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  1. I have the same kit sitting in my stash, but I want to do this livery the Players F3000 that ran in the Euro 3000 series. Since no one has ever produced these decals, I'm going to have to do them myself.
  2. I've had my 94 Olds Cutless out of winter storeage for about a week or so. The 55 Olds Super 88 will be coming out of storeage in a week or so. It looks like there are going to be no car shows in Canada until July or Aug. this year, so I can get somemore work done on her.
  3. The best Goodies sketch was the Pirate Radio Station and Post Office .They only had one record which was A walk in the Black Forest by Werner Kepher.
  4. Since your a native New Yorker, I would have thought you'd be a Bosco fan like George Costanza.
  5. Al Bundy with money and a very Hot Wife...
  6. All you'll do is make a big toxic mess. The metal plates that are used for PE parts are like printing plates. They are coated with chemicals that must be exsposed to a light sorce to burn an image on the coated surface. Then you process the plate in an acid solution for a period of time to eat away the areas around the burned in image. And then you have to dip the PE in a fixing solution and then wash the part in water. Also have you figured out how your going to dispose the waste chemicals ? Because you just can't dump them down the kitchen sink. You Tube has some tutorials on this subject.
  7. If you had bothered to read the post, I said it was for the month of Febuary. I was going on the premiss it was awarded on a monthly basis.
  8. And the winner of the Darwin Award for Febuary 2020 is...
  9. Do not get envolved with this company. I repeat, Do not get envolved with this company !!!!
  10. Patto's has a sheet to do this and two other Mustangs. Google Patto's Place , he's in Australia.
  11. But is this product sandable and will it take paint.
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