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  1. gbritnell added a post in a topic 1st Drawing In Years!   

    Hey Jody, I think you forgot to post the link to the picture.
  2. gbritnell added a post in a topic 1/48 Revell Pickup Truck   

    Thanks for looking and commenting. I don't have a shot with a quarter but I have one with it next to a 1/25 Ford pickup for a size comparison.

  3. gbritnell added a topic in Under Glass   

    1/48 Revell Pickup Truck
    Awhile back I posted a thread on the conversion work I did on one of the old Revell 1/48 pickup trucks. Here's another one that I did. This one has the frame area modified with the cast in exhaust removed, a new driveshaft made, the engine compartment modified and firewall filled. I cut the rear wheel/tires in half and added a filler piece to widen them. The centers were machined out and aluminum baby moons and beauty rings were machined and polished. The fronts were then turned a little and a new tie rod was made. I cut the passenger door open and added door panels and interior detail. A buck was made for the windshield and a windshield was made out of sheet plastic along with the side and rear windows. The original never had any. I discarded the original basic Y block engine and made a new 302 Ford for it. The air filter was turned out of aluminum and polished. A complete dual exhaust was made. In the rear end a bumper was made and a duplicate tail light created. The finish is Boyd's blue with Bare Metal foil added for all the shiny parts. The wood strips in the bed were masked and hand painted with an added wood grain texture.

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  4. gbritnell added a topic in Auto Art   

    55 Chevy
    This was done from a reference picture I took at the local Saturday night car show. Usually you can't get a car by itself so when I saw this Chevy and all the reflections on it I took several shots hoping to get something to use for a picture. I cleaned up all the clutter and ended up with this. It's about 12x14 done on white Stonehenge paper with Prismacolor pencils. I have about 40 hours in it.

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  5. gbritnell added a post in a topic Mustang Ii Pro Stock   

    Great looking build. Excellent engine detail. You don't see many of these Mustang II's built into anything, stock or otherwise. How does the resin body compare to the production kit?
  6. gbritnell added a post in a topic Complete: Nicky Hayden's 2006 Repsol Ride..   

    You gotta be kidding me right! That's the real bike not a model. Outstanding work. Excellent job on the exhaust and well everything. Love those Tamiya motorcycle kits.
  7. gbritnell added a post in a topic 2 1940 Ford's..   

    What a great set of fire and safety vehicles. The finish and detail is great. Who makes the fire truck model?
  8. gbritnell added a topic in Auto Art   

    Packards On Display
    Here's another one of my classics. I took a pair of Packards and added them to a picture of a bed and breakfast my brother-in-law owned in Georgia. I wanted to keep the feel of the cars and the background the same. This is another colored pencil work about 13x17 inches.

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  9. gbritnell added a post in a topic New On Here   

    Looks good so far. I like anything from that era being as I was racing at that time. You say you are using the Belair as a starting point. Is the roof off of a 63 Impala?
  10. gbritnell added a post in a topic What's Everyone Profession,etc..job,   

    I retired the first of July after 38 years as a metal patternmaker for the Ford Motor Company. I spent the final 12 years as a computer solid modeler and cutter path creator for our pattern shop. We made and maintained all the pattern and corebox equipment for the iron foundry in Cleveland, Ohio.
  11. gbritnell added a post in a topic 36 Chevy   

    Excellent build James. It's nice to see something different. What kind of engine did you use?
  12. gbritnell added a post in a topic 49 Mercury D Gasser   

    Thanks guys for the nice comments. I'm an old timer (63) so I grew up in a time when most of the drag racing machines were made from stock cars, except the factory stuff, so cars like this and almost anything that you wanted to hop up from Chevys to Packards was fair game. I still enjoy drag racing but I have to admit I get tired of seeing Camaros or Chevelles in every class.
  13. gbritnell added a topic in Auto Art   

    Whizzer Motorbike
    Here's something a little different from my normal colored pencil work. This is an airbrush piece using Createx acrylic paints. Some of the detail work is picked out by hand with brush and acrylic. The finished size is about 14x20 inches.

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  14. gbritnell added a post in a topic Mural On A 1:1 Kawasaki   

    That's some outstanding work Jeff. What brand of brush and paints do you use? The last airbrush work I did on a bike was my buddy's Harley. Nothing fancy just his own idea for a tank logo. I use Createx Auto Air colors for that.
  15. gbritnell added a topic in Under Glass   

    Revell 1/48 Pickup Truck (repop)
    Here's one of the Revell 1/48 pickup trucks done to today's standards. The original kit which was issued in the late 50's or early 60's was a basic kit to say the least, snap on wheels, no window glass and a pan type undercarriage. I still had the one that I built from that era but is was pretty crude. When they reissued it a number of years ago I bought a couple of them and figured I would do a build with some impovements. With this one I wanted to build a mean street machine. I started by cutting out the center of the wheels and building my own Cragars. I turned the plastic rod with a taper and then filed one side flat and glued them to the center section. Once the spokes were assembled I mounted them to a fixture to get each spoke the same length and then glued them to the wheel/tire. The rear tires/wheels were split in half and a piece was added to give some extra width. The wheels were finished with Alclad chrome. The front axle was dropped and new steering arms and tie rod were built. I threw out the stock rear axle and fabricated my own 9", copying the 1/25 piece from a NASCAR model. This is tied to the frame with a 4 link setup. A completely new dual exhaust was built along with the driveshaft. Now for an engine. The tiny representation of a 'Y' block had to go. What to build? How about a SOHC engine? Now you have to keep things in perspective. This engine is only a little larger than a dime. I took my son's large scale cammer engine and scaled it all down and built it from plastic stock. The round bits were turned on my lathe and the basic block was a glue up and then milled on my milling machine. I tried to get as much detail in it without going blind. Now on to the interior. I cut the bench seat in half and made 2 buckets. I added a console with gauges and shifter and although the dash is quite simple I added a radio and detail painted it some. For the body I built a new firewall and added to the inner fenders to get a nicer fit. I also crafted a wood buck to shape a piece of clear plastic for the windshield as the original kit never had windows. It's painted with Testors candy apple red with Testors silver for the fenders and bed cover. The trim and emblems were finished with BMF and then a little paint in the middle of the emblems. I am posting several pictures and the link to my Photobucket account so you can look at the complete build if you like.

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