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  1. That looks great! Might consider some grass growing in the cracks, I have to weed my paved driveway at least once a year!
  2. I too have never seen this. Reminiscent of the batwing Alfa Romeos, but the 8-lug wheels look a little out of place to me. Otherwise very cool.
  3. Nice work cleaning up the funnels. Almost every kit from every manufacturer molds these type parts the same way, its maddening. I wonder why?
  4. That's a beauty! Well worth the time you put in.
  5. Great paint, foil, and decal work! Thanks for showing this.
  6. Missing in mine, no mention in the directions. Directions call out " PMS Reflex Blue"?
  7. Gorgeous! Your builds never disappoint.
  8. Just got this kit, looks very entertaining. However, they give you white panel decals and the blue plastic doesn't look quite right to me. I plan on painting the white, anyone have suggestions for a close blue?
  9. Another for a 2022 NASCAR from SalvinosJR. My wife's favorite driver so she was easy to persuade. Happy for the next gen car and to support a domestic manufacturer. This looks way more detailed than the old Monogram kits.
  10. Nice! I like that MPC was a sponsor back in the day.
  11. Hands down, Sgt Pepper. Changed pop music forever.
  12. All these great Jag's showing up at the same time! Well done, and I really like your dio background.
  13. Wow! I gotta get one of these. Great work on the interior and paint.
  14. Beautiful job! Between this one and Mario's I feel the need to put one of these on the shelf. I think I will go for the roadster.
  15. Yes, ICM is in Ukraine. I think they mostly deal with WWII aircraft and armor but recently came out with several Model T variations and a couple of 1/24 Admiral Opels. I'm afraid you're right we won't see them again for quite some time. Thanks to everyone for all the nice comments. It was a nice little quick build.
  16. Great paint! Were these imported, I don't recall ever seeing one?
  17. Finished up today. Built this like I thought an entrant for The Race of Gentlemen would look. Used the excellent ICM kit and left off everything that didn't make it go faster. I painted the white tires but it really doesn't want to stick to the vinyl, I figure a race car would not have original tires. Comments welcome and thanks for looking.
  18. With the right background this would be indistinguishable from 1:1. Outstanding replica!
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