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  1. Gene Snow Challenger

  2. Gene Snow Challenger

    Thank you for the kind word! I can't say enough good words about Slixx. I contacted them after I had the issue with the original sheet. They called me back promptly and apologized for my issue. They had a couple of suggestions on how to avoid the issue in the future and said they would replace the problem sheet. Two days later I had the replacement. Converting your build to the Ramchargers Challenger was a great way to make lemonade out of lemons! Good job!!
  3. Gene Snow Challenger

    Thank you for the kind words! Honestly, the tooling on many of the models from the late 60's/ early 70's lacked detail. Many of these funny car kits were just slightly modified passenger car releases. JoHan at least had "relatively" accurate chassis and engines in their funny car kits. It seemed that during that time, there was no middle ground. You had Revell, who molded rocker arms in the heads of some kits which were cemented to the engine block and never seen, and then you had kits like this where there are no lugs molded on the wheels. The disparity is part of why I keep my eyes open for these old kits. Keeps it interesting.
  4. Don Schumacher '68 Barracuda F/C

    Good Job!! That turned out well!!
  5. Gene Snow Challenger

    A few weeks ago, I posted requesting help with some decals shattering. Thanks once again for all the responses and suggestions, and especially THANK YOU to Slixx as they were gracious enough to send me additional sheets which, coupled with the suggestions I received allowed me to finish the model. I build for fun, not competition and although I try to make my models believable, I know they are not historically accurate. This was a kit I picked up at a garage sale, and was in fair shape. It was JoHan kit and was marketed as the Eugene White Ram-Rod funny car. The paint on the body is Testor's Flame Red. Thanks all for looking!!
  6. Fantastic work! Just amazing how well you do this and the speed at which you do it!! Like many, I look forward to seeing this continue to develop. Thank you Mr. Teresi!
  7. Great work on the engine Mr. Sobak! The rollbar/frame modification turned out exceptional. Super job!!
  8. Love this!! Nice work on the engine Mr. Sobak!! Can't wait to see the rest of the story!
  9. Continued outstanding work sir!! Fantastic.
  10. Stunning work!! And SO fast!!
  11. Amazing work Mr. Teresi!! I'm old enough to remember reading the Hot Rod magazine article on this car, which, though groundbreaking, was a colossal failure. I love the detail of the monocoque! I am definitely following this to its fantastic completion!
  12. 2018 Brad Sweet Sprint Car

    Great job!! Looks good!
  13. Decal help needed, please

    Thanks for all the advice!! I have some Testor's 9200 decal bonder, so I'll try that on the rest of the decal sheet and see if I have any more issues with this sheet. I'll contact SLIXX and get another sheet for this model and coat it before ever trying to use it too. Again, THANKS to everyone for the feedback!! I appreciate it!!
  14. Hello all! I'll start this post by saying this is IN NO WAY a post to bash Slixx decals. They are great people. I use a quite a few Slixx decals as I like to build old models I find at garage sales and auctions. Recently, I've had issues with some of the decals "shattering". I have included a photo of one that just happened for a Johan Gene Snow Challenger I just built. If you look closely, you can see other cracks in the decal in addition to the area where the decal is gone. I use a glass bowl, filled about half full with lukewarm tapwater and when they shatter it is usually before I can ever get the decal out of the bowl. I usually let the decal sit in the bowl of water for about 20 seconds (depends upon the size) and then take the decal out and let it rest on a paper towel for another minute or so. I'm not new at model building, as I've been building for about 58 years, so I've tried everything I know to try to keep this from happening. I'm open to any thoughts anyone has to help me try to prevent this from happening in the future. Thanks in advance for your help.
  15. WARBUCKS Mustang

    Yeah...I hadn't noticed that. Corrected now.