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  1. Riviera was started by late Risto Pyharanta. Juha finished it to Risto’s memorial model car show.
  2. http://public.fotki.com/mamaprez/model-car-aftermark/replicas--miniature/photo2.html http://public.fotki.com/mamaprez/model-car-aftermark/replicas--miniature/photo11.html#media
  3. Aston-Martin DBS is also Air-Trax kit mastered and build by Tapani Rauramo as is the Lincoln Zephyr.
  4. After 32 Fords and model A roadster&coupe I think we need model T 2n 1 kit (T bucket and tracknose roadster) 1948 Ford tudor sedan will be easy update. 1951 or 1954 or 1956 Mercury yes please 1957 or 1958 Pontiac with 57 Olds and 58 Ford 1964 Thunderbird 1967 or 1968 Cougar 1970's Jeep Wagoneer I think we have enough VW beetles, Minis, Fiat 500s and Citroen 2cvs. I really hope that Revell of Germany, Tamiya and Ebbro take their own paths and we'll get in the future Citroen SM BMW 1602 or 2002 MGA Renault Dauphine Opel Manta A
  5. 57 Chevy tuck'n roll interior arrived to Finland just today. Thanks Ed👍
  6. Does somebody know is Dave Best from Precision Auto Replicas NY still active?
  7. Gunze/Mr Hobby Beetle (1956 oval) has those hub caps. Also Hasegawa Type 2 panel van and pickup kits have similar hub caps.
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