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  1. You can get one of these Brake line tube benders from Amazon for $20 online. I have one and it works fine for bending all types of metal tube.
  2. I'm thinking of putting a Continental Kit on mine. I found a factory one in Ohio, but I don't think the car will fit in my garage with one on the car. She just fits now.
  3. Your thinking of someone else. I do have a second Olds which is a 94 Cutlass convertible with the DOHC 3.4L 6 cyl.
  4. Thanks for all the complements guy's. She's got a 324 cdi with a Hydramatic. It's strange to have a car with no Parking gear. You have to put it in Reverse after the engine is shut off and then it's in Park.
  5. I bought this in October 2016. It's been a fun and sometimes fustrating ride to get her running right. But she's done and on the road again.
  6. I was at work in my cubical listening to Howard Stern when it happened. We had a TV in the lunchroom and a group of us spent the morning glued to the TV. My boss told me they were closing the office early and he gave me a ride to the train station. As i was sitting on the platform, I noticed that it was quiet as there were no planes in the air going to land at Person Airport. And when the train stopped at Toronto Union Station, there were police walking around the platform with heavy weapons.
  7. My mother was Ukranian, and her and her sisters made the best Cabage Rolls and Perogies. She also made other Ukranian dishes that I miss so much. I too am no longer flat.
  8. I've found that it's getting hostile everywhere. People are just being ugly to each other.
  9. I use Simple Green all the time to soak Resin parts and Bodies in. Never had a problem.
  10. I have used Simple Green as a cleaner for resin parts and bodies for a number of years with no problems. I also soke white metal and PE in to get rid of any casting residue.
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