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  1. Me too. Definitely NOT a decals website
  2. That looks great!! Nice job!
  3. Ian, after seeing some of your other work, I have absolutely no doubt you will end up with a final product that reflects your efforts. Your skills are amazing and I really enjoy your WIP posts and the final results!!
  4. To second what Dave Van said but with MicroSol, after the decals have dried for a couple of days I take a very soft cloth and dampen it and GENTLY wipe away the MicroSol residue. It might take a couple of times of gently wiping, but I've not had a problem of the residue not wiping off.
  5. Very nice!! I love these cars.
  6. Great job on this so far!! I look forward to seeing more progress!!
  7. That is SWEET! Nice job!
  8. Man, I can't wait to see what you do on this!! That was one of several of Sammy's cars for Syracuse that were groundbreaking. Please post on here as you begin work on this!!
  9. That turned out well!! Nice job!!
  10. That looks rally good!! Nice job! What 's the story on the sprint car in the background of some of the photos?? Having just gotten back from 8 nights of sprint carts in Florida, I need to see more!!
  11. Fan freakin’ tastic! I love the look of an asphalt modified and you really captured it perfectly!
  12. Beautifully done! I’ve got one, but it is not nearly as nice as yours. Fantastic effort!
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