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  1. I think I just sprained my tongue!!!! B-E-A-Utiful paint, and just plain overall too cool!!!!!!
  2. Flat out freaking coolness!!!!!!! Concept, stance, color, details, all perfect!!!
  3. Outstanding!!!! Very cool little and unique "stocker".
  4. Just flat-out cool and fun!!!!!!
  5. That is one bad azz looking gasser!!!!
  6. We have got to these two models together for photo shoot sometime, Tim!!!
  7. You gotta know that I'm diggin' it..... Lets line 'em up!!!!
  8. I built this one many, many, many years ago.... A bit rough and crudely finished, I may eventually take a run at doing a much improved clone of it someday....
  9. Actually not 1/24 scale, I started with a very simple and toylike kit in 1/28 scale, by Smer.....
  10. I've built a few VW bodied drag cars..... And a couple of custom / tuner style builds..... And did someone mention Skoda......
  11. What an absolutely stunning beauty!!! The fogged panels are absolutely perfect!
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