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  1. Great save, really well done paint and foil work.
  2. I find that the best way to remove residue is to use the same type tape and stick/unstick until the residue is gone. It likes to stick to itself better than the paint surface.
  3. I love seeing a stock version, great color.
  4. Outstanding! I really think this is the future of the hobby.
  5. Looking for this kit, 07074 or 07075, 1/24 thanks
  6. I used to watch religiously, not sure why? Fascination with the marionettes I think. What was the other one that had spaceships?
  7. Outstanding model! Back in the day when the factories were still involved. I love that a privateer could show up and take on the big boys.
  8. Wow, is the interior lined with orange shag carpeting 😎? This takes me back a few decades! Well done.
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