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  1. Many thanks for all the nice comments!
  2. That's very nice! You may have convinced me to get one of these.
  3. I respectfully disagree. I have no problem with independent rears or composite bodies, but I think the move to a single lug nut is a mistake. The action in the pits is a big part of the overall team strategy. Where is there a car sold with a single lug nut?
  4. I love an Impala with Rallye wheels. Nice work!
  5. Love those '60s Pontiacs! Well done.
  6. Very nice! I have been looking for one of those Alpines, I think they look very cool. Is that the only season they ran?
  7. Nice work. I especially like the wheel/tire detailing.
  8. Well done! We need more '40s cars from all makes.
  9. Neat idea! I've got a toolbox full of specialty tools for 1:1, time to start collecting / making them for scale work.
  10. AMT kit, went together well. I couldn't get all the hoses and air cleaner to fit under the hood so I just left them off, no one looks under there on the shelf anyway. Comments welcome, thanks for looking.
  11. Amazing work! Where do you source all the different figures?
  12. That's a beauty! Thanks for sharing.
  13. Thanks Lee, worked like a charm! I inadvertently coated the wrong side of some tail light lenses and 91% took it right off. I'm guessing that wouldn't be a good plan if you had paint beneath you wished to save.
  14. Title says it all, what will remove it? Thanks
  15. Very nice! Great photos.
  16. Very cool! Flat red looks much better than I would have thought.
  17. AMT-Ertl kit I enjoyed this build. Not a curbside but not too many fussy parts. I did glue the front body parts together to remove the seam which made some things a little more difficult but all in all I think it looks good on the shelf. For the back story: Danny Ongais crashed a Penske PC-16 during practice putting them both out of commission for the race. This '86 March was on display in a shopping mall in Pennsylvania without an engine. Penske fitted a Cosworth engine and turned to Al Unser Sr to drive, he qualified 20th. After dominating practice, qualifying, and most of the race, leader Mario Andretti slowed with mechanical problems with 23 laps to go. Al took the lead 5 laps later and won his record-tying 4th Indy 500. Comments welcome, thanks for looking.
  18. I miss George. I think he would have a field day in today's world of political correctness!
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