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  1. 2001 C-5R Daytona 24 hour

    You can try Patto's Place for those decals. The last time I was on his site he had them.
  2. Arrowhead Aluminum ?

    Well if they are, they still owe me an order from 3 years ago.
  3. Is this your fathers Oldsmobile?

    This car ( and I'm using that word loosely ) needs a 5 gallon can of gas and a match to put it out of it's misery.
  4. Decorative Photo-etch mesh sources?

    You can try a model RailRoad site for this mesh. I used to see this stuff at George's Trains in Toronto when my dad was still around and into model RailRoads.
  5. Heller bought by German distributor

    Sounds like good news for modelers the world over. I hope that they will bring back their F1 and Sports Cars from the 60's and 70's.
  6. I've ordered PE from Detail Master and other suppliers before and I've never had shipping costs that high. Were you asking for next day delivery or something ? Unless your local hobby shop carries them, your going to have to buy them from the states. Two of my LHS do carry PE parts but only the bare minimum. If I want something specail I have to pay a bit more because of the cost of shipping. Sorry, but we'er a captive audience when it comes to shipping costs.
  7. Tire decals

    They can be found on Slixx contingicy sheets.
  8. Tire Letter Decals

    Okay, but did you shoot a base coat of Gloss Clear on the tires before you applied the decals. If you didn't then the decals would have a hard time settling down on the side wall. This might be why they are silvering. Decals won't adhere to a matted surface.
  9. Tire Letter Decals

    The only thing that I can come up with was the clear coat that was sprayed on the tires wasn't fully cured.
  10. Revell Ford GT LeMans 2017 Motor Sports?

    Who or what is this Motor Sports that you speak of ?
  11. Door Hinges

    I won't take credit for this. For those who want to to do " Up swinging " doors like on a Lamborghini I found these photos of a hinge made from a one use dental floss handle. I can't remember the name of the author or the website. I'm going to use this idea on a few Group C models.
  12. Your Favorite or Interesting Race Car Livery

    I like these three. LedZep McLaren M8d, Marlboro McLaren MP4/2 in the 1 off " Yellow " and the Player's LTD F3000 Lola.
  13. How much are you looking for and what thickness.
  14. Bullitt 1968 Ford Mustang GT

    Go to your local NAPA store that has a automotive paint dispencer and get them to do you up a spray can of Ford Highland Green. Should cost you about 10 or 15 bucks.
  15. White Metal Alloy is made up of the following metals. Tin , Lead. Bismuth, Zinc and or Cadmium. HFM use the top grade of White Metal so you wouldn't get the " Zinc " rot that you will see in Die-Cast mass produced cars.