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  1. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic The Mighty Duesenberg   

    Looks gorgeous . I never finished mine as I did not like the stick on paper interior door panels but this looks great and a model of my favourite version of the Mighty Duesenberg
  2. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic Airfix 1/32 Ford Escort MK1 - back to the 70's!   

    A nice little build. A reminder of the mid 70s custom craze in the UK. Don't forget the flared arches, Wolfrace wheels and a red light shine on the axle 
    As a standard road car they were a bit bland but one that a lot of driving schools used for us learners. Most survivors these days get the MEXICO treatment these days.
  3. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic 59 Ford Skyliner retractable - built last year   

    Nice model, I only ever had the old flat box with this on the artwork. I never really fancied it as it looks a lot like the assembly of the Ford Country Squire.
    Funny how this style was not adopted very much on the real cars back then. Nowadays, especially on European convertibles these foldaways are now common with a little refinement 
  4. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic Airfix Royal Sovriegn   

    Always wanted to built this but never did. Looks outstanding  but to much detailing for me(I build slammers in the model car world).
    Cheers for showing, J.
  5. HotRodaSaurus added a topic in All the Rest   

    Airfix rail crane question
    Sorry no pics but I have an Airfix rail crane similar to this link picture
    As with the one in the picture can anybody help me with details to re-string it please. 
    I bought a job lot of old Airfix trains and I was surprised to find how detailed these models are, as when stung correctly this crane will work as the real thing.
    Anyway, thanks for any info and if anyone has a link or whatever, Cheers 
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  6. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic Tyrrell 002 - Cevert's '72 German GP ride   

    A great build, I wish I had found this before I bought my Tamiya version. it would have fit in with my other race car models.
     Yet to build it but I am going for the Jackie Stewart version, one of our greatest drivers from a very different era compared to todays F1 scenario's.
    Am I correct in saying the crash in which Francois Cevert was killed was a deciding factor in Stewarts retirement?
  7. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic A quick Microsol question.   

    Ok thanks all The JoHan decals are quite common I believe so may go that way and acquire some new long as they are not all cracked up.
    Cheers, John
  8. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic Do you buy warped Promo's and can you straighten them?   

    OOOOH, I would love that wagon as a kit
  9. HotRodaSaurus added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    A quick Microsol question.
    I have an old JoHan Plymouth I am restoring but is has all the custom parts and every decals glued to it. Probably built by a youngster back in the 60s.
    So my question is, Will a dab of Microsol soften up the decals so they could be possibly be removed, saved and re-applied to this old time custom. The bodywork is unpainted.
    Or any recommendations for removing and saving decals?
    Thanks all, J
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  10. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic Do you buy warped Promo's and can you straighten them?   

    Thanks all, I had been offered a small collection but all were warped, one of them, a 1959 Cadillac is not just smiling, it's almost laughing. Nothing spectacular in the collection, just the usual JoHan Cadillacs, a few Buicks and an Olds
  11. HotRodaSaurus added a topic in General   

    Do you buy warped Promo's and can you straighten them?
    Says it all in the title really.
    Can they be straightened or is the main use for these the chrome parts which do not appear to warp. I I have a decent acetate body can it be prevented from warping these days.

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  12. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic How about some love for the BIG Pontiacs   

    Probably the first model car kit I wanted to build was the Airfix(MPC)1966 Pontiac GTO but my mother would not buy it for me as she thought it too hard for a 6 year old. To be honest I did not realise it was a kit of parts, I was just impressed with the box.
    As a side note, I was always looked for kits with great artwork and also remember the original Monogram Duesenberg which dear mother would also not buy me.
  13. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic 1954 Hudson Hornet custom coupe complete   

    Love these Hudsons. Why didnt the Barris brothers ever get around to working with this car?
  14. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic Johan 1963 Chrysler Turbine   

    A great model and brilliant build.
    I always think this model does not get the credit it deserves. Just about everything is operational on it except the steering wheel and side windows. The more recent mouldings from the 1980-90s though suffered horrendous flash on the chrome tree. Did they improve this for the latest issue?
  15. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic Cadillac Corner   

    I think Modelhaus make a 56 Coupe.