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  1. Awesome job on the restyled bodywork on the dragster..... And the fogging is PERFECT!!!!
  2. What if, rather than ordering their experimental Turbine Cars destroyed, Chrysler had sold them to the Public??? And what if the crew here at NitroMarty's WTH Motorsports got their hands on one a few decades later??? I imagine it would end up as something like this.... Really not much more than a bit of a shave (emblems) and a slight altitude adjustment... Rolling stock was sourced from a JADA diecast '60 Starliner... Paint is old Testors Model Master Evening Orchid Lacquer....
  3. Another of my weird and wild creations... This one combines the chassis and drivetrain from MPC's old Winged Express fuel altered with the body from Italeri's Fire Jeep kit....
  4. Can't say specifically.... There is just something about it that works,
  5. As a rule, I usually not a fan of fenderless fat fender cars... You , sir, have changed my mind with this build!!!
  6. Beautifully done, Bernard.... Your mods are period perfect!!!!
  7. I used the chassis from Round 2's reissue of the old MPC '33 Willys panel truck gasser... worked out really well, since my build is strictly curbside.
  8. Okay, so I can't actually claim credit for the concept, as I was inspired by a Del Swanson piece, titled "Club-de-Mer-der" Built back in 2016, for the model I combined element's from Revell's Club-de-Mer concept kit (body) and Miss Deal funny car (chassis and suspension), as well as AMT's parts pack 421 Pontiac engine..... With a few goodies from the parts bin tossed in for good measure. Paint is Kylie brand nail polish Kalypso blue, fogged down the center with Kylie brand Kryptonite green...
  9. I'm lovin' it..... GREAT early 60's vibe!!!!
  10. I can dig it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. WOW!!!! I have got to get me one of those!!!!
  12. Built several years ago for a build off / challenge with my good modeling buddy, Frank...... This build combines bits from two of my all-time favorite drag kits...... Body is from Revell's Miss Deal funny car (I chopped the roof), while the chassis and drivetrain are from MPC's Winged Express altered..... Wheels and tires were sourced from my very deep parts box.... Paint is Tamiya Clear Red over Tamiya Gold base, with Tamiya Pearl White in the coves.... Decals were made by me on my computer. Here's a pic of the Stude together with Frank's entry into the build-off.....
  13. There's not enough O's in COOOOOOOL to describe this one, Claude!!!!! LOVE the whole surf wagon theme too, but then again "unique" surf wagons are kinda my thing.... As evidenced by my Scout, elsewhere in this segment of the forum!
  14. MPC's old NitroVette Corvette funny car kit, from the early 80's, that I've had in my stash since... well.... the early 80's..... This build happened because I was given the "Boogieman" decals, by someone on another message board, last year, with the stipulation that I had to actually build something using them.... After a quick look through my kits, I settled on the long ignored Vette flopper.... Built pretty much straight from the box.... Paint is a quick n dirty two tone rattle can fog job, using is Testors One Coat lacquers. Honestly, I am not that happy with this one, but I'm calling it done..... For now!
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