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  1. Nice build! I got a friend named Andy in York, I bet he'd love to see this!
  2. Steve, as of right now I only sell in the US when I Ebay "stuff" because honestly I'm just learning how to do it. As I get more comfortable I'll expand to sell worldwide because I figure anybody else's money is as green as mine. Now when I've sold models or diecasts straight up to others on other boards I've sold outside of the US because you do know for the most part who you are dealing with.
  3. You I have to comment on this awesome ride! I have to ask however, how did you modify the front end?
  4. No pic, (it's needing a detailing badly) but my everyday ride is a 2006 Impala SS. I know a lot of people look down on it being FWD, but I've never had a car that moves like this. I've had Trans Ams, 5.0's, and other cars but this thing hauls butt. Plus with the cylinder cut out, I can get 30 MPG+ on the highway. What makes it all worth it though it making 300c, Hemi Chargers, and Magnums see my taillights :twisted:
  5. I just picked up a copy of the reisussed Pro Stock Trans Am from the Model King and IIRC, the car sits high, mainly the back end. Can anyone confirm or deny this, and if they do sit high how can they be fixed? I missed out on these the first time around and now I want to get it right. Thanks all!
  6. Wasn't there a diecast made of the Jetta from the Fast and Furious? I don't know if it's the same year or not.
  7. I swear between you and Mike's decals I will never get any money saved When I get a couple projects done you'll get an order. I have a Tamiya Grand Cherokee begging for a Moab trip
  8. Nice room Ken but I think I'd be uneasy with Pee Wee sitting behind me . BTW, what Suburb are you in? I live close to Joliet.
  9. Thanks Ismael. I figured if anyone knew it would be you! The pics are awesome and will really come in handy.
  10. I'm building the Revell Z06 Vette and I am having a problem with the location of the front sway bar. The directions aren't really clear and I was wondering if someone may recomend a solution? TIA.
  11. I'm really starting to wind down my kit purchases for many of the above reasons and I've also started to sell off a lot of kits. I got divorced last year and when I finally got all my "stuff" out of that house and into my little 2 room duplex it really opened my eyes to what was and wasn't important to me. I had over 35 boxes of diecasts and models alone, plus over a 100 built models to do something with. Right now between working 6-7 days a week and having a girlfriend, (see I didn't learn ) things are hectic. I have bought her diecast kits to build while I build and she seems to like it so maybe there's an avenue to more building time. I've also sold off a lot of kits I know I 'll never build because my interests change. I've gotten back into card collecting and also restarting a coin collection that the divorce almost ended. So to answer how many kits is to many, I guess for me would be anything over a 100. And to be totally honest, I really don't want to have that many floating around. I tend to think that when we look at how many kits we all have it tends to overwhelms us.
  12. Jadadiecast fan, the donks are, no pun intended, big here in the Chicago area as well. Like I said I don't get it, but then again people question me when I take a perfectly good mini truck and see how close to the ground I can lower it.
  13. I am totally hooked on the Jada cars. I'd even be interested in some of the donks if there was a way to change the ride height and rims to something a little less donk. I've seen the Bugs and the Vans in stores and they look really sweet too.
  14. Oh yes, I'll take the BSG kits. I've wanted that Viper since I was a kid and missed out on the reissue. The new BSG is way better but I'll be waitng impatiently for those kits lol.
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