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  1. Thanks Gareth. It was quite a few years ago I visited Hannants in Colindale, They had a few AMT cars in but as I wandered through the shop no one was interested in serving me, in fact I had to butt into a personal conversation to get some attention. They did have what I wanted though it was in their aircraft section(Half the shop) but car stuff was at a minimum at one 12 foot shelf. I don't think they were interested in you unless you were an established buyer .
  2. Could I resurrect this old topic as what with BREXIT and other problems obtaining kits from regular suppliers other than eBay in the UK. Thanks, John.
  3. First of all I believe Harry passed away a few years back but he produced an excellent build up I recommended a friend looked at for ideas and methods to build this model. I do not know if this build up has been archived but I cannot find a link to it as it was many years ago now. Can anyone please help me find the build up topic please. Many thanks, John
  4. Sometimes the producers of these shows must think we are stupid. Sorry to diverse away from auto and antique stuff but this is the worst I have seen "Finding Escobar's Millions" So top dog drug dealer Pablo Escobar left behind millions maybe billions of dollars hidden away and still unaccounted for, who do they ask maybe a possible hiding place? His body guard! Pablo's girlfriends brother or dad or cleaner or or his pet donkey even. Illegal drugs being a really serious criminal practice where you can be buried dead or alive just for smiling at the wrong person, would those people interviewed really help locate $$$$$$$ of criminal fortunes? At the end of the first season I don't think they found anything as the reality 'cast' including the donkey would have not told anyone where it was if there was any, would you? Another show about two cowboys looking for old wild west stuff(I can't remember the name of the show) Almost identical to Pickers. So the pickers go to the Truckee lake, I can almost hear Frank and Mike coming across a relic from the Donner Party 'How much, what do you think Mike $2000 bucks?' 'Nah, there's not enough meat on the bone'
  5. The Ayala Mercury was stolen sometime during the 1970s and has never been seen since. It is believed both Sam Barris and the Ayala's started both around the same time, maybe the Ayala car was even finished first, not long later Louis Betancourt took it to the Barris's for a repaint and some minor additions. Though the Ayala's did all the custom work I do prefer Barris's modifications and new colour. I much prefer the Sam Barris 49 and the Ayala car to Sams Hirohata car as to me that one is just a little over the top. I shall look for that book despite all these books being quite rare now over here(UK). Cheers, J.
  6. Lovely model. It's great to see one with a full fadeaway, this and the Ayala built 49 are my 2 favourite Merc's of that era, both have full fadaways. Great post😎😎😎
  7. I wondered in the 1/1 world how popular were the 58s compared to the Tri Chevy's until American Graffiti came out? I have read quite a few old magazines but even though there were a few customs the 58 year model appears to be in the minority, where as Tri Chevy's seem to be featured ever since. I bought a die cast at the time as I tried converting an AMT but my fogging solid and as straight as Dorothy's Yellow Brick Road
  8. I remember this being sold as Tom Daniel's personal Corvette as one version. I tried to order it from our local model shop(I'm in the UK) but at the time they said Monogram would only send them a few boxes of various models and only the most popular. So it was bit of a hit or miss, we usually got the show cars from Monogram, some such as the Li'l Coffin and Rommel's Rod. There may have been a change of export management as a couple of years later lots of hot rods and others became available especially the Early Iron series.
  9. A fantastic build, so many hand made parts make me envious.? I built one box stock when the rerelease came out minus all the motors and lighting. One thing puzzles me? Why was the gearbox gear change rod left out, it's not exactly attached to the eliminated electrical parts.
  10. My favourite show car kit, brilliant work on this model. The recreation does not have quite as big a rake on the roof in my opinion, am I correct? To be honest it looks a bit chunky compared to the original car, but is it just the roof?
  11. Ok, thanks, interesting. I used the figures from Tamiya's 1/24 Tiger 1 and a few other parts to detail a Rommel's Rod a few years back. A feature on British SKY TV has a series titled Combat Dealers that features the engine from a German tank, that may be a Maybach, you jogged my mind. Having a few mins to spare check out these YOUTUBE links that feature the HL 230, so it says. I screen shot the pic from one of those youtube links by the way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VZQVLQAk94 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9W0l-53ar4
  12. If you are interested there is a copy of Octane Magazine #181 - July 2018 that has a feature on the Aston DB4 Zagato. It is on the cover so must be a major feature on the car. Though you may have it already. The February 2020 copy of motorsport also has a feature on the DB4 GT Zagato. Not read it yet but like the Lola T70 it maybe a continuation car.
  13. Just curious, is this for a Zeppelin airship or a car. The Maybach cars of the pre war era were really something special, above Mercedes Benz maybe?
  14. Thanks, Jean-Philippe(I hope that is correct) The Gunze kit is quite old now, they also made an Eldorado Brougham. All slightly over long, the white walls are hand painted and the front grill simply has the 59 centre bar cut out. My first use of BMF, tail lamps just fabricated from kit parts and rear screen on flat top is a cut about front screen from another kit(I bought 6 at the time) Plastic is very brittle similar to most kits clear windshield glass. I built the Coupe first and followed up immediately with the flattop, they are probably around 20+ years old. I shall also post a pic of a slot car I built at the same time as these then I find it A couple more photo's Cheers J-P
  15. I had the 55 hardtop but the roof piece was non usable and the body had started to bend like a banana. Yellow plastic(acetate). Bought from eBay in their golden years it was fairly cheap including postage to the UK , I sold it on around 12 years ago for £25 and thought I got a reasonable price for it. Sorry no pics.
  16. Sorry for a late reply but moved house recently and pending some internal renovations, so no models out of boxes at the moment. I love seeing 60s as though they may not be as popular as the 59 model year the 1960 is so much cleaner a design. I am also working on a 1960 Flat top using the Monogram/modelhaus body and an Olds flat top roof the Modelhaus used to put out as that is the real car I had 30+ years ago. Here is a prototype build using the Gunze Sango 1/32and a Coupe version also Gunze. Cheers, J
  17. I have 'Legs' going through my head now. A really nice finish to this, thanks for showing.
  18. WoW a 1960 ?. A beautiful model, I never realised this pink was in the catalogue, is it metallic? I have this model in my collection. Bought as a built kit it is finished in a most professional way as if built as a shop display and was wondering if this was ever so? My wife bought me the 1959 version, a mint kit from eBay a few years back but I had to promised to build it. Completing this trio I have also a re-pop of the Exel 1958 Sixty Special, this is my favourite year Cadillac and the Special comes out tops. Modelhaus produced a 1960 coupe as you may know but this has the same poorly shaped hood as the Revell-Mono, I mention this as I had a real 1960 to compare with though most modellers appear happy with the Revell Mono moulding of this piece, the JoHan is so much nearer the mark, and also the Franklin Mint die cast. It just about gets away with the rear deck shortening. Mine is a dark turquoise green, not a brushwork on it, the silver being painted perfectly. A great build, thanks for showing.
  19. Amazing to see this shape, not as popular as the coupes or convertibles. The other 4 door style has a slightly taller roof style but only the old Johan's have that. Have to say the 1960 is my favourite year, check my avatar, that is a flat top sedan. Years ago I built a replica of it from the Gunze Sango 1/32 kit. It was available before Monogram's pink convertible I believe and the only thin available other than the Johan at the time.
  20. That is a beautiful model in my favourite colour for almost any car. Looks like it goes together well. I sat in one of these cars, it was for sale and previously belonged to the Italian actress Silvana Mangano. I wanted to buy it but did not have the money, £5000, so that was as far as I got. No camera phones in the early 1990s so just memories of a green Goddess.
  21. I guess the company(Monogram?) Thought 'There are some people out there who will buy another Red Baron just to have the latest packaging' Who cares if it never gets built, thats another few $$$ in the bank, Oh yes and there is a limited edition of 40,000 I did have every Li'l Coffin issue in every box at one time but I really liked the old artwork , though I built the modern issues somehow the boxes are still hanging around even though they are just to boring to be bothered. My favourite box was the Mattel era full artwork haunted House box.
  22. Hoping I am not hi jacking here, but here is my Continental. If I remember I cut the dash away behind the screen to hold the shape of the 'Glass'. The glass is not Evergreen clear but just .2mm clear plastic. It does cloud up using Super glue to fix but that can polish out
  23. Good old Wikipedia. Thanks for that, and the house of names, interesting because I gave up looking after two pages of references to car chases, directors and soundtracks etc. Appears the Bullitt's died out around 1957, leaving poor old Frank to carry on the name
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