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  1. had some paint left over from nsx and this is the result
  2. just one use tamiya paints or the colors will be off
  3. no fitment issues lots of sanding tho decals are not bad but painting a front bumper is a nightmare
  4. used tamiya primer and base and then i used modelmaster clear on it, decals wrinkled a bit
  5. this is a rebuild of my old tamiya kit
  6. eburg_Dub

    Acura RSX

    Revell kit build for a coworker of mine I can't be bothered to build something new for myself so building this one for him was quite nice
  7. Fujimi kit Very basic but fun build
  8. Another Alfa kit I did mess up the decal placement n the hood Other than that no issues with the kit 1 more alfa to go
  9. Tamiya kit Out of the box build nothing fancy
  10. Very old Tamiya kit Decals were brittle and blistered to the point sanding and polishing was out of the question
  11. Tmaiya kit Another quick build . Funny thing happen when I cleared it, There was something wrong with the red paint and decals shrunk on the red parts .
  12. the hood was not closing properly i had to shave some plastic from it and the chassis.
  13. quick build had some minor issues with the hood but nothing big
  14. yeah the wheels it was well my mistake they have to be very light gray almost white. but ive used black primer and that's the result
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