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  1. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    In its filing with the United States Bankruptcy Court in Delaware, Hobbico said it has an estimated 200 to 999 creditors, $10 to $50 million in assets, and $100 to $500 million in liabilities.
  2. Fotki Test Photos

    This is from Photobucket using the right click, copy, paste method.
  3. Fotki Test Photos

  4. Testors decal paper

  5. Close to 2000 kits in the stash here, so I'm not worried. And just like every other banned item there would be the underground backdoor black market filling the plastic addicts need.
  6. Flea Market Find today

    Maybe display it in the "tipped" position?
  7. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Flea market finds and deals with fellow modelers at our club meeting today.
  8. Do You Have Any Kits You Will NEVER Build?

    hmmmmm....... guilty, I guess I do have kits that I'll never build, no way I'll ever live long enough.
  9. Do You Have Any Kits You Will NEVER Build?

    I'll build any kit, been slowly working on a virgin Johan Haulin' Hearse for a while. http://public.fotki.com/bill-rules/bill-rules-garage-1/johan-haulin-hearse/
  10. MOSSCON 2016

    Here's a link to the pics I took at the Model contest in Branson Missouri yesterday. Click the link, hit the slide show icon and enjoy ! Bill Lumbert http://public.fotki.com/bill-rules/missouri-ozarks-sca/contest-6-25-2016/
  11. http://public.fotki.com/bill-rules/racin-road-trips-an/okc-trip-2016/vintage-iron-motorc/
  12. Pics I took while at the Seaba Station Museum.....click the slideshow link.... http://public.fotki.com/bill-rules/racin-road-trips-an/mtorcycle-museum/
  13. A few pics I took at the Starbird museum a couple weeks ago. Click "Slideshow" and enjoy ! http://public.fotki.com/bill-rules/racin-road-trips-an/daryll-starbirds-cu/
  14. Favorite all time Kit\Build

    Revell Peterbilt snap..... Hosted on Fotki
  15. The cost of trading kits

    "Plus if you have a USPS account you get a discount printing your own postage" USPS took away the discount for printing your own postage a couple months ago. It costs just as much to ship from home now as it does to take it to the PO and ship. The only thing you save now is time, but you have the added expense of printing.