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  1. Very nice. Those decals must have been a bear, well done!
  2. Great job! I've built this kit and it is not easy to get everything lined up. Always glad to see an open wheel car on here.
  3. YouTube has many races. You can watch them on your big screen if it's a smart tv!
  4. I like Buy it Now both as a buyer and seller and I usually add Make an offer as a seller. You can set a rock bottom price on the offer option and put a higher price on Buy it Now, someone might bite on the high side or think they got a deal with a low offer.
  5. Watched the NASCAR race today and the Indycar from yesterday. Pretty entertaining in place of the real thing. It has gotten way more realistic from the Grand Turismo days!
  6. Me either, but then again they're not aimed at me!
  7. Clarinet in middle and high school (because my mom had one!), baritone sax in dance band, bass drum in marching band, guitar, mandolin, and banjo as interest in bluegrass took hold. Not great on any of them but many fond memories of jam sessions and a few public appearances. I think band is what kept me in school long enough to graduate.
  8. Agreed. Great that you can relive being with your dad and hopefully can pass along something to your son. Stay safe.
  9. Very nicely done! Clean paint and foil work. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Great model! A bit different from your usual Cup car or import sedan.
  11. I learned to drive in mom's red '64, buckets with auto on the console, even parallel parked it. I've got a glue bomb to replicate it, watching with great interest.
  12. Nice! Always happy to see open-wheel racers.
  13. Very well done. Jim Hall was definitely ahead of his time with aero tricks!
  14. Very nicely done, the interior and trunk tool kit are very impressive! Love the dio setting too.
  15. Beautiful job! Many folks are unaware of the convertible division back then. It's my understanding that many cars had the roof adapted to bolt on so the same car could run both divisions.
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