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  1. Dang! I suck at this fotki stuff! I'll do a little more and try and use photobucket. Later, Greg
  2. Hey guys, life has taken over lately. With school out, build time is in short supply! The green plastic turd also is very time consuming...... I didn't get the notice of the latest build changes, ie streetrods and more. I was still back on rats, and classic Japan! Anybody have a Revell 240Z front clip they want to donate or sell? As for the rat, I'm not Jairus etc, and the grandious plans would require this to become a complicated build. So back to basics, even before seeing the cool minilite shod rod, I was thinking vintage racing. Back in the idyllic days of past where sportscar "specials" such as "old yellar" could give the big boys fits. The privateer didn't have to be a millionaire, and there was variety! Ingenuity, yes, good ole American ingenuity, ruled over wind tunnels, rocket scientist etc. Yes, when there was personal responsibility, and not all the "me first" generation ###### had run down hill onto everyone below. http://public.fotki.com/gregbbear/the-rat-race/ratrod1.html Yes, my camera isn't up to the task. But, if anything is visible... I made a tonoeau cover with black card stock, spare little windscreen from 427 Cobra, I have a 289, seat, shifter, and a couple of odds and ends from a glue bomb. The 289 is getting webers, and headers. I dechromed the kit wheels and painted them magnesium metalizer. The frame and firewall are Kustom Kolor base silver with their clear. That was from the stillborn first idea. Simple, and it pales in comparison, but it is me. Now back to making templates for carbon fiber on the benetton.... Later, Greg
  3. Yesterday, I did start on my RAT! in between the "benetton from hell" sessions. I spent all day with my kids, so no progress. I'll try and get some photos posted soon. I spent some time trying how to figure out how to put a 427 from a cobra kit into a '32 ford. I think I am going to go another route. I have some cool ideas though. I have some wheels/tires/brakes from a toyota ts020 LM, that my son destroyed a few years ago. I some other stuff from a C5R, bugatti eb-110 and porsche gt-1 that were also destroyed in that same "session". He's lucky he's a cute kid! Hey Nick, why I didn't suggest German cars, because it would just be unfair if somebody broke out a porsche or bmw! Bazooka to a gunfight, eh? As for my import, I am so disappointed with the condition of my BRE Z. Strada has a cool Celica, but I don't know if it is curbside or not. I have to have an engine to be able to "express myself". As for individual expression, so far, all I can say is "wow". I am in over my head here. At least the body is primer! Later guys, and if anybody has pity and an extra revell 240z front clip, just let me know. Greg
  4. My condolences to you and his family. Posting his builds was a great way to honor your friend. Again, I am sorry for your loss. Take care, Greg
  5. That is cool stuff guys. I am now looking at a couple of old fords from the stash. I got some idears! (misspelled on purpose, just in case I'm being graded) Off to sniff some glue, Later, Greg
  6. Oh yes, the slant six comment was great. I think I should use a "flat 12" 'cause it represents me well. My futile attempts at humor, fall flat. And my maturity level is about twelve (on a good day). I did say something reasonably funny today. The guys were agitating me about my poor hearing (too much gunfire, explosions, sirens over the years), because I couldn't understand our radio. I told 'em that it is tough with crappy hearing, you think you're sneaking one out in public, yet everyone but you hears it. Fart jokes, like I said, 12 y.o. It WAS funnier in person. What were we talking about? Rats. Oughta be fun. I think we should do theme builds. Maybe one a month, so we don't get to swamped. Stuff accessible and affordable. In other words, no "high dollar, out of production resin kit month". And no, I'm not going to suggest F1! I'd rather go duck hunting with Dick Cheney, than have to read the posts on that one. So, who is going to start the RAT RACE? What are the guidelines? Dates? Photo-bucket, or fotki? Well, onward, I got to go check the Rants! Peace, out! Greg And yes, this is supposed to be fun.
  7. Alright, what are the parameters for a rat rod? I certainly like 'em, but I was just wondering how for you can stretch it. I have some hotrods (of course) in the stash, so the potential is there for me. Can I use any powerplant I want? Don't worry, it won't be a hybrid. In my 1/24 scale world, gas is free, so mileage is not necessary, but imaginary dyno numbers are! Can someone make some reasonable guidelines and rules? Start a new post with that, and lets get it going! As for the classic import stuff, I am still game if anyone else is. Thanks Guys, Greg
  8. Hey man, I like your vette. That grandsport type hood is cool. That was a nice option for Revell to put in the box. Ismael might know this, but isn't that intake like one that Greenwood used on one of his racing L-88s? Maybe the Spirit of Lemans car? I'm looking forward to seeing the progress. Greg
  9. That is the spirit guys! I forgot about donks! As for the "I love Rush" bumber sticker, duh! I am sorry to have insulted that fine staple of Canadian rock. That "Rush" sticker would have to go on one of the new Revell Novas. Primer gray, traction bars, and cragar mags, with a 98 Rock sticker. I can see it cruisin' Clearwater Beach (before the fascist no-cruise ordinance). We're only talking the other side of the Pacific though. '70 to '80, run what'cha brung! Make it reflect yourself. Other than a couple of Z cars, I wondering what I might already have in the stash. I would love to my own spin on the '71 240Z Safari winner. Updated wheels, maybe some composite stuff, hmmm. Later, Greg
  10. Hello all, if any of you have been follow a couple of very politicized threads in rants, one on the future of 4cyl in general, then you know the source of my inspiration. In all of my ignorant glory, I mentioned that I wasn't fond of front wheel drive as my excuse for lack of love towards imports. I was quickly reminded of some great cars from Datsun (nissan for young whipper snappers) and Toyota during the '70s. I have always been a fan of the classic Z car anyways. Well, what if we decided to do a non-competitive type build off. It has to be from 70-1980, from Japan, and in 1/24 or 1/25th scale. Anything goes as long as your build is representitive of your taste and personality. Into the 1320 scene, make a datsun 510 into awb, fc, or a gasser. Historic racing, a BRE datsun, tuner guys, rally guys, rep stock whatever. I think it would be interesting to see. Plus, I would like a fun side line build to my pain in the ass benetton! The other idea that was mentioned was the liberal vs conservative build-off. Good idea! But what about a middle of the road guy like me? Do I build a plain benz with a "show me your t*t$" bumber sticker? Or a mean looking ride that says " I love Rush" or "I brake for family values" or even " I don't brake for abortion". So confusing. That is why I went with the classic Japan idea. Any takers? Or am I on my own with this one? Before you ask, I did take my meds today. Any and all comments are welcome, as long as they don't involve my Mom. She tried you know. Later, Greg
  11. Dave, man that is sweet! That is one of the coolest looking cars I have seen in a while. You really made yours stand out. I have no doubt that Jada's sales are going to go up because of you! Have a good one, Greg Go Bucs!
  12. Excellent, it is nice to an F1 car here too! Love those Lotus's. I sure miss them in the action. Later, Greg
  13. Hey Conor, yeah, if you read those mags, then you have definetly have seen forced induction on a stang. I think that they could change the name of those mags to Mustang Forced Induction and Some Other Fords. Didn't mean to insult your mustang knowledge. Like I said though, stradasports.com, look under Scale Productions. They have one. They actually make a transkit that looks like the Cervini car. The s/c they have looks like it might be a saleen??? It is a great site, and they are good to deal with. The only thing they need to make them complete, is carry Pro-Tech. Are you going to go with the mineral gray look? Well, anyways, if I can be of help, just let me know. I'm a so-so model builder, but pretty good with 1/1 scale fox and newer mustangs. Later, Greg
  14. Cal, that wouldn't surprise me, I remember hearing that Wave sold a reboxed Tamiya 956 as 962! My jaw is still on the floor, $49.99?!!! I also saw that RoG was going to have a Ferrari 348. Hasegewa too, you think? I wonder what else RoG will dig up in the Hasegawa tool vault? Hmm? Some of their Mazda endurance racers would be nice! If Hase would just release some more of their F1 stuff! Enough dreaming.... $49.99!!!! Later, Greg Like I don't have a full closet!
  15. Well Cal, I'd pay $50.00 all day for the Tamiya 1/12 Porsches. I do agree that the Tamiya 956 is a better kit, but any release of cars in this genre are welcome to me. As for me, the Jagermeister cars are ones I would like, as I have the Tamiya Rothmans, Canon, and Newman cars. The Hasegawa/RoG Sauber C9 was welcome to me too, even though I have a couple of the Tamiyas. The RoG is an '88 vs Tamiya's '89, however. Regardless, the new releases seem to all come with excellent cartograph decals. Seeing as for only ten more dollars over a set of S27 decals, I get the whole thing, I'll take it! Anyways, the glass is half FULL. Greg
  16. Hey Porsche lovers, I had heard a while ago that Revell Germany was going to release a Porsche 956 C. I now see that it is going to be in Jagermeister livery! Pretty cool, huh? In addition, Tamiya is going to be kind enough to re-release the Martini 935 in 1/12 scale! I have always wanted one of those personally. They won't be cheap, but less than the "collector" prices. For any F1 fans out there besides me, the Ferrari F2007 is being released in 1/24 scale by RoG. Tamiya is re-releasing the 1/12 Lotus 78, with photo-etch of course. Not to go off on a tangent, but the recent releases of the last few years have made me dispel any gloom and doom thoughts that I had in this hobby. That doesn't mean I won't still complain about stuff! Later, Greg
  17. Hey Conor, I like your build. As for a supercharger, I don't know how to build one, but.... Stradasports carries a line called Scale Productions. They make a supercharger for the S197 Mustangs. It is a roots-type that sits on top of the intake. I don't know what it would take, but the Revell Super Stallion kit of a few years ago had a super charged 4 valve motor in it. I've never opened my box, so I can't tell you what it is like off hand. I'm in the middle of a 48 hour shift right now (fireman), but when I get off tomorrow I will look. I also have an '06 kit, so I can check for fitment. If it is ok, it is yours if you want it. I plan on making an American Iron Extreme racer out of it using a NASCAR 358, so I don't need the supercharger. Now, if you need a centrifical type unit, like the Pro-Charger that the Cervini's Eleanor clone uses, hmm? I guess it would really depend on what you have in your parts box. You could use solder for the lines to/from the inter-cooler, modify a turbo, scratch build or modify a bracket, pully, and belt. That is at least the way I would do it with my limited knowledge (and skills!). I hope this helps. 5.0 Mustang, Muscle Mustang magazines both have an ungodly amount of forced induction articles. Keep up the good work! Later, Greg
  18. As I said earlier, I really like this build/car! While I was gawking at it again, I realized something.... It has an MSD 6AL, distributor, and coil! That is an '06 intake on a sbf! I'm not a rivet counter, like I said, I love it. As a mustang guy, I am surprised that I didn't notice it the first time! Cool stuff, I gotta build one. I have so many ideas that I would do to a 1/1 version, I just have to carry it over. I just wish they would make a notch in plastic! I've even thought of building a replica of Maximum Motorsports' LX American Iron racer. Enough day dreaming for me. Later, Greg
  19. Very, very cool! Can I be his friend too? If you get Schumi's, then that will be an even cooler level of coolness! I'm happy for you. You are a true fan, and it is nice to see you get something like that. I've never been to Puerto Rico, but it obviously eminates automotive coolness that we can only dream of here on the mainland! If we get a USGP again, it would be cool if they put it there. Have a good one, Greg
  20. Thanks Monoped! You are speaking my language. I too like the turbo coupe. My dad had a red one that had matching trim, leather interior, and a T5 manual transmission. Truly a beautiful car. And Mr Nick, I am sorry if you thought I was making fun of imports. I love cars despite their origins. I would prefer that American manufacturers did better, because that means Americans working. So many of the so-called imports are made here anyways. Personally, I think that if executives in the big 3, had to be accountable like the Japanese exec's, and had a fraction of the dedication that they do, well, we can dream can't we? It is just that so few Japanese, and American for that matter, platforms are RWD. And no, not because of burn out ability! I don't mean to be a FWD hater, but one of the fun things about driving a car is making it go around corners. Most of the FWD cars I've driven are plagued with horrendous understeer, less ability to use brakes in a corner, and torque steer. I guess I could learn how to tune around it. Different approach to sway bars and spring rates maybe? As for the current Mustang, I am afraid it has gotten too porky for a turbo four. All the others are lux cars. Yes, I know the Benz derived 300/charger/magnum, but they are waay too heavy to fit the bill. In conclusion, at least I can cram whatever I want under the hood of my 1/24 cars! And no, I am not a loser sitting on the net on a Sat night, it is called work. I also hope that I have not inadvertantly offended anyone. I really enjoy yall's cyber company, be safe. Greg
  21. Turbo Fours sound good to me! The mustang SVO was a great car. One of the best handling factory mustangs in history. It was just a little before its time. It seems to me, that weight is the biggest killer though. I think that enhanced use of composites is a good idea to help, but has been somewhat cost prohibited. It is getting better though. The automatic transmission is considerably heavier than a manual too. What is that they say? 100 pounds is equal to a horsepower in weight reductions? I think that the domestic manufacturers are very capable of making fun, affordable and efficient cars. They just have to WANT to do it. Meaning, the bureaucrats way outnumber the John Coletti's. Cars such as the SVO, SVT focus or even the Cosworth Vega were just too small of market to bring the price down. If people start trading in their super-duties, then it will help. Mass marketing brings the cost down. And for you V8 guys. Without cost as an object, I believe that the corvette z06 has good gas mileage. Being a smart-ass? No. It is an excellent example of how weight, low parasitic drag, and aerodynamic drag really help. And it is smoking hot looking too. I just beg the automakers, US and otherwise, No Front Wheel Drive! Yuk! Don't make me make a restomod out of a vega! I do wonder why the Taurus has a smaller, albeit way more powerful and efficient engine than the 6 cylinder mustang????? By the way, you guys are a hell of a lot of fun! Jairus, you rock! Later, Greg
  22. Very sad, but very interesting. Cal, Rickr442, and Eshaver, your narrative on this subject was informative. I do wonder what, and if the manufacturers think about the LHS vs mass market pricing now that Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and Target don't carry their lines anymore? Chain stores or not, if it wasn't for Hobby Lobby, it would be ###### hard to even be in this hobby. The only other store that has any plastic is Hobby Town on the other side of town, and I apprecitate them! That is probably a lot better than most have though. Sadly, the only good store that we had, closed a few years ago while I was on a building hiatus. Without him, and would have never even known this magazine exists. Their I first found the joy of Tamiya paint, among other things. Doesn't this lost avenue of exposure concern the manufacturers? My hat goes off to those that do this, and those that did. Also to the cottage industry guys. Thanks again for bringing things to light. Take care, Greg
  23. Hey guys, does anybody know what happened to these guys? Are they still around? I just got a couple of copies of MRN to plug some holes in my collection, and while perusing their add, I saw a bunch of stuff that I have wanted for a while. If anybody knows, please let me know. Thanks. Something tells me Mr Raitz was/is a good customer of theirs..... Later, Greg
  24. Good Idea! I'd gladly throw in a fiver if it included Revell Germany too! Ten if we could peruse the long lost foreigners too! Salivating already, Wave, Heller, Italieri, etc. Contract a good artist company like Umi to re-do the decals, cartograph to print, and maybe even some photo-etch! Cooperate with a paint business like Scale Finishes, so that decal matching paint is available. Please pinch me, I'm dreaming! If somebody way smarter than me can get this off the ground, I will gladly invest. And purchase the final product too! Later, Greg
  25. A FOX ROD!!! I like it. One of the coolest 1/1 trends is updating foxes, and you hit that perfectly. If I ever finish one of my current F1, or Lemans projects, I would like to follow in your lead. Certainly great inspiration! Thanks for sharing. Greg
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