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  1. Johnny G added a post in a topic This Is National Tudor Sedan Month, Isn't It?   

    Hello Lyle, I am fairly new to customizing models and was wondering how you do the wood grain. Awesome work that you do and would appreciate any help.
    Thank you, John
  2. Johnny G added a post in a topic Newbie Here   

    Thank you for all the nice words everyone. Unfortunately Andy, I have never been to a model show. I have been to Hotrod shows that have small models contests there, but nothing big. I hope to get to one soon.
  3. Johnny G added a topic in General   

    Newbie Here
    Hello, I just joined the forum and wanted to introduce myself. My name is John Giovingo from Annapolis, MD. Everybody calls me Johhny G. I've been modelling for approx 25 years. Just starting kit bashing and scratch building within the last 2 years and I love it. I wish i started sooner. I mainly build pro street and pro stock stuff with the occassional truck to tow or carry one of my other models. Anyway, I am also a member of SAE's forum. Lots of good people there, just looking for fresh faces and ideas.
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