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  1. I dont know what all the fuss is about. Its lookds badass when all is said and done.
  2. It looks nice to me..I plan to buy one someday.
  3. IF you guys don't mind me asking..I going this say this anyway...If you won a raffle..the prize was was a restored 67 camaro. However..they installed a made in china grille that looks close but not exact to the original ..would you be happy that you have a camaro or reacte in disgust that they did not restore it correctly and walk away. Food for thought..hopefully.
  4. THat dashboard should be a piece if cake for you. Break it down into basic shapes. In reality it is a flat L-shaped panel typical of pontiacs. I would cut a peice of that shape outof styrene sheet, drill holes for the gauges, glue some super thin rod to replicate the seperation from the gauge area from the radio/wiper controls..then build the rest of the dash around it.
  5. Should have left it as a hardtop. Nothing more beautiful than a hardtop coupe.
  6. Thanks br67.Could you take some measurements when you have time? Thanks
  7. The OLDsmobile "dellmont" sounds interesting, if its a 2-door hardtop.
  8. Has anybody bought the "60's AMT " redline tires? Part number T198. If so what are the measurements? Thanks
  9. I would love to see this converted into a 2 door hardtop
  10. Has anybody out there purchased this? From the picture it looks like it includes banks on two and four..but not singles. Can anybody confirm this? If they have a bank of two (for two door sedan type cars) why not a single switch for the passenger side? Thanks
  11. It was of some help thank you but..still hard to tell. I've been searching for redline tires for some time now and they appear to have four different types.. I suppose I can modify a chosen wheel to accept them..but what are the widths? I like to use slightly wider tires on the back...like say..a 275-60-15. Another example..they have a whitewall tire called a "1959 amt" and appears quite similar in size to their "nascar" wheels. Just saying..be nice to have a measurement of width and outside diameter. It would take all of ten minutes to do it.
  12. They dont post any pics of the contents. I cant see anything anyway. I wish also they listed measurements of the wheels and tires so you know what your getting.
  13. Nevers knew this one could look so good. badass.
  14. Gotta get me some of those "brass bolts" . You don't remember the size you say?
  15. I agree...the coupe deville was king of the heap in 1961 as far as I am.concerned..
  16. I would like to see those rally wheels done in 17"or 18". The finnish on those looks badass. Alclad magnesium? What you need for basecoat?
  17. Suggestion. Next time try "wrapping wire" for plug wires. Little more to scale. But keep those wires yougot. They might make great heater hoses.
  18. Huh? My bad. Thats the carb that came with..thats the only way it fitted. Should have took note of that..but probably would have kept it like that anyway. It wont be seen with the aircleaner on.
  19. The gear shifter is the one that was in the box with everything else. I just snipped away the plastic rod with steel wire. I did add some extra ribs to the rubber part. Just filed plastic rod to a oval shape and sliced it.
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