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  1. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic AMT 56 Ford Victoria - 26 year old build   

    I have always liked this model but doubt I will get to build it. Just toooooo  many other projects
    What I would really like to know is how well did this Ford sell in the 1-1 real world? Could that greenhouse be covered over as I would guess it could get rather hot inside even with air-conditioning of those days. I had a modern car with a small slide back sunroof but could never drive it on a hot day with the glass panel unshaded.
  2. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic '71 Custom Suzuki Cafe Racer   

    A real neat model and I love motorcycle models. At the moment I ride a Hayabusa and Triumph Triple but not today as it is pouring with rain haha (Typical English weather)
    In the 1:1 world of American cafe racer bikes(pronounce it Kaff to be authentic British  ) why put that tape around the exhausts? Is it a legal requirement as I have never seen it on a 1960s-early 70s British built bike such as the Triton, Norvin hybrids etc nor any British bikes for that matter. Is it something invented by that TV program as all it would achieve is rusted out pipes if it gets wet.
    Lets see more motorcycle models here please  
  3. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic Bugatti Royale Type 41 Coupe De Ville   

    What was the base kit for this? I have the Italieri Coupe Napoleon model. I always wanted to do a replica of the Schlumpf car after seeing it in the museum.
  4. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic Motorcycles,   

    Really great to see more bikes. Are these the Tamiya kits? The silver Ducati is my fave
    I am working on the Tamiya Hayabusa at the moment converting it to a twin seat 05 version where as the kit is a 99-02
  5. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic Ford Escort XR3 Chicken Coop   

    Quite a few years ago I did see a car kitted out like this. Indeed it would have been the Escort Mk IIIs heyday except the chicken coupe car was an Armstrong Siddley Saphire
  6. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic Ford Escort XR3 Chicken Coop   

    Thanks for that  Mine must have been the Revell kit then. The cloverleaf wheels were quite detailed and looked an interesting model, never had a real Escort though. The Ford cars from this era were just to boxy for my taste and this was all slats and angles.
    With the flat tires is this a Basildon banger? (You would have had to live there to know ) Neat feature for a Craylands Basildon diorama by the way 
    Cheers, J.
  7. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic Ford Escort XR3 Chicken Coop   

    Always thought it a shame they did not include a RHD dash in these for us British modellers as Revell did with the E-Type (XKE to you fellows in the US  )
    I had one of these on my stall for years due to it being LHD
  8. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic 1953 Lincoln Cadillac   

    I posted a pic of this some years back under a different title, something like Caddishmitt. Anyway, I grabbed some photos from an old copy of Motor Trend I believe, or some car publication from the 1950s. Well a few years ago it got resurrected by some South American members on the HAMB pages.  
    Here is a link to the full feature(Topic)


  9. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic Models in films(movies)   

    Guess there was a lot of that "lets make Hot Rodders look like good kids really' type of thing. Yes that song is excruciatingly bad, its up there with Teddy Bear, the CB radio weepy. I guess Polio was a big thing in the 50s, an older friend suffered from it but it didn't stop him from being a bad ass type.
  10. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic Models in films(movies)   

    I have to say though this was actually the second time I have seen this film, I thought I had not, I am actually more a Godzilla fan (Toho production) when it comes to monsters
  11. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic Models in films(movies)   

    Thunderbirds had some neat futuristic stuff in the puppet shows. Cant seem to find any images of what I am after though most were emergency service vehicles, police cars, ambulances, taxi's and limousines. A lot of those got trashed by earthquakes and other calamities.
    Correct me if I am wrong but Rolls Royce approved the use of their trademarks on Lady Penelope's FAB 1 Rolls Royce.
    We seem to see models destroyed though probably due to filming budgets in these old B movies, hence the use in the Gila monster film. There must be some more out there, how about Attack of the 50ft Woman(original)?
    Sorry cant find any screenshots
  12. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic Models in films(movies)   

      Looks a bit better than that magazine piece by piece issue 1/8th kit. What scale is that one?

  13. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic Models in films(movies)   

    Nice to know there is still some interest. Just love monsters stamping on things.
    Anyone know if Godzilla wrecked a few promo's ?
  14. HotRodaSaurus added a topic in General   

    Models in films(movies)
    Just watched "The Giant Gila Monster" You know the kind of film where teenage Hot Rodders save the world from some horrific menace. What I do like about these films though is the way we see hot rods just as they really were, straight out of the pages of those little page magazines and not a Rat Rod in sight.
    Just as the Giant lizard is about to munch up everybody he stamps on a few nice models/promo's, sorry I don't know the makers, then the hero drives his nitro glycerine loaded 32 into the monster. What a waste of a decent deuce kit as car and lizard are blown to bits.
    The world is safe yet again
    Cheers, J.
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  15. HotRodaSaurus added a post in a topic 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz   

    Though I said the 'Chrome' was moulded silver, this is probably the same model.
    Thanks Joe, J.