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  1. NitroMarty added a post in a topic '62 Corvette "C1RS Custom" DONE!   

    It was GREAT meeting you at Les' place, and seeing your models in person, Ken!

    Kerry is absolutely right.... Pics don't do this model justice..... I was blown away by it, at the Build n Bull, yesterday!!!!
  2. NitroMarty added a post in a topic Obscure Kits You Never Knew Were Made...Until Now   

    Here's one for y'all..... Testors' "SuperVan" kit

    Remember Matchbook Kits from Eldon???

    How 'bout the little known Bob Glidden version of Monogram's 1/32 scale EXP kit....

  3. NitroMarty added a post in a topic '58 Pontiac Bonneville   

    That is truly GORGEOUS!!!!!!

  4. NitroMarty added a post in a topic Amt 58 Impala - Mild Custom   

    Oooohhhhh!!!!! You gotta keep goin' on this one, Raul!!!

    I too am really diggin' that interior..... The body mods and color seem to be workin' too.

    The only things that I would change would be to drop the rear a bit
    and go to a more traditional spoked type mag.... the Camaro wheels actually make it look a bit dated, IMHO.

  5. NitroMarty added a post in a topic '05 Impala Street Cruiser.......   

    Oh yeah!!!!!

    That does work!!!

    Thank you very much for the input, Raul!!!!!

  6. NitroMarty added a topic in Under Glass   

    '05 Impala Street Cruiser.......

    Revell's Impala snapper given the "Nitro Marty" treatment....

    Shaved, slammed on "Hoppin' Hydro's" 20s, smoothed and two toned!!!!!

    Rear spoiler is from Revell's '06 Mustang.... Paint is Shimmrins Pearl Black and Candy Red.

    As always, your questions, comments and concerns are welcomed!

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  7. NitroMarty added a topic in Under Glass   

    Grumpy's "new" Toy.......

    Here's a real quick slammer style "what if" that I threw together when the AMT Camaro kit first came out.......

    Cheap dollar store enamel paint, Competition Resins hood scoop, Fred Cady decals,
    Steve Milberry wheels up front on Revell tires and "Creepy T" wheels out back on Satco slicks

    No interior, no chassis, no drive train.....Just Fun!!!!!

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  8. NitroMarty added a post in a topic '32 Tudor Sedan Finished.   


    Color, stance, finish...... I really dig everything about this car!!!!!

  9. NitroMarty added a topic in Under Glass   

    '62 Chrysler 300v

    Here's one that's been together for a decade or so years........

    JoHan's old '62 300 kit was shaved, smoothed, coated in Testors "50s Aqua
    and Metallic Black and slammed to the ground on AMT Chrysler Concept (Copperhead) wheels and tires.

    Oh yeah.... And the reason for the "V" in 300V.....

    As always, your questions, comments and concerns are welcomed!

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  10. NitroMarty added a post in a topic A Couple Of Modified Promos.....   


    You've gotta finish that puppy!!!!!!

    BTW.... "Mommy Mobile"??? I like that!!!!!!! LOL

  11. NitroMarty added a topic in Under Glass   

    A Couple Of Modified Promos.....

    Somtimes I just want to build something that is simple yet unique....
    That's when I start lookin' at my stash of promos.

    Promo models from the 80s and 90s (even a few from the mid and late 70s)
    are cheap and plentiful and can be a real hoot to play around with!

    Here's a couple of examples.....

    I started with this.....

    And wound up with this.....

    This '88 Taurus was inspired by a co-worker's son's everyday high school cruiser...

    It was lowered and wears a set of 20" wheels by Hoppin' Hydros...
    Paint is Duplicolor automotive touch up lacquer.

    Here's another..... I started with this.....

    And this is the final result.......

    Once again, this Geo Stormwas lowered... Wheels, tires and rotors are from some forgotten source....
    Revells' PT Cruiser perhaps? Paint is Tamiya Candy Lime Green over Tamiya Gold Leaf.

    I know it's not everybody's cup of tea, but I sure have fun building stuff like this!

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  12. NitroMarty added a post in a topic 55 Nomad Gasser   

    VERY NICE!!!!!

    I built an AWB Nomad a couple of years, but it didn't turn nearly as nice as that one.... I'm REALLY diggin' it!!!!

  13. NitroMarty added a post in a topic Mustang Trans Am Retro   

    Cool concept!!!

    I'd really like to see more pics of it taken in better lighting too please!

    Did you scatchbuild the front airdam??? I really like the looks of it!
    Also... Is that the stock hood in the backgroud and if so, does ot fit?
    Would look really good with a cowl induction style hood, IMHO.

  14. NitroMarty added a post in a topic '55 Nomad Kustom   


    That is truly gorgeous Bob!!!!!

  15. NitroMarty added a post in a topic The Durachrome Bug.....   

    Thanks for all the compliments guys!!!

    This car, the "Telstar" Challenger that I posted a few days ago, the "Chi-Town Hustler" Charger,
    The "Ramchargers" Dart and Beswick's "Boss Bird are all cars that impressed me to
    such a great degree back in the day, that building models of them all
    has been a real goal of mine for most of my life.... Slowly but surely I'm gettin' there!!!!

    BTW, Andy......

    I picked up one of your "Bug Zapper" VW F/C kit and I'm planning on
    using it to build a "what if" version of the DuraChrome Bug!