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  1. Tumbe added a post in a topic New tuck'n roll interiors   

    57 Chevy tuck'n roll interior arrived to Finland just today.
    Thanks Ed👍
  2. Tumbe added a post in a topic Precision Auto Replicas   

    Thanks Don!
  3. Tumbe added a topic in General   

    Precision Auto Replicas
    Does somebody know is Dave Best from Precision Auto Replicas NY still active?
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  4. Tumbe added a post in a topic VW Beetle Hub Caps   

    Gunze/Mr Hobby Beetle (1956 oval) has those hub caps. Also Hasegawa Type 2 panel van and pickup kits have similar hub caps.
  5. Tumbe added a post in a topic '55, '56, '57 Chevy "El Caminos"   

    Really nice trio
  6. Tumbe added a post in a topic 40 Ford Speed Shop Pickup   

    Clean building and great model!
  7. Tumbe added a post in a topic 1955 Ford F-100   

    Yes it's photo etch. Detail Master or Model Car garage.
  8. Tumbe added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    1955 Ford F-100
    This is a Revell/Monogram 55 Ford I've build few years ago. I made front and rear rolled pans and converted the kit interior to tuck'n roll using Plastruct styrene sheet.
    Steering wheel is from Monogram 58 T-bird and gear stick is a pin. Taillights are from AMT 49 Mercury.
    Engine is from Monogram 58 T-bird. Blower, carbs and aircleaners are from my parts box. I painted those with Alclad chrome.
    Wheels and tires are from AMT Black Force snapper. Paint is Revell of Germany Car Metallic enamel.

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  9. Tumbe added a post in a topic The Kubelrod   

    Dare to be Different!
  10. Tumbe added a post in a topic 1956 Austin Healey 100-Six   

    Very nice build!
  11. Tumbe added a post in a topic 1932 Ford Roadster "Old Boy"   

    Thanks guys
  12. Tumbe added a topic in Under Glass   

    1932 Ford Roadster "Old Boy"
    I build this from a Monogram kit several years ago. Engine is a flathead from AMT 1950 Ford kit.
    Blower is from my parts box. Tires are AMT and Johan. Wheels are AMT.
    I used Humbrol Enamel paints and MIG pigments.

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  13. Tumbe added a post in a topic 64 Falcon drop top   

    Great lookin' street car!
  14. Tumbe added a post in a topic Tamiya MkII Jaguar   

    I like this. Keep on Andy!
  15. Tumbe added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Hello from Finland

    I've been here for a while but I think it's time tell you something about me.
    So I'm from Finland and my name is Tuomas Seppälä. It's like Thomas Smith in english.
    I was born in the good old 60's. I begun model car building in 70's with Airfix 1/32 kits and Monogram kits.
    Actually Monogram "Cop Out" was my first 1/24 kit. I have one unbuild waiting for a nostalgic moment ; )
    I like to build hot rods and kustoms but also 50's- 60's european cars in lightly tuned way.
    The guys from Air-Trax are my friends and that's why I have quite a many their kits in my achive waiting for buildup.
    I think this forum is really great place so keep up goin' Gregg!
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