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    Yes and thanks
  2. Gtx697 is right.. The knobs are too far back. They are clearly above the window crank pivot shaft for the REAR window. And well back from the line designed to symbolize the separation of the door card and the back card.
  3. sak

    duster hardtop

    Thanks . "Bronze" by Modelmaster
  4. sak

    duster hardtop

    http://www.hartspartsresin.com/resin-parts-list/conversions Thanks. Was ok but had some air bubbles and sloppyness where the slats meet the surround so I had to glue some thin rod to that edge..to hide it and act as threshhold
  5. sak

    duster hardtop

    Thanks for the kind remarks. Yes those holes are drilled. Not evenly spaced or perfect circle but best I could do
  6. The astroturf is too bright green. Will airbrush it darker.
  7. I don't like the steering wheel. Holes should have been drilled out instead of just dabbed with black paint.
  8. One mire thing. Not that it matters but was a "malibu" available in sedans and wagons?
  9. Its not difficult to convert to a regular chevelle. I believe the major difference is the taillight trim. Grind away the Ss badge on the front fender. Theres also a box thing under the dashboard. Get rid of that too. Its dials for a special stereo system that those cars had. And don't forget to grind the speakers off the parcel shelf. But you NEED the photoetched kit. It has the proper taillights trim piece.
  10. My bad . Brand name is "gellyroll". Micheals only has one brand. Some "uniball" too. Which I heard was good too. Theres a video review on youtube on white gellpens.
  11. You got the unloved part right. However I admire the building techniques
  12. Not sure the brand. It just says japan. I bought it at Micheals crafts in the scrapbook isle. There was a empty slot for red gelpens. I bought the blue gelpen also and it covers great over black.
  13. It does rub off real easy when its still wet. Once dry you can touch it. I sealed it with a flat acrylic just in case.
  14. Found a way to make my own whitewalls with a gelpen and one if these.
  15. Awesome.thanks br67 !!!! They look perfect.
  16. Always wondered...what is a "handling fee" anyway. I know bigger companies hire people to pack stuff up but seems people on ebay are charging this also.
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