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  1. Very cool! Those tires really make the difference.
  2. That's sharp! Great photos too, thanks for sharing.
  3. Mr. Excitement, nicely done.
  4. bbowser

    1980 Olds

    Thanks for all the complements! John, I cut out the stripe decals and traced them onto masking tape then applied to the body. I painted the black first.
  5. bbowser

    1980 Olds

    I guess we got spoiled with the Monogram kits back in the 90s and the Moebius kits more recently. I truly hope Salvinos can make a go of it, I really like the subject matter.
  6. bbowser

    1980 Olds

    Bench time has been at a premium this summer, too much to do outside. Started this one back in the spring, just finished. I'm a little disappointed in the Salvinos JR kit, goes together a lot like the Polar Lights kits I.E. a lot of fit issues. The hood was warped on mine so I just glued it shut and eliminated a lot of the parts underneath, fodder for a future project. The decals from Cartograph however were outstanding. All in all I'm not unhappy with how it came out, looks good on the shelf. Comments welcome, thanks for looking.
  7. What a beauty! Wouldn't have noticed any flaws if you hadn't pointed them out
  8. I love seeing a stock build, well done!
  9. I agree. Nice, neat, clean work on an iconic "sports" car from the era. Beautifully done.
  10. My favorite Mark Martin livery, glad SHR brought it back. Nice work.
  11. Amazing work on the interior. I'll bet those decals weren't easy, looks great.
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