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  1. Very cool! I built that one too, had the New Hampshire connection!
  2. Thanks for the replies. I'll look for those pens. I used to love the Shabo transfers for Nascar tires but they apparently are no longer available.
  3. Looking for tips on the best way to letter racing tires with raised lettering. I know about using acrylic not enamel paint. I'm working on an AMT Indycar and need to letter both sides of the tires. Thanks in advance.
  4. I love this! Really nice work and attention to historical accuracy. Thanks for sharing.
  5. What a great site! Thanks. Never knew there was a Tucker stock car.
  6. Looks great from here! Would it be the same colors as the Allison Coke sponsored Monte Carlo of the same era?
  7. The definition of horseless carriage. Well done.
  8. Not seeing all the pics? What I do see looks great.
  9. Amazing work on them both! I can't imagine the torque on John's bike.
  10. Wow! Those decals could not have been easy. Especially 1/43.
  11. Very clean work, looks great! What kit did you start with?
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