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  1. I guess the company(Monogram?) Thought 'There are some people out there who will buy another Red Baron just to have the latest packaging' Who cares if it never gets built, thats another few $$$ in the bank, Oh yes and there is a limited edition of 40,000 I did have every Li'l Coffin issue in every box at one time but I really liked the old artwork , though I built the modern issues somehow the boxes are still hanging around even though they are just to boring to be bothered. My favourite box was the Mattel era full artwork haunted House box.
  2. Hoping I am not hi jacking here, but here is my Continental. If I remember I cut the dash away behind the screen to hold the shape of the 'Glass'. The glass is not Evergreen clear but just .2mm clear plastic. It does cloud up using Super glue to fix but that can polish out
  3. Good old Wikipedia. Thanks for that, and the house of names, interesting because I gave up looking after two pages of references to car chases, directors and soundtracks etc. Appears the Bullitt's died out around 1957, leaving poor old Frank to carry on the name
  4. Yes fair enough but does/has any person living or dead ever had the name Bullitt, i.e Peter Bullitt, Geoffrey Bullitt etc. It seems a weird name that I cannot find any reference to, no obituary's etc.
  5. I have got to ask as apart from the movie I cannot find any reference to any person named Bullitt. So, it it a real name or something made up like many of Charles Dickens characters. Great kit going on here, there is another being built only a key stroke away
  6. Here's a great link for 1970s era Funny's http://www.70sfunnycars.com/FunnyCars4.html
  7. Go Gill Man Go! Really neat idea, he guested on the Munsters as a distant relative I believe
  8. Way back when the Pro Modeller 69 Charger came out I bought that, but it stayed unbuilt. I was hoping a resin caster was going to produce a 68 front and rear end but I don't know if it happened. Next thing, Revell produced the 68 Dick Landy race car and yes I did complete a sort of replica using the Revell 68 Dart hubcaps. And yes I built a sort of Bullitt lookalike using the 67 Mustang from AMT though there were definite differences here, mainly the hood and side pods for those roof vents. I never did finish that one, just painted it rattle can dark metallic British Racing Green. It came out ok and the pair were really built for my small son as he thought the chase was so good on film. A shame as they now sit boxed in my loft covered with a ton of dust that appears to be welded to them. Now I know there is a source for that hood I may restore them both some day...you never know.
  9. Thanks Paul Have you looked at the Franklin mint die cast 1/24 Eldorado hood? It is a better shape than both the Revell/Monogram and AMT Ghostbuster Ambulance. To build a mould would mean a little work but looks far better and it almost fits as is except where it butts up to the windshield chrome. I think we are the only two on here who look at the Revell piece and think it looks off, even Modelhause's 60 has the original re popped with all the faults. This is the Franklin part
  10. As a die hard 1960 Cadillac fan, in the real world it appears most enthusiasts want the 1959 version, breaking(parting out as the US say) 1960 cars to keep 59s on the road. I know a few owners in the UK but have never known anyone to break a 59 to save a 60. Most of it is the same but not every thing especially the floorpan and transmission casing as you can change a 60 trans into a 59 but not a 59 into a 60 and some other related parts. In the model world we can do what we want though it would be interesting in how may builders would like a 1959 vs a 1960. Many on here would like the 60 especially me, though I would prefer the hardtop to the convertible. A great project and I'd love to see the finished model
  11. This is fantastic, I am going to build a 1960 version as that is what I owned(see my avatar), I was also going to use the Modelhaus roof. Paul, I do hope you don't think I am trying to hijack your post but I built this 1 /32 version many years ago when Gunze Sango brought out their 59, and built a 60 out of it.
  12. I thought this only happened on overloaded Chinese Scooters Gulp. Image found on Google images.
  13. An old DKW in everyday use on the island of Crete last summer holiday.
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