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  1. Glen added a post in a topic just fineshed   

    looks good i love the lowered minis
  2. Glen added a post in a topic Suggestions Needed:Paint scheme and engine for this kit.TIA   

    i would say a pro-street ross gibson motor. And the black on black with the black wheels sounds mean.
  3. Glen added a post in a topic A Few from the Noob....   

    Nice work, I noticed on my general lee build the hood did not line up right and it looks like yuors is kinda the same.
  4. Glen added a post in a topic Monte Carlo pics   

    you can also try the website www.cardomain.com and they have tons of pics of just about anything you want to see. hope this helps.
  5. Glen added a post in a topic A plethora of 69 Camaro's (not dial-up friendly)   

    hey Jason they all look good. I noticed that you tend to favor the non flip around headlights and the side pipes. good work and keep them coming.
  6. Glen added a post in a topic 4X4 suspension for Revell Silverado   

    i scratch buillt my suspension with square styrene tubing and and the IFS axle from the revelle escalade kit. it looks good and it fits 1:25 scale 37" swampers under it. hope this helps a little.
  7. Glen added a post in a topic Ford Focus Tuner   

    I just finished that kit myself and it went together nicely. I just did a curb side build and had it done in two days.
  8. Glen added a post in a topic New Guy   

    it is under the link on the left that says toyota. it is in there amongnst the cars. that is the modelexpress site.
  9. Glen added a post in a topic New Guy   

    you can get that kit at www.modelexpress.ca and some others like it. i have bought some stuff from them and it has showed up in good time and they are from castlegar B.C. in canada. they do credit cards and money orders so it is pretty easy to order stuff. Also i bought a mid 80's to early ninties S-10 beach custom from zellers a couple years back and it was a good kit so it is here in canada somewhere.
  10. Glen added a post in a topic Denny Hamlin, Fedex Express   

    looks good!
  11. Glen added a post in a topic McDonald's Ford Focus   

    looks good but why does it say Corolla on the front window?
  12. Glen added a post in a topic my camaro project updated 11/20   

    coll paint! how did you do it?
  13. Glen added a post in a topic Deleted   

    Dude i have a couple things to say but I think that I am not allowed to use that kind of language in the forum! let's start with Holy $#!+ and so on...
  14. Glen added a post in a topic '06 Mustang Tuner   

    that looks awesome! good job!
  15. Glen added a topic in General   

    transfer cases
    i am looking for a place to get transfer cases for some trucks i am building and maybe a rock buggy. Does any one know where i can find some of these with out kit bashing something?
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