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  1. Yes, but no car was complete until you had the " Purple Sin Lights and the Fuzzy Dice " .
  2. New kid on the block ?

    Interesting choice of subject matter here. I'll have to keep an eye on his site. Now if he would be interested in doing a Bretta Trans-Am kit with ICI livery, I'd be very happy.
  3. mc magazine issue number

    Still haven't seen a copy of this issue in my LHS. Doubt I ever will see one again.
  4. Stupid Is the New Smart

    Because I have grandchildren who are nothing like the generation before them. Even my own two kids are better equipped then the kids in those videos. That's what gives me hope.
  5. Stupid Is the New Smart

    Definitely a product of the Public Education system in North America. We have the same type of Dim Witted, Vapid Flakes in Canada. Hell, our Prime Minister is a great example of this Dim , Simple minded thinking. I weep for the next generation who have to cleanup the mess left by these idiots.
  6. Casting a resin wing

    You can also use a Split Mould to cast your wing.
  7. My favorite magazine is no longer available at my LHS . Both Daily Hobbies in Whitby and Wheel's and Wings in Toronto are saying that they are having difficulty's in getting it in their shops. Both are saying the same thing, that the payment method has changed so they are not willing to carry it. I know that I'm not the only one who's upset with this. So. Management care to comment ?
  8. Help with Detailing

    You can also go to your local Model Train Shop and pickup some K&S Brass Screen. This comes in Fine, Ultra Fine and Course. Or go online and look for Brass Mesh Screen.
  9. C7 Corvette Convertible 3LT

    Cool looking build so far. But what happened to the C7-R build ?
  10. Reliving your modeling youth

    I grew up in a military house-hold. We were taught sarcasm as a second language.
  11. RIP Chris Etzel

    This is so sad.
  12. I put a drop of clear silicon caulking on the bottom of the wheels and let it sit overnight to dry. That way if I need to remove the model from the base, I can run an Olaf type knife blade under the wheel to cut the silicon.
  13. PLEEEEEEEZ! Just go back to Flyoverlandia!

    Some states need to have a Shoot on Sight law.
  14. PLEEEEEEEZ! Just go back to Flyoverlandia!

    This would drive me crazy. Please don't come to Canada...