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  1. Nice job, being a proud owner of three in my past!
  2. I built the coupe this past December and just built it without dealing with the sinkholes. I have to say that is really disappointing considering the price of the kit. Especially the Cabriolet.
  3. Very interesting about the 911 and yes the the G styled bumpers were first shown in 74 which would have meant quite a bit of change to the model itself including the hood. The small bumper cars are considered long hoods. Very interesting information on your sight. Thanks Tim.
  4. Thanks. My wife loves it when I use her Tupperware! Lol!
  5. I agree. I am a stickler about detail etc on my models. The 911 I built is cool 1/8 scale and huge but there is still something weird about it that just doesn't look just right.
  6. You know I build some Legos from time to time including this Porsche 911 last year. It is funny how popular Legos have become with adults and kids. My grandsons got me started building Legos but I cannot get them to build models cars. Though they are mostly all car fans. I do get the same craziness remarks with Lego builds also.
  7. Looks great and love your work. Wish I had your talent.
  8. So I went to Dollar General and picked up a bottle of this for $1.00! Amazon btw wanted $7.00 so what a deal! Anyhow I am going to soak my Porsche body in a bag with it and let it soak for like 24 hours ? Is that how I should be doing it? Thanks everyone ! I have built models for 50+ years and have never stripped paint off. I have done the Easy Off on chrome quite a few times but never paint.
  9. I started another post on the article and I read the article but I had the paper not the digital version, I was saying that I was telling my wife about the article Saturday and she didn't think it was funny, I wonder why. Lol.
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