great color
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