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  1. Ron Hamilton had some great suggestions on this post. Your build looks very nice though. I kept the string of posts so when I finally get around to mine I can do what was suggested.
  2. I don't think Joseph at Fireball makes wsw decals and the vinyl ones that are sold on Ebay are not that great. Does anyone make wsw decals?
  3. I looked up some original order guides etc for the 71 GTX and don't see that stripe offered. Good luck with the build.
  4. You know the box shows a GTX with a stripe that I have never seen on a 1:1 car. Interesting and good luck with the build.
  5. Beautiful model. I mean Beautiful! I learned to drive stick on my dad's 60 plymouth four door
  6. Wow. I thought it was a 1:1. I assume those wheels are from somebody else? Beautiful job.
  7. Nice build. I love the in board fog lights on the 67. I think that would be an early build car as a 1:1
  8. Very nice. I have that kit but haven't tackled it yet. Thanks for the pointers on the bumpers.
  9. Love B7 and it seldom seen on the 1:1 cars. Keep up the good work.
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