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  1. Very nice looking. You got the rear side glass in also!
  2. Thanks Paul. Again great job
  3. Do you remember who made the WSW decals? Those are somewhat difficult to find these days.
  4. I really like it and love the wsw tires.
  5. Great looking kit. I have considered building that in 1:43. This kit of yours looks spot on. Very nice job.
  6. I have a few I need to jump back on that I started and need to finish. One a Monogram 69 Judge and the other a Johan 69 Roadrunner. Not hard cars to finish either. I have no idea why I didn't finish either of them.
  7. The Coronet is a messed up body and I also think the grill doesn't look accurate. The weird thing is that to my eye the GTX (67) looks pretty good finished.
  8. Wow. That is beautiful
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