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  1. Here's another one from a few years ago...... Part Revell T sedan... Part MPC Winged Express... Part AMT Parts Pack small block Chevy..... And a whole lotta fun! Plenty of bit and pieces from my parts box, as well..... Paint is Model Master Grabber Orange lacquer.... Decals I whipped up on my computer.
  2. NICE!!!!!! Let's line 'em up!
  3. Built this one many years ago, from AMT's old 5-window kit....
  4. Absolutely perfect!!!! Color, stance, detailing, choice of drivetrain and rolling stock... All are spot on!!!!!
  5. Thanks guys... Like I said, this build was somewhat of a lifelong obsession of mine.... A decade or so after I finally finished with this build, I happened upon Model Martin's "Bug Zapper" resin VW funny car body, and instantly knew that I had to build a more contemporary version of the DuraChrome Bug.... I think the two look pretty good, side by side.....
  6. Looks good to me!!!!! Also one of my favorite "parts kits", I have used the chassis under numerous gasser builds..... Like you, I also built one "as intended" (kinda)... I did mine way back in the early 90's...
  7. Stunning!!!! A few details, please!
  8. AWESOME!!!!! I look forward to picking up a copy at my LHS!!!
  9. Another old build.... This one from back in 2006.... I posted this on the forum many years ago, but it seems to be gone, so here it is again. I had been fascinated with Warren Gunter's DuraChrome Bug supercharged Chevy powered Volkswagen funny car , ever since I had seen it during the World Series of Drag Racing, at Cordova (IL). as a young kid.... From that day forward, I had always had the desire (nearing obsession) to build a model of that wild racecar!!!! I actually started this model way back around 1988 / 89, by cutting and stretching a Revell VW body, since there were no resin bodies of the car available at that time.... I also, at that time, pieced together the basic chassis (splicing two AMT Gremlin F/C frames)..... It quickly became apparent, though, that the project was way ahead of my skill set, so the project was shelved and only pulled out and worked on occasionally over the next several years.... Finally I felt that I was ready, so a push was made to finish my favorite funny car... Hard to believe that it's been almost a decade and a half since I finished this... My favorite build!!!
  10. WOW... Beautiful job on a finicky kit... and black is so difficult to get a good finish in scale.... I'm lovin' it!!!!
  11. Nicely done..... You definitely nailed the late 80's street machine look!!!!
  12. Another build from a few years ago... JoHan '55 Pontiac "hardtop", turned convertible.... Carson style top from JADA diecast Cadillac. Interior from Revell '57 Chevy snap kit... Wheels / tires from Revell '49 Mercury.. Paint is Dupli-Color. Hope y'all like it.....
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