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  1. dremels

    I hang mine on a Dremel Hanger pole. Bolts to my work bench. had it for 20 years.
  2. The Battle of the Waldos

    Once your a Jet, your a Jet all the way. From your first cigarette to your dieing day...
  3. The wings on the real cars are painted, bare aluminum or heavily decaled. Myself, I'd strip it and paint it aluminum or Bare Metal Foil it.
  4. The Battle of the Waldos

    Sounds a whole lot like this classic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPshffbyYQM
  5. Blue Barchetta

    This, is the only car that can be called a Barchetta. And yes, it's Red.
  6. Nail Polish

    Nail Polish is a Laquer not an Enamel based product. You can brush it on small areas but not larger areas.
  7. Decals for ASA cars?

    Check out Mikes Decals www.mikesdecals.com I think he'd be your best place to look.
  8. IMSA GTO Olivetti Olds Darin Brassfields car Re-do

    Out standing work. Did you use the Nascar Old's kit as a starting point for this ?
  9. Photo-etch spoke wheels

    Fernando Pinto makes and sells wire wheel sets. He's on Facebook. Not cheap, but very accurate.
  10. Just use the dish soap ( Dawn / Sunlight / Palmolive ) and an old tooth brush. This will clean the parts trees well. and rinse in warm water and air dry on a towel.
  11. Ladies and Gentlemen: My C7R: 2016 Daytona winner

    Out standing work Ismael. I really like the weathered look to the car.
  12. Ron Fellows Mosport white C6R

    Love it. I'll be watching this build as I've got the decals to do this car as well. By the way. How's the C7R build going. Almost done or still stalled.
  13. Not that I want to start something, but ant idea when we'er going to see issue #206 ?
  14. Yes it would be. Although I use a # 0.10 and a #0.15 Technical Drafting Pen for my panel lines. This can be filled with India Ink as well.