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  1. worn686 added a topic in Model Car Racing   

    Old H.o. Parts And Tires
    i have some old aurora slot cars that have the original reed activated motors. most of the reeds have long ago broken and i would like to know if i can get new ones. who, how much$, etc. i do not want to use any of the newer motors, just the originals.

    also tires to fit the old small wheels. not the original types, they are too small and narrow. help would be appreciated.
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  2. worn686 added a post in a topic Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself.....   

    hey marty, how many people on this board know where your opening line comes from?

    it is the first line from a 1968 rolling stones song.

    now who out there remembers the name of it?
  3. worn686 added a post in a topic Sprint Tire ?   

    do these or any other companies make vintage tires. high but narrow types. what about wheels?

  4. worn686 added a post in a topic Glue Help !!!!!!!!!   

    hello all, i'm a new guy and thought that i could get some advice on glueing. i have some vintage monogram kits that come with a clear plastic windshield. indy car and midget from the 1950's. the clear plastic neaver sticks for long. it drys out and the windshiel pops off. what type of glue will hold this on once and for all. if it is a strong glue, will it affect the poly styrene? i do not want to melt it or have it mis-shape or discolor.