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  1. Really nice models and neat display. Welcome to the forum.
  2. bbowser

    48 Lincoln

    I've done the same thing. Nice work on that Lincoln, what color did you use?
  3. Beautiful! Love the vinyl top and red lines, great foil work.
  4. Great lineup! I've always had a soft spot for Impalas, built all the kits I could find from '59 to '70 (no '68 or '69).
  5. Great group, love this era!
  6. Love that Olds, my grandpa had one. Loved that car. Great models.
  7. Great looking car! When Ford changed the shape of NASCAR, from boxy to slippery.
  8. That's a beauty! Little to no bleed through on the white that usually afflicts these builds. Looks like win # 200.
  9. One more for the strictly stock gang, one of the first I did when I got back into the hobby probably 30 years ago.
  10. I think the tobacco sponsorship was a problem. I did mine with aftermarket decals.
  11. I am already a subscriber to FSM, now every 2 months I get 2 copies! I suppose that is how they intend to honor the remainder of the SA subscription
  12. I have to agree, completely ridiculous.
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