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  1. What an AMAZING collection of Chaparrals!! They are just beautiful!
  2. Very cool old school model. Great job saving it!
  3. Very well done!! Excellent work!!
  4. An absolutely stunning build!! This is almost a work of art. You have outstanding skills. Beautiful work.
  5. Yes, I know I read Hot Rod (book title AND the magazine) growing up. I don't recall reading any other of his other books. One of my favorites (besides Green Ghost) was Dirt Track Summer by William Campbell Gault. Thanks for bringing back some great memories!!
  6. I literally read the cover off that book growing up!! It never crossed my mind to build a model of the car in the book!! You have done a great job with this. LOVE it!
  7. This is a fantastic build! The duct work detail is incredible!! Amazing!!
  8. You did a very nice job on a very old, difficult to build kit. Personally, I love the early 60's Indy roadsters and the mid 60's Indy rear engine cars and the few models there are of them. A very innovative time in history.
  9. Well done! That is a bear kitty of a kit to make look good, and you did a great job!
  10. VERY nice!! This turned out sweet! Hope your grandson enjoys it, but at least you had fun building it!
  11. A beautiful paint job!! Bobby Allison's red/gold paint job was always one of my favorites. You are doing a great job on this project.
  12. For being away for 45 years, you haven't lost anything! Great work on these models. Well done!!
  13. Amazing fabrication skills and detail level on this!! Beautiful work sir!!
  14. Amazing!! LOVE the paint job!! Subtle but very unique!!
  15. I believe, in that era, the chassis was typically body color. For the K & K car I believe the color was called "poppy red".
  16. HOLY COW man! Incredible, beautiful work! Great job!!
  17. You are doing a great job! It looks really good thus far!
  18. Those are probably as close as you are going to get in "major brand" spray can paint. As for the black window support bars, I too tape off the windshield and back glass, but instead of a sharpie I spray semi-gloss black paint. Same idea.
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