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  1. Okay all, another update. I got the body out to start working on it and found that unfortunately not only was the body severely warped about 1/4", there was also a significant crack in the hood, probably the worst place it could be cracked. Although this was a Revell kit and not Atlantis, I could have contacted Atlantis and they may have allowed me to purchase another body, BUT i decided to see If I could salvage this one. The first picture shows the warp in the body with my fat finger as a reference. The second picture is the crack in the body. I used a #2 pencil to highlight the crack, which is why it appears so dark.
  2. Yeah, it's not a big change but it seems to have a really nice impact to the stance of the car.
  3. Very nice!! Should be fun to watch!
  4. As I said in my original post, I've been working on this for well over a month, but I'm just getting around to posting. So Here is update #1: While I think the Revell kits were exceptionally well engineered for their time, there are some things that drive me crazy (it's a VERY short drive, I know!) with the kits. The first thing I attack is the stance. TO ME it just doesn't look realistic if you don't adjust a few things on the build. The first thing I do is relocate the rear differential/axle mounts. It's not a big deal to do, but it lowers the rear of the car almost 3 scale inches. I reinforce the new locations with some strips of plastic on the backside. The white makes it bad, but once painted, the reinforcing strips are barely noticeable.
  5. Hello all, Several years ago, I acquired a re-isssue 1/16 scale Revell Jungle Jim kit from a hobby store that was going out of business, even though I already had a built Jungle Jim in 1/16. I have considered selling it, building another Jungle Jim or building it as something else. I finally decided to build it as the Yellow Pisano and Matsubura Vega. I've actually been working on this off and on for about a month, but thought I'd post where things are and how we got here. I'm going to get up to date over several posts. So we are starting with the Revell Jungle Jim kit . and hoping to end up with this
  6. Farmboy, your work on this Ivo Showboat is fantastic!! It turned out beautifully! Great job and congratulations.
  7. No, I have not. I have some friends that have used dirt LM and dirt Modified tires from a company called Plastic Performance Parts. They seem to like them, but I have no experience with them. Part of the problem is the AMT Grant King kit actually scales out closer to 1/24 than 1/25 scale. So 1/25 scale tires look slightly too small and the kit tires are a little too wide, although they got the diameter appropriate for the scale of the rest of the model. Honestly though, with all it's flaws, I'm just glad AMT and Monogram made the sprint car models they did!!
  8. You've done a nice job on this kit so far. This kit is known to be a finicky kit to build and has tested the patience of builders on a regular basis. The Monogram winged sprint kits are also patience testing but IMO somewhat less so. FWIW, the tires on this kit are slightly out of scale for what they ran back in the 70's. This car ran primarily in USAC from 1972 until about 1976, and was driven initially by Sheldon Kinser and then by Jerry Weeks.
  9. You did a great job on that midget. That kit can be kind of "finicky" and yours looks great!
  10. Very neat!! Such a unique take on Petty's temporary defection to Ford!
  11. This is looking great. Nice work thus far. Extremely nice paint job too!!
  12. That is fantastic!! Beautiful work!!
  13. Outstanding!! I was a huge fan of Ramo Stott. I watched him come up through ARCA and race at Salem. Watched him crash HARD one day at Salem. He and the crew took the front drive and radiator out of his tow vehicle to rebuild his engine and front of his race car and he started last in the feature. Took the lead and then blew the motor with about 10 laps to go. Pretty impressive.
  14. That is SO COOL! I was a huge fan of Jim Hall and his Chaparral race cars in sports car racing and esp. in Can-Am. Nice work!
  15. Beautiful paint job on the model and what a beautiful dog too, even if she does have a taste for plastic! LOVE those eyes!
  16. You are doing an amazing, fantastic job on this. I LOVE how the exhausts turned out. The seat belts detail is amazing too!
  17. BEAUTIFUL!! The paint on that is PITA to mask off esp. at the nose. Fantastic job!
  18. That turned out really well! Great job!
  19. WOW!! Very nice! I have this one built. It was the very first "cement" model I ever did, with a lot of help from my Dad. It is now 60 yrs old. Not near to the quality you are building but still one of my most cherished models!
  20. Beautiful work on the Showboat. Your attention to detail is fantastic! The car and the model are iconic and you are doing it proud!!
  21. OUTSTANDING!! Beautiful builds. My personal favorite of his funny cars was the red with white trim RRRRRevelution/English Leather car, but they were all fantastic visually as well from a performance standpoint. Great job!
  22. In my opinion you did an excellent job on this. Don't be so hard on yourself!! We all wish we could do better on about every model we finish. As the builder, we see the mistakes we make, the shortcomings in fit and finish and all the errors. To me it looks like you did a heck of a job on this build. You should be proud!
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