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  1. Acarnut2 added a post in a topic N.H.R.A. Pro Stock Trucks   

    Scrappy J built a Pro Stock truck a few years back but I do not think it was an N.H.R.A. replica.
  2. Acarnut2 added a post in a topic Indentifying an issue of MCM   

  3. Acarnut2 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Indentifying an issue of MCM
    I just called Golden Press a few minutes ago and tried to order an issue of MCM that car modeler Dirk Joseph or "Scrappy J" is supposedly featured in. They do not know where to start because two issues were allegedly released this month and one will be released for November soon.
    I was told by a member that he was going to be in the latest issue but I do no know which one. Does any body know? Thanks....Al.
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  4. Acarnut2 added a post in a topic Nissan GTR   

    Likewise, I have the same problem trying to detail tight areas like that by brush painting. But I have seen where guys have masked off tight areas with "Silly Putty" and Kaduku or Tamiya tape and have had tremendous success.
  5. Acarnut2 added a post in a topic Dupli Color Paint Shop Clear, anyone use it?   

    Prowler is right. You might want to go to Home Depot or Lowes and get some white Zinsser Shellac spray paint to use as your base coat. This paint prevents bleeding of the base color of plastic the model is in and it keeps the model from "crazing" or melting when lacquers are applied to your model. Then you lay on a few dust coats of
    self etching primer which aids in adhesion of the final coats. Then you put on your primer surfacer sparingly. Then you spray on your color using light mist coats until you achieve the tone you desire. My explination is brief, but painting model cars can get a little more technical and involved as you get more knowlegeable of the different paints and techniques. And remember always wear a respirator when spraying these caustic chemicals.
  6. Acarnut2 added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    I was wondering.... I was painting today and my airbrush kept on clogging even after consecutive cleanings. I was using Evercoat Feather Fill Primier through my airbrush and I kept on getting into jams. First the paint was tooo thick and was drying before it hit the surface of the car. The specs on the paint say not to thin the primer. Since I kept on getting jams I first reduced it with a few drops of reducer. Got the same affect until I decided to add thinner. It would then spray well for a few seconds then the setiment in the aribrush cup would jam the gun. THe primer got so thin that it started to craze on the car.
    What I would like to know is did a 70% humid day play a part in this disastorous paint session? tHANKS....AL.
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  7. Acarnut2 added a post in a topic How do I change my screen name?   

    A What up HENY MAN.....You got jokes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He He He PEACE!!!!
  8. Acarnut2 added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Jimmy Flintstone Magnum body.
    Has any built any of the Jimmy Flintstone Dodge Magnum bodies yet. If you have PICs let me know. Thanks....Al.
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  9. Acarnut2 added a topic in Where's Waldo?   

    66 Pro Touring Chevelle
    Does any one know what happened to Dirk Joseph. He built a custom Linberg 1/25th scale 66 Chevelle a few years ago and posted an extensive article here at MCM. Does anyone know of him or the post? Thanks....Al.
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  10. Acarnut2 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    How do I change my screen name?
    HEllo and to whom it may concern,
    I would just like to know how to change my screen name.
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  11. Acarnut2 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Cadillac XLR
    I have been a bit busy lately so I made a little bit more progress in build. Hope you get an "I" full. HEHEHEHEH> PEACE!!!!! comrades PEACE!!!!!! This is a rear hinge for reverse opening trunk. A little putty for hacking done on front end during cutting out the hood. Yeah....OUCH!!!!! URL=http://s271.photobucket.com/albums/jj130/SupremeMagnetic/?action=view¤t=102_0083.jpg]Hade to construct a post for windshield A pillar....didnt to the other pillar yet. Another flick of my simple rear hinge. Sorry that's all I've done so far I am not as good and fast at building as most of you cats but I must build on!!!!!!! To the LORDS OF PLASTIC....PEACE.
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  12. Acarnut2 added a post in a topic Cadillac xlr   

    Yes you are right the chassis came from an Assembly Line Maisto 06" Corvette as the doner. Thanks for your timely reply.
  13. Acarnut2 added a post in a topic Cadillac xlr   

    Thanks Cap!!!!.....you have become an instant inspiration. You do nice work yourself.....nice color on the Porche by the way!!!!!
  14. Acarnut2 added a post in a topic Cadillac xlr   

    The model as of now. If you have any suggestions or comments please do.....it will help....whether negative or positive, I am opened to constructive critisism.
    Thanks for your time......Magnetic.
  15. Acarnut2 added a post in a topic Cadillac xlr   

    The Corvette engine is just a vacuum formed sheet of clear styrene incorporated with the windshield that has been trimmed for the wipers and ventalation cowl.Body with the hood placed but not yet to fit. i trimmed the nose to the hood to allow it to open freely but it left a large gap so I had to add a piece of styrene to close the space that was left.