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  1. Used the tires from the Revell 59 Impala , they was a bit larger and filled those huge wheel wells Chris
  2. LOL sure is known as Twilight Pink for 1960 Lincoln ,interior is not factory color but something in my ees works well with the exterior color.
  3. She was in need of help when it was found but after some TLC and breaking away from tradition this is what I ended up with , Im pretty happy with the out come.
  4. Wow very nicely done !!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Good save on a real classic
  6. Another beautiful build out of your stable Randy
  7. Great save , you won one this one buddy
  8. Beautifully done , don't get any better than this Randy
  9. Looks good Bill , colors work good together
  10. Decals can be got from Keith Marks but not sure he has them in white , got mine from this NASCAR kit and the wheels think are also in this kit but they are same as the originals Ben
  11. Finally was able to get some outside shot , and thanks again for all you kind words
  12. He is smiling down on you , his work looks top notch
  13. Yes, had to remove a small area from the center of the chassis vs just moving the rear springs forward , did a good bit of modifying to make it all come together. Used the aprons chassis and power train among many smaller parts. It added a little more to the car over all and made it a bit better than the original ......... Thanks to everyone for all you kind words
  14. LOL No it isnt JoHan but I have a large number of them sitting about
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