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  1. Rick_H added a post in a topic finding car photos   

    Doesn't seem to me to be too much more help for this specific car, but in general, keep in mind the jayski site at http://www.jayski.com/. Scroll down to "Paint Schemes" and select the year you're interested in.
    Good luck,
  2. Rick_H added a post in a topic Honey Frosted Mini Wheats   

  3. Rick_H added a post in a topic Danica   

    Looks good.

    Where do the decals come from? And were there any mods required to represent an ARCA car?
  4. Rick_H added a post in a topic Delta '88's   

    Late to the party, but here is my contribution. I believe it is 1986 Busch GN race at Daytona. It was an ancient J&J decal when I built the kit in the mid 90's. The white decals are doubled.

  5. Rick_H added a post in a topic Injected A/FD   

    Looks great!
  6. Rick_H added a post in a topic Kenny Schrader   

    First time I've ever seen those Blue Ridge AC-DELCO decals used. Don't know if I've ever seen a photo of that car before.

    Looks like you used an AMT kit for that one? How did the decals fit? Was it a black interior too?

    It looks like the Kodiak car was a Monogram car.

    They look great.

    Thanks for showing,
  7. Rick_H added a post in a topic A Racing Buick .........   

    Love that. I'm not normally a fan of that genre, but it is inspiring. Thanks!
  8. Rick_H added a post in a topic After readin a "bash" of ERTL (AMT) kits on another board I had to come to "my" company's defense.   

    I'd like to return a few beans onto this gameboard -
    Floridaboy: I agree that those AMT kits from the late '50s/ early '60s were pretty accurate. In our heads! They identified the features that mattered, and they hit them on the nose. The overall length or height might have been wrong, but the fins or the distinctive fenders looked right to us. And as the years rolled on, our eyes grew more sophisticated, and the accuracy got poorer, sort of like our parents getting dumber as we got into junior high, and then high school. Later I grew to recognizing fine distinctions between the Ford Mk II at Sebring in 1966 and at Le Mans in 1966 and found Fujimi (and Revell reboxing) to come up short.

    I was on that original thread with Luke'57 on that other forum where the person questioned the quality difference between old AMT and new Revell. And after I summarized the identification points of those beloved old AMT 3in1 kits... the screws holding the chassis, the shallow interior tub with the plastic washer thingies, the hood clips, and the metal axles, frequently going through the engine block, I forgot to mention the typical "lowering block" feature, with the multiple holes to set the ride height or attitude. And then just to show what an absolutely foreign concept that was, somebody came back and asked "did that mean that the '65 El Camino was front wheel drive?"
    And that was when it really sunk in for me - what a different culture we had been living with in those days. You hardly ever had a problem with getting all four wheels to touch the ground then, did you? That didn't start until the Revell kits with fiddly front ends with individual kingposts and tierods. Or the really fancy AMT Trophy Series cars.

    So here's a toast to the good old days of hood clips and steel front axles, going right through the engine block on a rear wheel drive car. And lots and lots of annual 3in1 cars every year.

    It ain't love, but it ain't bad.
    Rick Heinbaugh
  9. Rick_H added a post in a topic Drag Racing Build Off   

    Please, sir. I'd like to join, but I'm not ready to begin yet. Please? I'm pretty sure I can finish within the time limit.
    I have to wrap up another project before I can start this. (Gosh, I don't even have an avatar in place yet)