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  1. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic Turning AMT's Disparaged Modern-Tool Ala Kart Into Something Acceptable UPDATED: 11/29/15   

    Love this rendition  Yes I use it as a parts source too, but love YOUR use of those Lincoln skinny whites. I used the hub caps on my old 70s built Deuce.
  2. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic I just finished super detailing my Tamiya Lotus Type 49 kit   

    Great build. I will save these pages for my own build as I have this model and will be building it in Graham Hill colours, though it is a re release does not contain any photo etch stuff.
    I did take a few photo's at the national Motor Museum at Beaulieu, Hampshire in England, have to find them.
  3. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic How to get your Christmas tree home   

    A great model and idea, but one month to early. (Yes, Bah! Humbug)
    I have an old Revell kit similar to that one but it's a multi piece.
  4. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic 1965 Polished Aluminum 289 Shelby Cobra   

    This is stunning, shame it's not available in a rattle can. All those Krylon type finishes with their 'chrome' caps only ever come out as bright silver.
  5. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic Tamiya 1/6 Honda CB 750 F   

    Great photo's of the build up, some look like real garage shots with some excellent weathering
    How about making Sindy, or is it Barbie, into a 1970s 80s biker chick? I have the gold earlier version, either Action Man or an Airfix skeleton will be riding.
  6. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic Freeing up space for Photo's   

    Thanks, both of you for so much help, cleared a fair bit out.
  7. HotRodaSaurus added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Freeing up space for Photo's
    Before I start to resize my pics more suitable for net/forum use, does anyone have any advice on feeing up space I can use please? I have used up my allocation MB, so do I just go through my posts deleting pics? 
    I'm not the greatest computer user so don't know all the ins and outs, is it best to post them in a gallery first? For some reason I have difficulty dragging them or posting URLs from Fotki or Photobucket even though I read/watched the clip on such.
    Thanks, J
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  8. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic What did you see on the road today?   

    On Holiday in Sicily I spotted this. The occupants looked like they were straight out of an Italian romantic comedy. He around 50 y/o, dressed in grey slacks to match the car, white shirt with cuffs turned back and silver grey hair. She, wearing a tight red flowered skirt, sleeveless, chiffon head scarf and sunglasses.
    I felt it a bit rude to zoom in and just snap them. They headed off to the marina and onto a motor launch mored there. i did not get a good look but it may have been a Riva or an old Chris Craft........and my Mrs was nagging at me for wasting time taking pictures of old cars.
    To me this is possibly the most desirable convertible of all time, despite that I still think either the rear wheels are to for back or the rear overhang is around 12 inches short.
    Simply Gorgeous.

  9. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic Blast From The Past - 1960 Ford Wagon Custom   

    Spot on Steve
  10. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic Blast From The Past - 1960 Ford Wagon Custom   

    Yes thanks for showing. I imagine it was a kid that built this and great that his mind was in overdrive at the time. Different from a true custom, the sort of thing someone would build and be featured in Popular Mechanics or such. I remember seeing a 1958 Cadillac camper in one issue.
    Cheers. J
  11. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic Airfix 1/32 Triumph Herald - end of the road.   

    Really sweet diorama. Love these 1/32 and some are often re released such as the Herald and Escort. Most popular are the Aston DB5 and Jaguar E Type. For some reason though Airfix picked on something to really get the British car enthusiasts eager to spend their money on........ I don't think ,  such as the Morris Marina and Austin Maxi though these two and the Bond Bug are probably the most sought after. 
    Probably the most exciting made were the Jaguar 420, Mercedes Pagoda, Beach Buggy, Ford Capri and Zodiac plus many others
    This is my Zodiac, built from an original kit not that long ago.
  12. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic How about Some Barris themed models.   

    Thanks for posting  Some neat models and mags here. 
  13. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic How about Some Barris themed models.   

    Neat one there Bill, I have a couple of the re releases just for the parts.
    My main Barris project is a Lois Betancourt Ayala/Barris 49 Mercury. As yet un started as I am gathering material to build it. The big one being, do I go the easy route and use the Revell pre chopped car as a base or start from scratch with the AMT version. I think the Revel still needs work on the chop.
  14. HotRodaSaurus added a topic in General   

    How about Some Barris themed models.
    Anyone interested in posting anything they have made, or just boxes, maybe some Barris model memorabilia ? I know there will be more controversy as there are a lot of TV and film stuff but try to keep it down eh, there's another topic going that way.
    Me? I have quite a few half started but none really finished, especially my 4 Ala Karts
    I don't know if George Barris created these, built them or had someone build them, I have them somewhere in my stash thats all. Though I did wonder if he got pulled over about the VW Rolls Royce thing. RR were a bit touchy about that sort of merchandising back then.


    Photo's grabbed from Goggle images
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  15. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic What are your other hobbies??   

    Other hobbies. Hmmm let me think.
    I have always had a piano accordion but have never really learned to play it. In fact I have 4 of them from a large 120 base to a toy button accordion and a Honer student but my favourite is an Italian 80 base.
    One day I hope to play it as when caressing the keys is like dancing with a beautiful woman.