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  1. For being away for 45 years, you haven't lost anything! Great work on these models. Well done!!
  2. Amazing fabrication skills and detail level on this!! Beautiful work sir!!
  3. Amazing!! LOVE the paint job!! Subtle but very unique!!
  4. I believe, in that era, the chassis was typically body color. For the K & K car I believe the color was called "poppy red".
  5. HOLY COW man! Incredible, beautiful work! Great job!!
  6. You are doing a great job! It looks really good thus far!
  7. Those are probably as close as you are going to get in "major brand" spray can paint. As for the black window support bars, I too tape off the windshield and back glass, but instead of a sharpie I spray semi-gloss black paint. Same idea.
  8. Great job! it turned out NICE.
  9. VERY nice!! The Cobra Daytona, IMO was one of the the coolest front engine sports cars ever!
  10. Beautiful models!! I've been going to sprint car races since 1964, and you've captured several eras of sprint car racing very well. I have the Grant King #20 built. Will post pictures eventually. The King sprint cars with a full cage were easily identified by the "pinched" top of the rear cage hoop. Grant Kings's shop in Indianapolis still exists and is owned by a former sprint car racer, Bill Throckmorton. Part of the shop is a "museum" of sorts, dedicated to Grant King and the many cars he created. They generally have an open house during the month of May near the time of the Indy 500.
  11. Not a subject you see very often. Nice job!!
  12. Great job!! Fantastic details!
  13. Great build!! Outstanding work!
  14. That looks really good! We all have those kits that we feel like they fight us every step of the way, but I kinda like those. It is a feeling of accomplishment when you beat them!
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