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  1. Love that paint scheme. That's a very good build of one of my Favorite drivers....specially in the Modified series...
  2. Man Ed...you did a GREAT job on this build. It looks very good!
  3. Dannnng Mark....What a great looking Race team Replica build!!! I haven't seen you in the other places in awhile. Wondered how things are going. But seeing this OUTSTANDING work (as you always do)...my simple question has been answered. Question??? what did you use for the tarp tie downs. They look like bungy(sp?) cords for sure....
  4. It looks good to me. You can always say.."He's standing on it"...
  5. GREAT job on this car Neil. I have that and the Jim Shampine vega on my build list. Seeing yours complete makes me want to dive into them right now!!! LOL
  6. Geoff...you're doing some fine fab work here. Your skills are really shinning on this project for sure.
  7. "Just dropped in to see what condition YOUR condition was in"...Hmmm.....I think that could be a song...lol Looking mighty fine John. That cockpit is flat awesome with all that fab work...
  8. Man JT...this is REALLY looking GREAT my friend!!!! Your fab work is TOP shelf for sure. You inspire me to the max John. Love it...waiting for your next update for sure...
  9. Man Oh Man John...What an outstanding job on ALL that Fab work. Your Artistic eye and building skills are just amazing my friend. Looking at your work is not only inspirational...it puts a HUGE smile on my face....Kinda like Jack Nickolsons JOKER in the Batman move... GREAT work bubba!!!
  10. Another good one Tom...The paint scheme looks GREAT..
  11. Man...Great looking short Track Dirt car!! The chevelles sure made some cool looking racecars..that's for sure...
  12. Hey Kyle...Did you put a gloss coat on the tire sidewall before you laid the decal down? That's what's needed to prevent it from silvering. Declas have to be applied onto a gloss coat..... Let dry and then cover it in a dull coat. I think you might have to start over with those decals. Did you get them from Indycals? If so...he has a "GOOF UP" clause and he will send you a new set. If not...maybe you can purchase a NEW set from him. Here's the link to his site. http://www.indycals.net/index.html A great guy and real easy to work with..... Hope this helps you.. Gary
  13. Thanks for the positive comments folks. Derick....the decals are custom made( not by me). The only part that looks small is the name Richmond. The rest are pretty much close to what the 1/1 has... It is close enough for the Girl I go with. LOL
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