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  1. This kit is now out, for people waiting to buy it Mine is on it's way WOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Sweet job mate, wicked ride love it.. That's right man do YOUR way & have fun...Isn't that what this hobby is all about
  3. BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! $29.99 for a kit & your whinging about that lol...In Australia AMT, MPC, Revell kits all sell for around $60-$70AUD. You guys don't know how good you have it hahahaha
  4. I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what Round 2 is doing, especially all them show rods & drag cars they are bringing out that use to go for $200+ a kit.. I presume all the nagging rivet counters & whinging trolls are collectors that are now stuck with priceless model kits LOL. I'm ssoooo glad that none of the model companies listen to them This is a hobby, something you do to relax & in the end, it's just a box of plastic hahaha
  5. That's so cool mate..Job well done. And I'm so glad you had FUN building it mate, that's what this hobby is all about
  6. And "tell'em there dreaming" Australian lol
  7. Ummmm, you guys know that this is a plastic MODEL!!!!! yeah?? It's not a real car lol.....
  8. Yeah I was really looking forward to getting a few USA1 Vegas, but nothing from Round2 in 3 years & they still have it on their site as coming????
  9. Hey guys here's my take a this little beast of a kit man. Lowered the front, tinted the back windows, put a black wash around the back panel inserts, added my own surfboard, plus a few other small detail things man. Paint is Tamiya TS47, hope all you cool dudes like it man :)
  10. Thanks man the xmas tree is a backdrop I got made dude :)
  11. Had fun doing this one man. Got this has a glue bomb, done a bit of kitbashing man like the scoop, header & wheelie bars, wheels are from the parts box & I made the glass outta clear sheet. Hope ya like it ??✌? Ohh yeah the front corner cracked man when I was putting the chassis in It was perfect lol
  12. WOW!!!! This is a huge surprise man. Love what the kool kats at Round2 are doing man
  13. Hats off the the KATS at Round2 man. Love what you kool kats are doing. Keep them coming
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