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  1. I've used both and found that there was very little differince in the two.
  2. Sad. I'd run into him at Mini Grid when their shop was in Unionville Ont. He was into 1/43rd kits. Nice guy and loved to talk about building. Loved his music and his mad skills at drumming. RIP Neil.
  3. Maybe you could make a spread sheet and offer copies to any one here who wants one. Your not selling just offering a kit list.
  4. I'm so very sorry for your loss. Your wife is at peace now.
  5. Watched this last night the same day I saw Ford vs Ferrari. I thought it was very good short film.
  6. I agree. Over the last few years there has been zero new kits from any manufacture to keep my interest in continuing to buy and build. I'm starting to get that sell my collection itch again. But this time it's stronger than the last time.
  7. kitbash1

    IMSA Mustangs

    The blocks on most T/A cars were black / gun metal colour. If you look at the photos you can see the block colours. As for the masking templates for the IMSA cars, there were none. If you want to make your own, photo-copy the decal sheet and transfur it to wide masking tape.
  8. kitbash1

    C8 Race Car

    Meh... Does nothing for me.
  9. You can get one of these Brake line tube benders from Amazon for $20 online. I have one and it works fine for bending all types of metal tube.
  10. I'm thinking of putting a Continental Kit on mine. I found a factory one in Ohio, but I don't think the car will fit in my garage with one on the car. She just fits now.
  11. Your thinking of someone else. I do have a second Olds which is a 94 Cutlass convertible with the DOHC 3.4L 6 cyl.
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