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  1. I finally finished this one, fought me every step of the way. Came in a Testors box but obviously a reboxed Heller kit with all that implies. The hardest part was the rear engine/suspension and the headers-20 pieces alone. Very detailed and true to scale, thus very delicate! Picked up the livery from Indycals as I wanted to do a Ferrari in other than red. Anyways, thanks for looking, comments always welcome.
  2. Very impressive work! Thanks for sharing, I could look at this all day.
  3. Very cool! I like the added sheetmetal on the back windows and opening the vents on the hood.
  4. Nice work! That is NOT an easy kit to get together, ask me how I know. Color looks just right, good job on the decals.
  5. Very cool! My dad's first car was a '49, never had another Ford.
  6. Fun is what its about! They look great.
  7. That is gorgeous! My favorite year
  8. Didn't know that existed, thanks!
  9. Beautiful paint and foil work as we've come to expect from your bench! Is this the AMT kit?
  10. Very cool! Great paint and decal work.
  11. Buddy of mine had one of those in high school he painted with a brush, looked great! Nice model.
  12. Nice early modified, well done!
  13. Blasphemy! I like it 😎
  14. Love these '30s big classics, great save of the glue bomb.
  15. Extremely well done! Nice to see one other than red. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Great job! That's as good as that kit can look, well done.
  17. Know what you mean about smooth trim. Yours all look great, that Pontiac is to die for!
  18. Yup, out of the box. Lots of room for added detailing if you're inclined.
  19. Looks great! I like the white as something different.
  20. Glad you preserved, those Heller kits are not easy! Thanks for sharing.
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