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  1. Peter...that's a fine looking Cobra.
  2. Man Ken...This is a very cool project. Looking forward to the next update for sure...
  3. This is sure looking good Andrew Somethings not right on this forum. I don't know how I double posted but it won't let me delete the second post.
  4. This sure looking good Andrew. A LOT of detail work for sure...
  5. LOL...well...not a blacksmith...but I can pound on things pretty well.... Thanks for the info.
  6. This is really looking good Andrew. What and where can one get the nickle silver wire that you're using. Is it easy to use. Sure looks good...
  7. This is sure looking cool Alan!! I had a similar idea for the offy in a 29 roadster. That interior looks killer... Love that carpet color and look. Keep the updates com'in!!
  8. Yep...you're at it again JC....making me want to build one!! LOL Your fab work looks great!!
  9. WOW...that's really looking good. That blue sure looks darker than it did in the first shot. I really like it.
  10. Actually it's a hard bound book of the History of Indy from 1911-1994. It contains all the info on all the cars that ran in the race for each of those years. It's a GREAT book to have if one likes the Indy 500. Gary Doucette turned me on to it about 4-5 yrs ago. I don't think I have an 8CM kit... What yr are they?? Uuugh...aren't you suppose to be building a Cooper??? LOL
  11. OOOOHHHHyea....Com'on baby...let's cruze the main !!!!! Now that's a 60's cruzzer for sure. Great job on this build John. Daily drivers(that are really HOT) really didn't have ALL the perfect door gaps etc. They looked good....clean and polished with a fairly kick but motor in them with cherry bomb glass packs in the exhaust... WAAAAY to cool. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.... "hey buddy...wanna run for pinks?"...... lol
  12. Dang...those tires and wheels look KILLER on that car. This puppy is really looking good. It sure reminds me of the guys cruising main street on Friday nights back in the mid 60's. This car is definitely a "CHICK MAGNET" for sure.....
  13. Man...that really looks good Gareth! For what you went through, you still hung in there and completed this cool looking 57. GREAT JOB...
  14. I think so Andrew...... LOL By the way... It is the 4/CLT/48 (thanks for the correction) annnnd...I do have lots of evergreen and plastic sheet. Getting photos of the chassis and engine is what I really need.
  15. What a great build. Love the 2 tone paint scheme for sure. Good building technique on a cool car...
  16. This is looking way to cool. Love the offy engine.... and the chassis fix. Great job!!
  17. John...your work is really good!! That body paint...Vinyl roof.. and the chrome trim are masterfully done. Then we get to the interior...man...GREAT job on that. It's not easy to do all that detail work in there. I built the 72 OLDS from the movie 'PLAY IT TO THE BONE" and it was a fun build. It was a convertible and painted SASSY GRASS GREEN. A lot of chrome on these bad boys...EH? LOL Keep up the great work John...
  18. Man Jason...that blue really looks good on the Dart!
  19. You can call me GARY....just don't call me late to diner.... I have the 48 CLT kit. I was looking to fab an engine to put in that bad boy. Haven't got to the research yet. But, opening it up and putting an engine in there would be fun....
  20. Yea...I did pick up Michaels' engine upgrade some time ago. It's in the box with the kit.
  21. Hey JC...well..I'm still working on my cousins 72 short tack Chevelle. Had to take a break on it as there were Life things that needed attended to. Now...I just went into the shop yesterday and started back on it and had to figure out where I was on the thinking part of the build. You know that took some time!! LOL. Once I get all the small things taken care of I'll post a WIP on it. Thanks for asking.
  22. Man JC....your work is very inspiring(as always). I haven't been here in a while and I'm glad I checked in on your build. GREAT stuff my friend!! I'll be back soon....
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