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  1. sak

    1958 belvedere.

    Pattern is already there. Just foiled over-top. Thanks. Yes. Alcad 2
  2. 1961 coupe deville 1961 elecktra
  3. sak


    Thanks for the compliments. Two orginals tires and rear bumper were defective. Passenger side are from 1970 eldorado and that is why lines look different and wheels dont sit right. I orderednew bumper and wheels but it will be months before they are received.
  4. sak


    Thanks Ron Hamilton. I will make note of this. It will be black with black roof.
  5. sak

    1970 roadrunner

    Monty wheels are from I think monogram 55 or 56 chevrolet coupe. The black one. And the k-frame piece already has some kind of spindle molded into. Just saw it away and stick a pin in it.
  6. sak

    1970 roadrunner

    Paint is revlon "valentine" slusher
  7. sak


    Paint black first .wetsand. paint
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