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  1. Very cool! Great work. You've done what the 1:1 guys do, put together parts to make an awesome race car.
  2. LOL! I like the scooter though.
  3. Very nicely done! Way more of these on the road than coupe devilles.
  4. Finished this up today, second of these kits I've built, probably the last. Very fiddly construction, not many positive attachment points, vague instructions. For bikes I think I'll go with a bit larger scales from now on. Comments welcome, thanks for looking.
  5. Very cool! I love these replicas from the dawn of aviation.
  6. The walls look very realistic, well done. I love all the little details, especially that bench grinder.
  7. That is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Great work on the decals, those couldn't have been easy!
  9. Very well done! I too like this livery, saw a show car in person at a car show put on by the local camera store back in the '90s.
  10. Very well done! Impressive use of the new technology.
  11. bbowser

    Remington T-Bird

    Looks great!
  12. That's very nice. My mom's car was a red '64, loved it!
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