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  1. This is outstanding! Really nice work.
  2. I never tire of seeing these kits being built,great job!
  3. I agree totally! I've gone from strictly NASCAR to strictly stock,lately brass and classics. I enjoy the research and don't obsess about what's under the hood.
  4. That engine by is outstanding!
  5. bbowser

    300 SLR

    Very nice, first time I've seen this kit built. Did those wire wheels come in the kit? They look pretty good.
  6. Nicely done! I love that tractor and the truck is very convincing.
  7. Pretty cool in a weird way!
  8. Very nice, crisp and clean. Well done!
  9. Very nicely done!
  10. I love seeing the lesser known cars modelled. Great work!
  11. I agree. Beautiful model.
  12. Beautiful! Lucky for the Allies that it was developed too late to save the Reich. Had they got it sorted out it would have been tough on the Mustangs.
  13. Looks good, great job on the paint fades.
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