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  1. Wow, unbelievable detailing skills. Nice work. Question, where do you get your nickel sheet from?
  2. I have the Tracy decals as well as the Penske Marlboro decals. I watched the race that Greg Moore got killed, very tragic. He definitely would have won Championships. My favorite driver of that period was Alex Zanardi, loved watching him race. His accident in Germany was very tragic also.
  3. Looks great. I bought every different kit Revell offered and some extras to use several Speedline decals I purchased. I even have a rare Greg Moore kit that was only released in Canada.
  4. Yup, I have seven 29 Ford roadsters. Thought I only had 2. 😂
  5. Nice builds. Where did you get the wheels and tires?
  6. Got mine in the mail yesterday, look forward to reading it cover to cover. Lots of good articles. Glad it now comes wrapped in plastic, helps keep the post office from destroying it.🙂👍
  7. Received my copy in the mail yesterday, outstanding issue. Look forward to reading it cover to cover. Like that it now comes wrapped in plastic, helps keep the post office from destroying it.👍
  8. Just got mine today in Florida.🙂 I'm pleased also that it came wrapped in plastic.👍
  9. He is definitely a strange character. I watch the show in amazement that people pay 30,40 or 50 grand for his builds. Crazy.
  10. Nice job. I loved that car ever since I saw it as a kid on the Munsters. I also built one myself a while back.
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