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  1. roncomatic added a post in a topic OK Revell, you wowed us with the 32 Ford.....   

    I'd also like to see a nice 33/34 Ford 3 window coupe from RM (assuming somebody from RM bothers to check the forums) and I also wouldn't mind seeing any of the other old iron suggestions either. A low to mid thirties Chevy would be really nice. RM, you build it, I'll buy it.

  2. roncomatic added a post in a topic Bad Boy Corvette   

    I concur with everyone else. You've done a great job. The paint and decals look superb.

    I've got a couple of these Vettes waiting to be built but I'm seriously sweating the decals. And they're not nearly as involved as your build.

  3. roncomatic added a post in a topic Good Aluminum paint?   

    I'd like to add my voice to those suggesting Tamiya's XF-16 "Flat Aluminum" paint. I use it all the time now and it goes on smooth as silk. The trick that's helped me the most with it is to thin it about 40% with Tamiya's X20A thinner. I've tried other thinners but nothing seems to work as well as Tamiya's. I've been told that they add a retarder to their thinner to slow the drying time. Otherwise it drys way too fast.

    If XF-16 is too light for your tastes you can add a little XF-56 "Metallic Gray" to it. I use a mix of this (added to XF-16) for aluminum intake manifolds and add a bit more to replicate steel. Again, the key is to be sure to thin it properly. I usually mix my colors before adding the X20A thinner.

    The best part of using this stuff is cleanup. Usually soap and water... and sometimes a little Windex is all it takes.

    This won't take the place of Alcad for big jobs but when you need a small amount this stuff works pretty well.

  4. roncomatic added a post in a topic 1934 Ford 3 Window Street Rod   

    Nice build Peter,

    I especially like the way you modified the hood to open. I have one of these kits on the bench now and have been toying around with different ideas for the hood. Your build has given me some new things to check out.

  5. roncomatic added a post in a topic Revell Discontinuing NASCAR Model Kits   

    I read something today about Grand Am being under the NASCAR banner now... or are you referring to some other Grand Am series? I confess that I'm not that familiar with this series. However, if it is the same series you have my condolences.

  6. roncomatic added a post in a topic '06 DALE Jr MC at Big Lots-$5   

    Thanks for the heads up, Gary. I dropped by a nearby Big Lots and bought every (I think) Dale Jr kit they had. I only found four.

  7. roncomatic added a post in a topic Revell Discontinuing NASCAR Model Kits   

    I'm a NASCAR fan... have been since the fifties. I'm not a bit surprised by the Revell announcement. And, while it saddens me to see them do it, I can't really blame them at all. As many others have pointed out, NASCAR ain't what it used to be. These days, when you buy a ticket to a NASCAR race you 'agree' that any photos you take belong to them. Any 'content' ... (descriptions, accounts of this game...etc.) are theirs. Of course, I don't know of any case where NASCAR has busted anyone for using an image taken at an event but it's probably happened. You also give NASCAR the right to use your 'likeness' in any manor they see fit and waive all rights to same. No libel claims against NASCAR... no matter what they do with your picture. They could make porn with it and you have no recourse.

    Notice something there? It's all about them... it's all theirs. Nothing belongs to the lowly fan. Not even his or her own likeness.

    The thing that gets me about the licensing deal is that each and every car is a rolling billboard. If you build a model of it, THAT also becomes a billboard for the same stuff. Goodyear wants extra bucks from Revell for the right to advertise Goodyear products. Frigging amazing!

    We usually go to one race each year... been doing it for a long time and have had the same seats forever. We're seriously considering letting NASCAR sell those seats to someone else next year. Never mind the economy. The racing often sucks... and with the COT it's often impossible for me to pick out my favorite. All the cars look the same.

    Maybe, Dale Jr. will dig up some more 'Back in the Day' tapes. If you're never seen a mid sixties or seventies NASCAR Grand National stocker dirt tracking around Darlington you haven't lived.

  8. roncomatic added a post in a topic 69 chevy camaro   

    I agree with everyone else. Your Camaro looks fantastic! A very clean build.

    Welcome to the forum!

  9. roncomatic added a post in a topic NASCAR   

    Yeah, I believe the Glen is this weekend. Unless NASCAR get's cold feet over last weekend!

    From what I'm reading... some of the big wigs in Detroit want to add a few more road courses to the Sprint Cup mix as early as 2010. There's a story on the That's Racin' web site about some changes that Detroit might be wanting to make in NASCAR. It's an interesting read.

  10. roncomatic added a post in a topic NASCAR   

    I agree that this was a pretty cool race. It's too bad that the course didn't adequate drainage. As it was parts of the track flooded which is what actually caused the race to be called. As someone else commented, there were more accidents under caution than there were under the green flag.

    It was also pretty amazing that the tires did as well as they did considering their age. From what I understand they were at least seven years old. Also, the teams only had a few minutes to switch from slicks to rain tires, install wipers and install tail lights. NASCAR then, for some strange reason, took their sweet time getting the cars back out... hoping for the rain to quit I guess.

    I'm not sure if they (NASCAR) will do this again though. At least not anytime soon. I think they found out that you really need more than just rain tires and wipers to compete in the rain. That shot of Carl Edwards (I believe) trying to clean his windshield was hilarious. I guess we'll see this weekend at the Glen.

  11. roncomatic added a post in a topic Jada Bigtime Muscle Corvette Z06 *pic Intensive*   

    Thanks for the review, Chris.

    I came close to getting one of these things at Michaels the other night. Seems they've replaced most of the AMT kits that were on clearance with a bunch of these Jada Bigtime kits. The box art on all these kits was pretty nice although the wheels and tires do seem a bit out of scale. Guess you really can't tell a book by it's cover. I still may pick one up the next time I have a spare 40 or 50% off coupon.

  12. roncomatic added a post in a topic WOOHOOO!!!! Danica Patrick   

    I was really happy to see Danica finally win. She has a lot of talent behind the wheel and is as deserving as anyone out there. Way to go, Danica!

  13. roncomatic added a post in a topic WOOHOOO!!!! Danica Patrick   

    I was really happy to see Danica finally win. She has a lot of talent behind the wheel and is as deserving as anyone out there. Way to go, Danica!

  14. roncomatic added a post in a topic What To Use For Primer Under Testors Enamels??   

    Air Brushing has a bit of a learning curve. That's for sure. However, with the help of folks like yourself and Bob, I'm slowly figuring it out. Unfortunately, for the time being at least, I have to do all my painting outside and it's been way too windy here south Florida to work.

    Thanks again,

  15. roncomatic added a post in a topic What To Use For Primer Under Testors Enamels??   

    Please excuse the delay in replying. I just haven't had the time.

    This is pretty much what I was looking for. I know that experimentation is the key. I just wanted a starting point.

    Thanks again, I appreciate it.