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  1. Great job sir!! I certainly hope mine turns out as well!
  2. That a turned out amazing! Beautiful paint!
  3. Nice work on this project. It turned out well!! I certainly hope mine turns out as well!!
  4. Thank you for the observation. I'm not at all pleased with the kit spark plug wires which is why I bit the bullet and ordered a complete set of wires and boots from ProTech. I'll be replacing the kit supplied set as soon as the ProTech parts arrive. I'm hopeful that the ProTech parts will be MUCH more flexible (I've never used their products but have read and heard lots of good things) and allow me to bend the wires the way I want them.
  5. Thought I'd post an update on the progress of my Atlantis Green Elephant. I have the frame assembled and some of the tin on. I've got it on its wheels! The fuel tank, cockpit tin and select chrome pieces are painted with Tamiya TS20, Metallic Green. The same paint is used on the green pieces on the engine I've also made some progress on the engine, although I'll be redoing the ignition wires after I receive a shipment of parts from ProTech. The blower hat is not glued on, just setting there for its good looks. Comments welcome!
  6. I loved the late 60's/very early 70's era of Trans-Am. Big time stars driving, factory participation (unofficial, of course!) and many iconic race tracks. You did a great job of capturing the era with your work.
  7. You did a nice job on the engine!! Smart decision NOT to use the kit supplies. There needs to be a special place in hell for the guy (or girl) that came up with the plastic spark plug wires!! I thought the Revell spark plug wires were bad!! I think I will end up buying some from ProTech before this is all done!
  8. I'll let you know how mine turn out. I will let the body sit for a while and work on the engine and frame before I proceed with decals.
  9. Okay fellow modelers, here is an update on the body. I am calling the painting of the body finished. I took a slightly different approach after the feedback I got. I sprayed a coat of dark grey (not black....I just couldn't spray it black!) then resprayed two coats of the Tamiya TS-52 Candy Lime Green. I am much happier with the color than my original effort. It may not look like it in the photos, but it is quite a bit darker than it was in the original post. Again, thoughts and comments welcome. A separate question for you all that are working on this model. I know that the injector/blower hat is not correct for the actual car. Is the Competition Resins Crower 8 point injector and hat a more appropriate substitute?? Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  10. Rather than hijack one of the other threads about the Green Elephant, I decided to start another one. I had tried for over a month prior to the arrival of my kit to locate Testors #1835 Lime Ice, with absolutely no success. After I received my kit about 10 days ago, I decided to try painting the body with Tamiya TS-52, Candy Lime Green. The body was assembled, the seams filled and sanded, painted with two coats of Taimya fine white primer, resanded, two coats of of Tamiya AS-12 Bare metal silver and finally two coats of Taimya TS 52. I am not good with an air brush, so all coats were shot from rattle cans. I am happy with the finish, but very unsure about the color. Your thoughts and comments welcome!
  11. I'm old enough to have actually seen the Petty's hauling their race car in the late 60's/early 70's (although I never saw them hauling this car) and you have absolutely nailed it!! Great job!!
  12. Great job on this whole package!! It turned out well!!
  13. Exceptional work and a fantastic paint job!!
  14. Excellent build!! I got to see this car run a few times. Butch was a multi-time USAC champion and his equipment was always well maintained. Yeah, I'm THAT OLD!!
  15. That is VERY cool!! Nice job with the paint job and overall, it turned out beautiful!!
  16. Looks pretty darn good in the pictures. While you might not be happy with it, it photographs very well
  17. That looks REALLY good!! Nice job!!
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