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  1. 1977 Mustang II

    Love it, the colour works fine. I had one of these(a 1974), my first American car Ok it's not a 60s Shelby but when we all went out in it everyone loved the way the body rocked and the front end rose up when we put it to the wood. All that and it was only a V6 notch back. Always wanted the 1/16 kit but never got it
  2. Cushenberry "Silhouette" trailer part

    Is that the clear covers you need? I have both parts but the hinge is damaged and worse! I live in the UK
  3. '66 Comet Cyclone?

    Hi Dan I have an annual AMT 1966 box with a few parts, no body parts though. Seen a few on the bay but be prepared to dig deep https://www.ebay.com/itm/amt-1966-mercury-comet-cyclone-gt-plastic-model-unopened-and-factory-sealed-/253318161672?hash=item3afaf06508%3Ag%3ALhcAAOSwvTpaNyiu&nma=true&si=8HyiCbjmdtmotmJgN7lhpvbJRAQ%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  4. "Berlin Buick": On the Bench 12/4/17

    OOOOOOHHH I do like it when a rare bug gets a V8, Should have been a genuine split, even better
  5. Monogram Sport Coupe Restoration

    I have an unopened tube of the very same glue, tube is still pliable so guess that = usable or is it something for the vintage collectors on the 'Bay'
  6. Can you fuse two cars together?

    AH, so we are off for a lap of the Nurburgring are we
  7. Dremel Drill Press ?

    As an apprenticed engineer, we were always taught the smaller the drill the faster the cutting speed. But when drilling plastics I have noticed that the built up friction can melt the plastic so yes it's slow speeds. Are any kind of coolants available. The last thing I used was an Archimedestype and a 0.5mm to drill out the holes in a motorcycle(Tamaya Hayabusa) wheel disc
  8. Your favourite Box art

    Yes a great kit, especially in original shiny Monogram plastic. The car and the scenes used for these 'Classic ' kits were fantastic. I love this too, reminds me of a town on the Rhine I visited called Bacharach am Rhine(Yes as in Burt)
  9. Sharpie always rises to the surface

    Yes thats it. To be honest I thought it was a pen used for marking X-rays. Don't usually bother with glasses for reading small print on marker pens so thanks
  10. As it says, has or does anyone collect old 1960s model car magazines with this title? Try putting "Model Car magazine" in a search of whatever and see how many different titles pop up. This is my image by the way, I'm not trying to sell it on here but if you were, what title would you put in the header description to differentiate between 101 other titles containing Model Car? Probably the most frustrating sale I have ever had to place on there No thats not a Tom Daniel S'Cool Bus and I have another issue containing a sort of Rommel's Rod, built from a Monogram military SdKfz kit(or something like that)
  11. Sharpie always rises to the surface

    Thanks for that, never heard of it before so I was way off the mark. Basically what we call in England a felt pen, or marker pen, and when shaped a calligraphy pen. I use one that has a .2mm tip, for some reason I have never looked up it is sold as a radiography pen. Comes in handy for marking saw lines etc 😀
  12. Sharpie always rises to the surface

    What's a 'Sharpie' please, some kind of modelling knife?
  13. 1936 Ford roadster custom

    Brilliant model. Looks like it is straight out of an old Hop Up little pages magazine. I built one too in a Westergard style based on a Hot Rod magazine centrefold by Bob Williams.
  14. Ok I am bit of a casting virgin but what is the difference and what are the advantages of each resin. I have asked this on other sites but not had a really clear answer though I believe casters such as Modelhaus used polyurethane. Help me please as I have lots of polyester resin and thought it may be some use but........? Cheers, John
  15. How much have you spent on a build?

    Tamiya Lola T70. Kit for £79 + spray paint, other paint, foil, new glue. No photo etch for this back in the 90s so time like most of us was the main event. probably came to around £150.