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  1. Because I didn’t paint it (I did the interior) I ignored the sink marks but there are a few! Btw be careful with the paint layers as the snap parts are very tight fitting. Thanks!
  2. Thank you. Btw the clear on the body looks better in real than in those pictures. The red etc is much lighter with the larger pictures.
  3. Here is my completed 1/16 Porsche 356. I cleared the red body and painted the interior and engine. Not an easy kit but looks great finished. Tamiya clear. I am a normal 1/25 builder and my daughter bought this for me last Christmas. A little bit of a change for me. This is an snap kit btw.
  4. Thanks Steve this is a huge help! That Mercury and the Chrysler are beautiful.
  5. Steve thanks for that. So I am also doing a black out on the hood so I was assume I would bare metal after I paint the main color before I black out the hood? If you look at this 1:1 picture of a 69 Roadrunner you will see the black out hood option offered on them.
  6. Welcome Pete and I on an opposite spectrum built many 1:43 kits and bought often from Grand Prix Models in the UK. Now at 62 those kits with my eye sight are not so easy to build. Lol! Anyhow thanks for joining.
  7. drodg

    1971 GTX

    Nice job. I really like the 71 Gtx's
  8. I never heard of it until a few weeks ago. I will be trying it here soon as I finish up my current nightmare kit! Thanks guys.
  9. Great idea and your right I never do a headliner,.
  10. Thanks! That is a good idea. So where the bare metal is around the letters the paint keeps the foil down?
  11. So here in the next week or so I am going to start building my Jo Han 69 Roadrunner. The emblems on the doors and the rear trunk need to be chromed either with Bare Metal Foil or a Molotov pen. I have read an article on how builders will bare metal the emblems after priming but before painting and then rub the paint off the emblems after the paint sets up. Have any of you builders tried this? I have never done that before but because of the amount of emblems on the Roadrunner I want to try it if it works. Thanks for tips or help.
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