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  1. All of the above, love to see a stock build.
  2. Great idea for a diorama/backdrop. I really love your choice of subjects, especially the rails!
  3. My only Lemans car to date, plan for a few more. Audi R10 TDi - 2006 overall winner.
  4. Beautiful car and replica! Those Johan kits were ahead of their time.
  5. I would look for the Arii '58 Cadillac for a first time project. One piece body, low parts count. They're a bit pricey on ebay but I think I've seen both a hardtop and convertible.
  6. Looks great! I have this one on the bench right now, any pitfalls to watch for?
  7. That is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.
  8. The '67 is my favorite body style, excellent work on the foil and taillights. Well done.
  9. Great job. I love seeing the older stuff being built.
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