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  1. I'm loving all these ideas and renditions of this roadster, especially the cycle fendered(Mudguards to us English) versions Not model related, but nice to see a vintage 'Pepsi' bottle in there rather than the usual
  2. Mercedes 600 Grosser. Anyone make one?

    Sorry, a bit late replying, so many things on my mind over the last year. I think that is a bit out of my pocket range Greg. Would that be the basis of a small batch production or a 1 off? Many thanks, John.
  3. Where did that Li'l Coffin come from ?

    This is my all time favourite show rod. I have built it a few times and just love the artist rendered boxes as the best boxes ever , the original is great, but the haunted house box is by far the best.Though thats my opinion only. the 1-1 copy is beset just like those Hollywood remakes of classic films that don't match up to the original by trying to go that little bit more/better but failing dismally. The front runner for desecration of this iconic car is the un cantilevered roof. Please someone steal it and re cut it(don't forget to give it back now ) . Next I notice the tyres stick out to much though the white wall treatment as in the model do improve the look though these on the 1-1 do look a little toooo wide on the front. From the picture I can't tell too much but the front end looks similar though the lights look repositioned so if anyone is going to re chop it(as above) put these back in their right place. Well thats all I can see from here, but we do wonder why the changes were made? Seeya, J.
  4. To commemorate Junkyards

    Great post Tom. People are always crowing about how great they are Tom, Me too. But if we saw a dozen 1957 Chevrolets popping down the road every day of half a dozen Corvairs, or 56 Fairlanes, would we really notice them. We only put on those glasses when we see that wonderful old Cadillac that dad drove to work because they are so rare. Its the same with steam locomotives, we forget the over crowded carriages and cancelled trains back in the 'Golden era' for those very reasons we moan about the newer rolling stock. What I do find amusing was here in the UK as a kid, back in the 1960s and 70s Harley Davidson motorcycles were so rare I made a scrap book up of every picture i found in a magazine or old toy box. I think I only ever sat two in a year if I were lucky. Now if one if heard coming from behind its just another Electra Glide Road King dresser, I usually see at least 2 a day
  5. 61 Plymouth Fury

    Stunning restoration Got one of these from the 'Bay' $60 for a glue bomb with all the custom stuff welded on. Next add on another $20ish for post to the UK, all to do a conversion into something special, then I discovered Modelhaus did a re pop. Probably the ugliest car ever to come out of the Plymouth range but for some reason I love it and want one
  6. 1959 Cadillac hearse junker

    Love the 'moss' effect, quite realistic, on a long standing vehicle. As previously said maybe the glass is too clean. Personally I would change the grill for the Monogram Eldorado/Seville or re pop one to get rid of the 'Ecto' lights.
  7. What kind of car is this

    I bought that car for £50 with 10 months MOT a good deal even back then. It had just been fitted with a brand new wing when the owner bought this, then he decided to teach his wife to drive but on her first lesson she hit a lamp post. There was another issue from the accident that made a new bonnet required as the original would not latch closed and would fly up when driving above 40mph. A grossly underpowered 4 pot plodder haha. I thought about making a 1/25 scale model of the Mk3 and maybe popping some resin's from it but not worked out a car to use as a base yet.
  8. Coca-Cola Show Rod - (Vending Machine)

    I like this as it comes into the drivable styles, on par with Tom Daniel's Paddy Wagon and the, like various C cabs and hot rods etc. This looks like it could have been a real thing, delivering Cola to some far off ranch where the nearest town is 5 miles away. It has turned out really nice. The decals are really sharp and clear I must say. I didn't always like the 'themed' show rods, especially those that were not drivable and those that did not look like street rods. Show Rods were a great way to get kids into modelling even though some were a little odd to say the least such as the Hemi powered toilets, beds and pool tables etc but they were fun. My first hot rod kit was Rommel's Rod, a sort of transition for me from military modelling to cars, and I look in every now and then to Dave's Show Rod page to see what's new on there. Will I be seeing this one ?
  9. What kind of car is this

    Revell made a 1/43rd scale model of this. I think it was the mid range model with the 'open' mouth and oval tail lights. The later cars also had a roller speedometer. imagine a paint roller with a spiral colour going around it in the same style as a barber pole but with only one stripe going all the way down. This was also carried over to some of the PB Vauxhall series. The PC went back to dials.
  10. What kind of car is this

    He I am in 1981 with my Cresta, a 1960 version. back then these were what we English referred to as Old Bangers. No one was really interested in them except Teddy Boys and Banger Racers(destruction type derby) though it was the start of the so called 'Classic Car' interest. Nothing really classic about it in my opinion and still non today but many will challenge that, especially an owner thinking ££££. The underside is exactly the same layout and design as my 1960 cadillac but without any air ride. Usually a 2.2 litre straight six it was an easy cart to work on 1 hr for a DIY mechanic with no special tools to change a clutch, the big engine bay was easy to shove an American V8 in without too much trouble as lots of customisers and racers did in the late 70s and 80s. There was virtually not much in the way of extras in the way of power this and power that, though you could get a clock but a radio was extra as was overdrive for the column change 3 speed manual gear box. Auto trans was also available but mine did not have that. Driving it was great but handling another thing. A bit like the Cadillac, like a waterbed on wheels, 0-60mph in about a minute haha. Just about everybody states they banged their knee on the windshield post, well I never hit mine and neither did my passengers, just folk law created by Ford enthusiasts. As for passengers, with the full bench in the front get the girlfriend to cuddle up to you and cruise. Estate versions were built by outsiders but in my opinion(again), one of the worse designs ever as the rear wraparound screen did not take well to being extended. The big Ford Zephyr and Zodiac Mk2s were far better cars to drive, the Consul being grossly underpowered even in those days and was generally more comfortable I had 3 Ford Mk2s and only 1 Cresta though both Vauxhall and Ford rusted dramatically. The PB in the lower photo's are nowhere near in the same league of collectorbillty but getting more so since the price of the Fords and Cresta/Velox are a little silly these day, especially for projects as most of the best ones have been done up. Though I love these old cars as part of my lost youth I like to think they were what they were, I drove or rode even, all the vehicles in these photo's and treated them with the respect or sometimes disrespect they deserved. Nice to reminisce about my old 'Passion Wagon's' (Close encounters of the female kind) pics are as follows. Me posing with bike and Cresta after being refused part of stand in for Al Pacino in Cruising. My old Zodiac around 1983 Same Zodiac, After I sold it, last seen masquerading on a trailer as a so called Collectors car hahahaha Mk3 Ford Zephyr again around 83, Underpowered rubbish.
  11. Great Traders List

    Great trade with br67. Thanks brandon for the easy deal
  12. Bentley

    Thanks, really interesting They both appear to be Tim Birkin cars. Maybe the Bentley executive was brassed off with his £300 Ralph Lauren shirt being made in China
  13. STP Turbine car #40

    I sold the Bandia 1/12 a while back, not quite a glue bomb but getting there. It sold for over £100 + post(not cheap either) so must be one of the all time wanted models on the race car model scene in all scales
  14. Bentley

    Yes I thought the 'blower' looked odd, I just looked on Google images to get the screen shot. It appears this Bentley has been re bodied a few times, it is indicated that it is in a museum in some of the photo's. Even some of the kits have mysterious anomalies. The Airfix 1/12 is originally numbered No 8 and comes with the reg plate UR6571, where the latest rendition of the original kit , the reg plate reads UU5872, the grill painted with the number 9. I expect the grill racing number is correct for the reg. Sometime back one of the many TV car channels did a feature on the cars belonging to Ralph Lauren, whom did own the number 8 car. Don't really know if he still does as this was years ago.
  15. 1927 T Phaeton / XR-6 Roadster

    Would this be a good project? Apparently the car is still in the same family ownership. Photo credits to Google images via Hot Rod magazine