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  1. I am adding a couple pictures with the model sitting on my 1965 Coronet 500. It is Scalefinishes P1 65 Bright red. I think it is a pretty good match. My 1:1 Coronet is an original paint car and I believe it was painted the bright red from 64 when it came from the factory. The paint on the kit looks pretty close. It might be a tad brighter on the 1:1 Coronet. Thanks
  2. I was going to order B5 from them for a 70 Roadrunner Monogram because the B5 from Scale finishes also looks a bit light compared to the 1:1. That B5 looks pretty dark like B7 as someone else said. Great job on the paint though!
  3. So I am going to get this kit finished if it kills me. I am kind of replicating my 1:1 car with some distinct differences. One the wheels and second my car is a 383HP and the kit back in 65 only came with a Hemi. I decided to keep it pretty much out of the box and I painted it with the correct red but did not clear coat it. Well it has been some time since I haven't used clear and the paint is getting there but it still has a way to go. Sorry for the lousy pictures. Thanks
  4. Good job so far. Thanks for the tip on the Grand Prix taillight bezel.
  5. Be anxious to follow this. I have the 65 Pontiac 2+2 kit and I also have a resin convertible body and interior that is the correct WB from I think Sean Carpenter. The one thing that I never could figure out how to correct is the tail lights from the kit. They are a Bonneville tail light and not a Catalina or a 2+2. Two many lenses on the Bonneville. Anyhow good luck with this!
  6. Wow! That engine with Fireball's carbs......
  7. Great job. I have built a few of these and they are not that easy to assemble.
  8. Looks great and I assume I saw that movie as a kid. I went to most of his movies.
  9. Hi hear you Brian and with Mobeius with their 65 Coronet kits and the 68 Coronet coming out from Round2 !
  10. Tim that is great you had just a few of them. I always loved that car and I liked the Mark VIII too. I wonder how collectible they will become. 1:1 cars.
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