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  1. This is the best 1/25th C4 available, it had a totally new chassis/suspension. You could use the body from the regular AMT or MPC Corvette on it.
  2. Just the top of the engine for some reason. Unless they're molding the vents open.
  3. Yay, a new mold AW11 MR2!!! 😎
  4. I remember seeing just one of the real thing years ago. I wonder why they weren't more popular? My favorite is Monogram's '89 Turbo Trans Am.
  5. I hope someone does a new AW11 MR2.?
  6. Airfix 1/32 Triumph TR-4A has a nice little engine.
  7. I got this Hudson Miniatures 1903 Cadillac mostly wooden model with plastic wheels and pipe cleaners to simulate the radiator. From 1950 Also got this Revell kit from the local HobbyTown that never has older kits, so I wonder where they got it from. Anyway, these where supposed to compete with Fujimi's Enthusiasts series overly detailed models. And I got a brand new Sears airbrush (from the 70's I guess) that's really a re-badged Badger 200 for only $8.00 from eBay!
  8. Lane Myer: Gee Johnny, I don’t have a dime. Johnny: Didn’t ask for a dime. 2 dollars.
  9. I got some wheels from him on eBay. It took him 3 weeks to ship for some reason, but they look great.
  10. They were thinking the metric system would catch on in the USA.
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