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  1. All of the above and great photography as well!
  2. Tamiya TS-49. Stuff is pricey but works well.
  3. Just finished this Revell kit, I enjoyed it very much. I admit I'm a masochist in that I enjoy decaling and this car has a lot of them! Curbside, low parts count, I see more of these on my bench in the near future. Comments welcome, thanks for looking.
  4. Those old Pontiacs made good looking race cars, nicely done.
  5. I would like to give a shout out to FSM. I was already a subscriber to FSM and Scale Auto. When Scale Auto went down they converted to FSM and I started getting duplicate issues. An email to their customer service department quickly resolved the issue and they extended my sub to FSM as well. The last couple of issues have had some car oriented stories and interesting stories on new paints as well. I'm not big on figures or spaceships but there are many tips on weathering and metal finishing that are quite interesting. I'm expecting the car content to increase over time and I'm happy to have a print mag in my hands.
  6. Wow! The engine and interior detailing are top notch, very well done.
  7. Agreed, very well done. Always like to see more open wheel cars on here.
  8. I think1967 was the best looking Impala and yours captures the look perfectly. Well done!
  9. This was going along fine until I tried to paint purple over the white, incompatible wrinkling ensued. So I sanded, resprayed the white and went with the decal sheet. After screwing up those up on the wing and rear body, I decided to do a fictional pre-race test car and ended up with this. Oh yeah, the tire transfers were old and wouldn't stick even a little. At least its off the bench. Hasagawa curbside kit. Comments welcome, thanks for looking.
  10. I have this on the bench right now, what kind of issues did you have? Yours looks great!
  11. Very nice! Unusual to see a Brit sports car with Cragars.
  12. That's a beauty, gentleman's hot rod!
  13. Great to see one built stock, nice work!
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