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  1. It can also be thinned with Windex.
  2. The Spam Can

    Nice looking build. One of my favorites along with the Pur-X T-bird.
  3. Another Quick Poll

  4. Rotary Tool Suggestions

    What he said. Dremel carry three different sizes of collet's, so you can use various sized shaft bits.
  5. What's the One Part You Hoard?

    I'm the same. I was given a full set of Whyte Spanners , Taps and Dyes for British cars. Had them for over 40 years and didn't use them. Then my son starts working at a garage that repairs older Jags, Triumphs and MG's and remembers my tool stash and now their getting used again.
  6. Where Belly Tankers Come From

    This is very true Snake. My uncle Ray built Mosquito's at the DeHavilland plant in Downsview Ontario during the war. The fuselage moulds were destroyed after the war and buried on the DeHavilland property and a runway was built over the spot. Their still there to this day.
  7. Ford Washington blue

    Back in the day, Krylon had a paint colour called Patriot Blue. Haven't seen it for at least 10 years but it was very close to the MCW paint.
  8. Corvette C7R (Daytona winner)

    Glad to see this build back on track ( pun intended ). I'll be watching.
  9. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

    Last one I saw on e-bay was over $300.
  10. Just a little bit curious..

    Sounds like you didn't check your " Blind Spot " when you changed lanes. No ticket, but just a pissed off driver. Just make sure you check your mirrors and the blind spot and you'll be good.
  11. Sorry to say this, but your going to have to cut it. Putting it in the freezer isn't going to help. just bite the bullet and cut it. and next time use more release agent.
  12. mc magazine issue number

    Scott. You have mail.
  13. camouflage

    My dad did all his camouflage jobs free- hand on all of the WW2 aircraft he built. Didn't look too hard.
  14. Yes, but no car was complete until you had the " Purple Sin Lights and the Fuzzy Dice " .
  15. New kid on the block ?

    Interesting choice of subject matter here. I'll have to keep an eye on his site. Now if he would be interested in doing a Bretta Trans-Am kit with ICI livery, I'd be very happy.