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  1. Here is another update on my Green Elephant kit. I have the engine mounted in the chassis and all the fuel plumbing done (HALLELUJAH!!!) and I've modified the body tin. Having built numerous Revell 1/16 funny cars, I have learned to modify the tin in order to get the body to sit down properly on the chassis and get the "attitude" appropriate for a 70's era funny car. After installing the LPH 130 Model Products incredibly detailed Crower injection and hat, I realized that the new parts would also require me to modify the doghouse area of the tin as well. I added 5mm of height to the doghouse area and tapered it back to fit behind the windshield. As always, thoughts and comments welcome!
  2. Thank you! I took your advice about the yellow plastic spark plug wires and replaced them. Much happier with the look now, plus no issues in getting them under the body tin.
  3. I know it 's been a while since I update my Green Elephant. We have been going to sprint car races and I took a break. I was pretty disappointed in the way the engine looked, so I took a step back and decided to go the extra mile and ordered a bunch of Pro Tech Model parts and took a leap of faith and ordered a resin Crower 8 port injection body and hat. After removing the wiring and starting all over with the Pro Tech parts and using the braided lines for the fuel and oil lines I am much happier with the results. I am not a good enough modeler to do justice to the Pro Tech detail parts and the LPH 1320 Model Products resin Crower injection body and hat but they provide a much more realistic look and I am very pleased with the end results.
  4. Looks GREAT!! Very well done.
  5. The SWC Swindler 2 and 3 were a darker blue than the first one, which was almost a "baby" blue. On the Swindler II that I built from the 80's rerelease of the Revell kit, I painted it with Tamiya gold base and Tamiya Pearl blue. IMO, the Duplicolor is the closest match to the upper of the two pictures posted.
  6. Nice, clean build thus far. Beautiful work!
  7. Great job sir!! I certainly hope mine turns out as well!
  8. That a turned out amazing! Beautiful paint!
  9. Nice work on this project. It turned out well!! I certainly hope mine turns out as well!!
  10. Thank you for the observation. I'm not at all pleased with the kit spark plug wires which is why I bit the bullet and ordered a complete set of wires and boots from ProTech. I'll be replacing the kit supplied set as soon as the ProTech parts arrive. I'm hopeful that the ProTech parts will be MUCH more flexible (I've never used their products but have read and heard lots of good things) and allow me to bend the wires the way I want them.
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