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  1. Great job and look so cool
  2. Thanks everyone! I may have my wife take a photo and send it to me at work this morning.
  3. It was cleared and it melted through. I wiped off right away but it was too late. It was a stupid mistake.
  4. Is that a Barracuda on the work bench? I love this room btw.
  5. Thanks I am glad I am not the only one who has done something like this......
  6. I know one of the joys. It is molded in but I think I can mask off at the panel lines. Thank you
  7. So last night after I have spent more time than I know on my paint I dripped two small drops of paint on the hood of my Porsche 911 I am building. It basically ruined the paint on the hood. I had painted with lacquer and cleared. The paint is polished and sanded. It was about my best paint job ever. Okay so it is only the hood (bonnet) so I figured I could sand and reprime and paint that area and should be able to blend it. My question is. What grade of sand paper would you recommend? I have the 3200-12000 grit polish paper but I don't think that will work and I do have some 1500 grit but that is pretty light too. I don't want to go to gritty and would prefer going maybe just down to the primer if possible. Thanks everyone.
  8. I actually like the buy it now if it is a fair price as a buyer and the make offer. As a seller I have used the auction.
  9. With some polishing this afternoon
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