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  1. Really nice! I especially like the grab handle for the back seat passengers and the wheel/tire combo.
  2. I think the '67 was the best looking GTO, your build proves it! Nice work.
  3. I agree with this, as well as the fact that today's offerings just don't drive the passion the way cars have in the past. For the most part today's cars are appliances, generating as much excitement as a dishwasher.
  4. Great job on the interior, neat clean paint and foil work. I love it!
  5. bbowser


    Really well done!
  6. Beautiful paint work and great photography!
  7. Very convincing job on the weathering! I had one that looked a lot like that
  8. Outstanding detailing under the hood of the Superbee, great weathering on the other 2!
  9. That's a beauty, well done!
  10. If it was me, i would make it curbside and only gouge out enough of the underside to have it sit right. To me stock cars are all about the livery. Doesn't look bad from the outside.
  11. I love this one ☝! Very tasteful mods without going over the top. Well done.
  12. Coming along nicely. Where are you going to source decals?
  13. Outstanding build! I really like the stretchers and the canvas top.
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