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  1. That is true. It is one thing to pay 70+ for a resin kit vs 30.00 for a mainstream plastic kit.
  2. So I am going to be starting the Revell Snap Porsche 356 1:16 scale. Any suggestions on a distributor for the engine? The engine lid opens and it has a pretty simple engine and no distributor or wiring of course. The glue kit which is a convertible comes with a more detailed engine but I really don't want to spend 80.00 to get a better detailed engine bay. This may be a wild goose chase but thought there might be a suggestion or two out there of someone who makes one.
  3. 1970 AAR Cuda. Very fast but horrible brakes especially the rears. They would lock up when you thought about braking!
  4. My 65 Coronet 500 I owned back in the 90's and it had like 8000 miles on it and I sold it a few years later. The man I sold it to had it back and called me a few summers ago and asked me if I wanted to buy it back. We went back and forth for about six weeks and I finally got the permission (kinda) to pull the trigger. It now has 14,600 on it. It is a nice driving car. Very tight and solid. Some Mopars weren't so much back then! Lol! I love the 65's also.
  5. If you PM me I think I have the kit. I doubt I will ever build it.
  6. So after finishing a white Polar Lights Coronet I am now working on the second one which is the red car that more closely represents my 1:1 car. The red is pretty close to the Coronet in my garage so other than polishing and waxing I am leaving the paint as it is. I will bare metal foil and I have painted the interior black. I have pretty much left the chassis alone. I am waiting on the paint to dry on the engine as I will make it a 383 4barrel like my car. I am also waiting for a distributor from Morgan Automotive to use also. Thanks
  7. drodg

    1971 Colt-Ford

    I have built a few SMTS kits and you are right they can be a tad crude. You did a really nice job with the Colt.
  8. I build for most of the reasons you guys have mentioned like I can't have all the cars in 1:1 because of money and I love seeing the kit coming together. It certainly gets my mind off of business pressures. I think it is interesting that I started building kits 50+ years ago as a kid and loved building them. I think I really started when I was like 10-12 years old. Probably the same with most of you. I have a couple grandsons who are really into cars and motorcycles but show absolutely no interest in building models. I kind of blame screen games on this but they are pretty good about not spending as much time as some teens on phones etc. I have tried to get them interested but they are not. Kinda sad.
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