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  1. That is so true. I think of the muscle cars I have owned over the years and I only have pictures of a few. My uncle had some great cars back in the 60's but we as a family don't have any photos of them.
  2. Nice build it would be great to see a picture of your grandfather's car
  3. Has anyone ordered a 68 GTO yet? I have not seen it on Model Car Roundup's sight.
  4. Beautiful job. I built the regular 993 to replicate my 96 993 C4 and you are right it is a horrible kit. You did a great job on it.
  5. Tameo makes some great kits and I have that kit somewhere I believe! Good luck with the build.
  6. Randy great job as always. Enjoying seeing your builds here and on Facebook!
  7. Great job. Love the color.
  8. I am also historically a F1 builder but in 1:43 scale in metal. Welcome aboard.
  9. My 65 original kit I finished this year and a photo of my 65 383 15000 mile survivor that I have owned a few years.
  10. Very impressed with the quality and the quantity
  11. Love that Gremlin. You did a good job but sad how there never was the first Gremlin with the non impact bumpers out for a kit.
  12. That remark at the top about here is another one for me to mess up actually goes through my mind on most if not all builds. You are doing a great job btw
  13. Tim I did buy the issue and I am reading about this build and the build on the AAR Cuda. Thanks for referring the article and magazine.
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