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  1. Very authentic clean build.
  2. Looks great and I am excited to see how your work progresses.
  3. Looks great. I drove one back in the mid 80's. It was the Turbo II and I just thought it was the coolest thing I had ever driven at that point in my life. It actually was!
  4. On the 67 Coronet the Hemi emblem is in the wrong place on the body too.
  5. drodg

    67 plymouth gtx

    Nice job. I had a dark green 67 GTX back a decade or so ago.
  6. Beautiful! That back bezel in chrome is fantastic
  7. Looks really good Doug. It also comes really close to the B7 the darker blue that was available in 70 on the Chargers. I haven't built one yet but it is on the list. I like the way your front pan fits correctly on the front of the car. Some of the builds have looked a tad off. Of course I am being critical and I have built one yet! Lol! Anyhow a very nice looking build.
  8. Tires E60x15 fronts G60x15 rears. The decals on the new Revell kit are not correct so I think that is also an issue. When I built the Hemi Cuda I think you wanted to use the custom setting on the front suspension as it sits too high and I feel like I did some work on the axle on the back too. You did a nice job on the kit though.
  9. Well it looks pretty darn good. I was working for a Chrysler dealer in 79 and just loved the 300. The dealers son and I took a new one out one day and it would break the rear tires loose. I don't think many cars in 79 would!
  10. drodg

    65 coronet 500

    Nice job. I like the blue
  11. Very nice job. I have built many 1/43 scale European kits but none of the American kits. It looks great and I assume the top came with the kit? Great job on the kit.
  12. As always with you a beautiful build
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