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  1. Beautiful job on the Ramchargers!! Great collection of dragsters too!
  2. That is a fantastic save! Period correct and looks outstanding.
  3. MAJOR cool! Really nice work on the interior aluminum and the motor! GREAT job!
  4. Beautifully done! You did a GREAT job!
  5. Beautiful job on this car!! It captures the era perfectly. I fully understand why NASCAR went to the more "modern" style for the Modifieds, but I still love the old ones!!
  6. THAT is a cool build! LOVE the paint job. You did a great job of blending kits and it captures the late 60's/early 70's era so many nostalgia F/C's try to achieve.
  7. That looks good! I know there are historical inaccuracies with this kit (both versions!) but I still think it builds up to a nice looking model, and more importantly you had fun doing it!!
  8. This is certainly one you don't see modeled very often (if EVER)!! You did a fantastic job1
  9. FANTASTIC!! I love the look of this. Well done!
  10. Great progress so far. You have a LOT of patience!! This is going o be fun to watch.
  11. That is GREAT work! Reading was a track that growing up, I always read about and longed to visit, esp. to see the USAC sprint cars and the modifieds. It unfortunately closed before I could get there. Thankfully, I've had the privilege to seer races at Ascot and Manzanita before they closed!
  12. I always like the unique "take" on drag racing of the Tom Daniel cars. I had not seen his one before. Pretty cool!! You did an excellent job of building it!
  13. One of my favorite cars! Beautiful job on this one!
  14. Thank for the kind comment! I assume you are referring to the models! HAHAHAHHAAHA!
  15. Hahahaha! Thank you for the kind comment! Good pun!!
  16. Thank you for the kind comment! That poor original has been through a lot, but it keeps hanging in there!
  17. I followed your WIP on this, and the results are just FANTASTIC! Amazing detail and craftsmanship. Congratulations on a beautiful piece of work!
  18. Obviously, it is your choice, but from a personal standpoint, I thoroughly enjoyed following along with your progress and your explanations of why you did what you did. I DO get the desire to simplify though!
  19. This build turned out FANTASTIC! I followed along with you WIP on this, and I know it gave you fits, but the results are outstanding.
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