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  1. I agree with David above. The kit is old technology but can be made into a nice looking kit. I think you are on your way to building a nice kit.
  2. It was a tough build. The wheels are incorrect and your right that if it looked like the picture on the box it would be a great kit. I think I actually used the headlights off a Burago metal kit too. I think the Italeri headlights were pretty bad too. It was one of those kits I wanted to put away so many times but had too much time and money in it.
  3. I am posting a few more pictures of my 65 AMT Coronet that I am building. Actually a rebuild. It is again PP1 RED and I am using Scalefinishes base coat. I have cleared and started the polishing process. I hope to get some bare metal foil laid down this week.
  4. It doesn't make me want a Schlitz but what a great build. That is beautiful....
  5. Nice looking kits. I own a 65 Coronet that was Buddy Arrington's personal car. Really loving these 70's Nascar kits. Again great job.
  6. I built the Italeri kit last year and I think those kits were the later Revell kits. It was an okay kit. I used wheels off of the Burago 1/24 metal kit and it turned out okay looking. I have a narrow body 96 993 and was trying to duplicate it. Thanks everyone
  7. I wish someone would do a correct 993 (911) last generation kit. I know Tamiya makes a GT2 but I would like a good 993 kit of a true street car as a coupe.
  8. That interior looks so correct and actually fabulous. I love the column shift also. Great job.
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