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  1. SAWEET!!! I LOVE it!! Great job!
  2. That is FANTASTIC!! I love it!!
  3. sflam123

    Rowdy Burns

    Very Nice!! Good job!!
  4. I finished this one up about 10:00 PM December 31, so it is a 2020 build. I've been waiting on some sunshine to take some outside photos, but it doesn't look like we are going to get a break in the clouds for a few more days, so these will have to do for now. This is the 1/16 Revell kit, and it went pretty smoothly. The yellow is Testor's Daytona Yellow lacquer over white prime and the blue is Tamiya Racing Blue T-51. I know the tires should be sanded smooth, but the tires are pretty degraded by time, and I was fearful of sanding through them trying to remove the mold line. I've been fortunate to see the real (or restored) car at the Don Garlics museum in Ocala, Florida and I have lots of pictures, so I used those as a guide on the colors. The decals that come with the kit are, for the most part, the wrong color blue, especially when it comes to the striping, so I masked the bodywork and painted the blue, then cut the blue out of the decals and applied the red pinstripes on the top and lower side panels. Not perfect, but I'm pretty happy with how it came out. Comments are welcome and THANKS for looking!!
  5. VERY cool!! Well done sir!!
  6. That turned out GREAT!! Nice work!!
  7. I DID offer to pay Mr. Persson for his wing and/or at a minimum for the postage, but he declined my offer(s). I am indebted to him and very appreciative!!
  8. Yes, both were available in 1/16 scale from Revell. Both still occasionally available if you are willing to search for them and pay the $$$.
  9. This is the Revell Tom McEwen 1974 Duster Funny Car. This came as part of a Revell HotRod double kit I found a while back at a yard sale. The kit went together pretty well although there was considerable flash on all the plastic parts. Unfortunately, as I was taking the body downstairs to paint it, I tripped and turned a perfectly good body in to 3 large pieces and many small ones. The body is now about equal parts 35 yr old styrene, super glue and body filler, but it looks okay. Overall a fun build. The paint is Testors White, and Italian Red with Tamiya Racing Blue on the body. The frame is painted with Tamiya Metallic Blue. I took some "artistic license" with the paint, especially on the nose of the car, so it is not an exact replica. Definitely NOT perfect, but a good time killer during the pandemic. Thanks for looking and comments welcome.
  10. Mods, I sincerely apologize for putting this in the wrong part of the forum. Delete if you so choose and I will repost in the completed section or feel free to move.
  11. A while back I scored a Revell HotRod Tom McEwen Funny Car/ RE dragster kit at a yard sale. I believe this kit was released in the mid 80's, but I think the tooling dates back to the mid 70's. I know the decals had a copyright date on them of 1975. I built the RE dragster first. Although the kit had a great deal of flash on it, it went together pretty well, although I was never able to get the body work to fit as well as I thought it should. Unfortunately, the decals were in sad shape, cracked/crinkled, dirty and brittle. I tried spraying several very light coats of clear lacquer on them and although they are still yellowed, they did apply fairly well. They did need a LOT of MicroSol and warm air to get them to lay down, but overall they were serviceable. Paint is Testors white, and Italian Red on the body and Tamiya Racing Blue on the wing. The frame is painted with Tamiya Metallic Blue. Thank you all for looking! Comments welcomed.
  12. That looks like it turned out fantastic!! Excellent work sir!!
  13. Thank you for the response Mr. Smith!!
  14. That turned out GREAT!! Beautiful work!!
  15. Sir, if you don't mind me asking, what color paint are you using on this build as the body/chassis color??
  16. As a long time open wheel fan, I'm definitely looking forward to more of this one!! Great start so far!!
  17. That turned out VERY nice!! Great job!!
  18. It is a pulling tractor. In the US they have competitions to see who can pull a weighted load the furthest using a tractor. They have different classes with different rules. It can draw some BIG crowds and pays serious money to win. This would compete in the unlimited class in all likelihood. Search YouTube for Tractor Pulls to see what it is about.
  19. You did an outstanding job on a notoriously difficult build!! It looks "Right" and you attention to detail is fantastic.
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