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  1. LOL No it isnt JoHan but I have a large number of them sitting about
  2. Kevin Lutz at Missing Link does a very nice resin cast and the decal can be had from Keith Marks
  3. No , started with a partial original MPC Cyclone spoiler that had been built but never painted, it was missing several parts but was able to locate everything. The front bumper and front seats are resin cast by Kevin Lutz / Missing Link . Also used his resin dash with the sport package gauges
  4. Just finished it today , use a partial original MPC kit as a starting point, bashed a 1970 Torino GT for some extras. Always wanted to do one of these in grabber blue and makes me wanna do a couple more now. It was raining today wanted some outside shots but it isn't happening
  5. 59-Desoto

    '62 Vette

    Wow very nicely done, wheels really add to its over all looks
  6. Looks fantastic, had a friend that also had a twin to it. You hit the nail on the head.
  7. Thanks , always had a soft spot for the larger GM line of cars
  8. Well done, I find a lot of satisfaction in saving these old jewels. Yours is close to the same color combo as a 59 I did few years ago.
  9. Perfect combination , looks just right to me
  10. Beautifully done Randy , this Olds rocks
  11. Very nicely done and a rare and hard to find kit, would be proud to have it setting on my shelf
  12. Thank you all for your kind works, much appreciated
  13. Got another one coming Richard and yes I do agree
  14. Been a off and on WIP for a year or more. Found it on E Bay a few months ago, use a ModelHaus WS frame and tires and wheels , also sent all the bumpers away for chroming . A fair amount of body work was gome . Over all came out not to bad. Got some minor detailing to do but overall it's finished Hope you guys approve
  15. WOW, yes thats like the one a few more weeks away from the bench , Your is looking amazing
  16. Yes indeed Ron , they would be a perfect pair side by side. Going to do a 66 4dr convertible later this summer , I got to send the chrome off and it will be ready to start on. At the moment I have 8 others on the bench under going restoring. Posted one in the on the bench threads .... http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/123578-1958-bonneville-convertible-with-a-50ies-look/
  17. Thanks for all your kind words , :Bill Geary Jr cant wait to see your's.
  18. Very well done, agree with the others you nailed it buddy
  19. You are very correct Ron it is a 61 and not a 62, thanks I make the correction, love to see your Sedan BTW
  20. Not sure what there is to say , just one more old vintage kit I was able to give a new life to , all the chrome was redone painted in black lacquer water sanded and rubbed out, interior was flocked and printed in a semi flat white.and woodgrain was added Laid in a box for six years or more before ever digging it out. It was almost scrapped for parts at one point. Hope it meets with your approval
  21. Still waiting on my last order that was placed June 18th of last year, looking for it anytime I hope , sure gonna be a sad day.
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