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  1. I built this one many, many, many years ago.... A bit rough and crudely finished, I may eventually take a run at doing a much improved clone of it someday....
  2. Actually not 1/24 scale, I started with a very simple and toylike kit in 1/28 scale, by Smer.....
  3. I've built a few VW bodied drag cars..... And a couple of custom / tuner style builds..... And did someone mention Skoda......
  4. What an absolutely stunning beauty!!! The fogged panels are absolutely perfect!
  5. Had the idea for these decals floating around in my head for several years now.... Finally got around to making it happen. Revell's '56 Chevy sedan, pretty much box stock, only additions being Cragar S/S mags from AMT's '37 Chevy, AMT parts pack slicks and tires, scratch-build traction bars, headers, and a few bits and pieces from my trusty old parts box.... Looks pretty good next to my diecast '57 stocker....
  6. Another oldie from the archives..... AMT '57 T-bird.... Revell Miss Deal chassis... Injected 427 "cammer"
  7. Happy Birthday Nitro Marty . Best wishes on your special day.


  8. Frankie is too "busy" building Chevelles... He must have a half dozen of those in the works right now!
  9. You already KNOW I'm diggin' it..... Lets do this, Doc!!!!!
  10. Great looking old Stovebolt!!!!! Really wish I had picked up one of those '38 conversions when they were available.
  11. Hasegawa's '67 Volkswagen Type 2 delivery, treated to a bit of NitroMarty style and attitude..... Suspension was tweaked to get that bagged and slammed stance.... Wheels are from one of Revell's tuner kits, with the rears being fitted into Pegasus sleeves... Two-tone paint is Testors craft enamels Black Tie over Coral... Finished was only polished.... No clear coat.... Interior features a Mexican style blanket that I made by printing an image from the internet on white decal paper. Truthfully, not my best work, but it feels good to finally finish one.
  12. That is (was) so cool!!!!! I look forward to seeing your updated tribute!
  13. Outstanding!!! What diameter wire and hypodermic needles did you use for the spokes and nipples?
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