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  1. Wow, that is a beautiful car. Thanks for sharing. Regards, Greg
  2. I agree that Ferrari's rain strategy hasn't been that great when looking at Silverstone too. But that is my armchair strategist view. Ferrari rarely makes mistakes, just an occasional miscalculation! They are not the same as they were with Todt, Brawn and Schumacher, but they still are great. I've never been a big Kimi fan, but I will root for him just the same. I am tifosi. Yes, Massa has paid his dues, and I think he views Schumacher a lot different than Kimi probably does. If Kimi goes, who do you think will replace him? Good points CAL about Hamilton. A ton of talent, but needs experience and needs to keep his ego in check. He has brought a lot of excitement to F1 too. As for STR, they go through a lot of drivers. That is not a good sign. When the team is at odds with whomever they have, maybe it isn't the drivers? They have had some good moments this season, however. Scott Speed left there very discouraged. He did say something that did concern me though. He didn't want to go to CART because he said he was expected to win there, and if he didn't then he would look bad. Good for him since CART is gone, bad in that he was more worried about public opinion than honing/using his abilities. Since NASCAR is all about public opinion, maybe that is why he wanted to go there. Enough of my uninformed speculation! Kudos as always to speed's broadcast team. It is easy to hear how much they love the sport and they convery F1 knowledge very easily. I just started Steve Matchett's book, "The Chariot Makers". Looks like it will be a good read. His enthusiasm even shows in print. Regards, Greg
  3. Rain does some funny things for sure! That is one of the things that I love about F1. Regardless, I think Spa is an exciting track. I enjoyed it thoroughly and was worth getting up early for. I didn't know about the post race stuff though. It was clean up time at the station, right before shift change, and my fellow fireman do not share my (or any) interest in motorsports. I do think that Massa deserves top spot. He is more consistent, and more passionate. Neither driver, I feel is a franchise driver like Schumi. I was excited when I thought Bordeis (sp) was going to get a podium, but a lot can change in a matter of seconds. I feel like he is the closest thing to an American over there after his long stint here in CART. Well CAL, I'm glad somebody shares my interest in F1. Oh yeah, I saw that the Redbull "power of the darkside" traskit is supposed to be out soon. I wonder what the pricing will be like so I know whether or not I should eat in the next two weeks! Cheers, Greg
  4. Really nice "T" Ed. I always liked the sedan delivery type of car too, and yours is a Ford to boot. I look forward to seeing what you do with it. Neat stuff for sure. Regards, Greg
  5. Fantastic! I really enjoyed looking at your build. Makes me want to log off and glue something together! I have that kit in my stash. Any advice on it? Thanks again for sharing! Regards, Greg
  6. I just wanted to put this topic back at the top, just in case there are any more interested people, and would like some info on where we are at. So far we have a meeting place: Hobby Lobby Culebra @1604. We don't have a schedule yet. Jose (Kerc) has been laying the ground work for us, and for that I am thankful. What I would like to suggest is that we have a meeting of the minds (being generous for myself), so we can discuss this stuff in person. Maybe a local restaurant or watering hole? Any thoughts? I want to thank again the board members who have been helping us with info, and encouragement. Thanks, Greg
  7. Good day, all. I have run across a problem. If I set a photo-etched dzus fastener on a model, it stands out. Not flush, like the 1/1 racecars. Does anybody know a solution for this? Thanks, Greg
  8. Hey Kerc, since the Culebra Hobby Lobby is thankfully next to the HEB, I was afforded the opportunity to go inside. I talked to the manager there and he said that we could use their classroom for free if we follow a couple of conditions. 1. Fits with other classes etc already scheduled 2. Financial commitment to Hobby Lobby. In other words, he wants us to buy stuff. I said that wouldn't be a problem, as I already spend way too much there already! 3. We put the above on a letter to him, along with describing us. ie- model club, participant numbers, regular meetings etc. All in all, it sounds like a pretty good deal. Can't beat free! On another note, it was hard not to walk out of there with new kits. They have the new Gt500, and all three special edition Revells in stock. I, of course, had to buy some paint. If they just carried Tamiya paint..... Let me know what you think. Regards, Greg
  9. Hey Guys, thanks for the ideas Vanagon. Much appreciated! Kerc, as for the building I was talking about, it is the San Antonio Professional Firefighter's Association building. Yeah, I should say that Medical is close! I used to assigned to Engine 37 there at Vance Jackson and Wurzbach, so I've made about a billion different runs both in the Colonade and Medical. The Bank of America building has cost me a lot of sleep over the years! The Hobby Lobbys I was going to check on are the Culebra and 1604 store, and the Bandera/Leon Valley store. I live off of Wiseman, so those are the closest to me. I keep forgetting that there is one at Crossroads. I'm done with the lawn, so if I can talk the girlfriend into it, I'm going to go check on it in a little while. Later, Greg
  10. Hey Guys, some great input here! Thanks Marcos and Nate for taking an interest in us. Your help is and will be appreciated. I like a lot of the points that Kerc made. I think we should compliment, not compete with other clubs. It should be automotive subjects to include big rigs, bikes, emergency vehicles and such. Just not tanks and what not. No ships, planes, submarines and whatnot either. I don't want any type of car discriminated against. We all have our preferred cars, and we should be able to share them all. I know I have lots and lots of room to learn and grow, but I don't really want to hang out with rivet counting elitists! Constructive criticism is welcome for me. Most of all, I would like to make some friends who are passionate about cars, and car models. I have the next two days off, and girlfriend, yard, and auto maintenance willing, I am going to go by Hobby Lobby and see what they say about sponsoring us with a room. They would get extra business for sure! If not, maybe my union would help out, albeit, I doubt it would be free. We have an excellent building on IH10 between Medical and Wurzbach. Anyone have any other ideas? I will get back with anything I find out about. Regards, Greg
  11. Got another idea for you. Jimmy Flintstone's Porsche 550 conversion from a Fujimi 356. Selfish reasons, I want you to blaze the trail for me! Later, Greg RoG Porsche 962, Strada has the Rothman's?????
  12. What a dilema, Cal! Not that you need my input, but.... I was looking at a copy of MRN that was the 50th anniversary of Porsche racing. Three really cool variants of the 911 were covered, Iroc, Rally, and the last Targa Florio winner. I have no doubt that you have probably built some or all of these, but I thought they were really cool. Some of the Fujimi kits, em10 for sure, are used. I know that Stradasports has the iroc and targa cars' decals. One of these days, I would like to build the targa car myself. As a porsche lover, I figured the first whale tails would be right up your alley. As a side note, you wouldn't happen to know anyone who has the 911 GT2 Champion, and or 911 GT1 Blue Coral decals? I have a several of the base kits, but with the supplied decals I am just not inspired to build them. Good luck on deciding! That is one of the hardest things for me to do also. Later, Greg
  13. Hey Marcos, I agree wholeheartedly. I've never been in a club, but it sounds like fun. And even more so to help form it. I do have a question or two. What do most clubs do for meeting places? What are some do's and don'ts? Some pointers would be most appreciated. So, Kerc, Torinobradley, and SAmustang2001, what are your thoughts? Or anyone else for that matter. Having never been in a club, how do we go about forming one? What are you guys looking for in a club? I saw what Zoom Zoom's group did for Lemans, and I thought that was cool. Theme builds? Car shows? I'm not looking for a specific genre of cars either. I would want it to be open to everything model cars wise, with no preference or discrimination towards any one type. As for scheduling, I have an odd work schedule. I work 24 hours, and then have 48 off, not including overtime, and covering friends shifts on occasion. So, I don't have a set days of the week off. I just started a 48 hour shift today. I guess Kerc pm'd a couple of people, and hopefully that will get us in motion. Ideas and members welcome. Greg
  14. Fantastic finish! P1/P2 battle, then after the awesome Audi's settled that, the P2's at it! The GT2 battle rocked too! Other than racing with Aston Martin at Lemans, I've been a fan of David Brabham's since his days with the Panoz squad. Good stuff! What about the cup race? Poor Jr., boy did he get screwed by his crew chief! Later, Greg
  15. Dale, that is really cool. I am plugging along on mine, but it is like comparing a coloring book to the Mona Lisa! I brought a couple of pieces of it to work today, so I hope to get a little done. Now I know what it feels like to be the guy pulling up next to a mustang in a smart car. Can't wait to see more! Later, Greg
  16. Hey Clay, I appreciate the kudos. You certainly deserve the same. I would gladly trade with you again. Regards, Greg
  17. Hey Mark, just pm me with your address, and I will get it out to you. I look forward to seeing your corvair. Sounds cool, I've always liked those cars, as my dad had a couple too. Later, Greg
  18. Thanks Cal, for starting this thread. Revell Germany's kits are ###### sure not Tamiya, but their subject matter is fantastic. You are certainly doing us F1 modeler's a great service with this thread. If my abilities, and camera for that matter, approach yours someday, I will try and do the same for others. Needless to say, I will be following this thread with great interest. Greg
  19. Hey Ken, thanks for the advice. I actually have the amt kit. I got it cheap years ago because it was missing all but three tires. I have decided to use the chrysler engine in it instead of the 289 I had planned. Since you are familiar with that kit, do you think you can give me some info about that engine? It doesn't seem to have a fan, and the heads have the plug holes, but the "chrysler fire power" valve covers have none. Should I add a fan on the H2O pump pulley? I am not familiar with early hemi's at all, so I am unsure how that set-up is. I do at least have a nice pre-wired magneto! Thanks again. Mark, I have one of those old revell "gran turismo"s, and it has a corvair engine option, and it looks to have performance stuff on it. It is yours if you can use it/want it. Just let me know. I too have the temp/humidity problem here in Tx. My paint booth is in my garage and it is hot in there pretty much 24/7. If anybody has some good tips on painting in bad conditions, feel free to share, because I would love to hear it. I hope that everyone had a nice weekend. Take care, Greg
  20. I have been really looking forward to seeing this one! It is awesome, you did a fantastic job Jameston. Thanks for posting it. It makes me realize I need to get off of this darn computer and go work on my benetton! Thanks again for sharing, Greg
  21. That loud noise you might of heard... That was my jaw hitting the floor! Absolutely amazing, and long overdue! Had I known that, I would've watched them race. I would be further surprised if they could make it more than a lap or two without a full course yellow. I would probably watch more nascar if it wasn't anything but lap after lap of following the pace car. Hmm? Why is it that most other series race more, caution less? Good to hear, thanks Nick, Greg
  22. Hey fellas, bored at work again. I don't have an update picture, but I have made a little progress on my rat. I found out that using little railroad rivets to make a tonoeu (sp???) snaps is rather frustrating. I have started to get my glue bomb engine together, and I have painted my interior too. I am going to dechrome some parts and try and put it in the weeds. I saw a tutorial on sectioning not too long ago. Has anybody tried this on the revell '32 highboy? Would it be worth the trouble? The body just seems to, well, high. Body work is not my forte, but the only way to learn is to do, right? Any tidbits of advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys, Greg
  23. Man, this is funny stuff! Not only did I get the info I needed (greatly appreciated!), but I ###### near laughed myself into incontinence. I do have a couple of M80's stashed away, but my kids make sure nothing lasts long enough to get that far. I love the magazine too! I not only should subscribe, I should see if they have a forum too! I could be in the company of others who glue their fingers together more than parts too. Thanks again fellas, you guys help keep this hobby fun. Have a good weekend, Greg
  24. Hey fellas, I got a question for you. How do you remove old glue from plastic? I have a glue bomb sbf that has oozed out glue all over it. It looks to be several years old. Thanks o' gurus of styrene. Later, Greg
  25. Thanks Nick! I really want to build the BRE. It has always jumped out at me as "cool". It is funny that the recent release of the 240 had most of the racing stuff in it too. Thankfully, my kit still has the chin spoiler, even if missing the clip. Now, all I will have to do is resurrect the decals. Jairus, thanks for looking, and I was just kidding about the "memo" thing. I just had fallen behind on a few things, and that thread was one of 'em. Your car is great. I am always blown away by the talent and imagination of you, and the others here have. Have a good day all, Greg
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