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  1. Nice build. I bought the MFH 1/43 Tipo 159, its going to be a real challenge to build. (Guess I'm a glutton for punishment)Lol.
  2. I enjoyed watching all 12 episodes. He's very talented (enjoyed watching him on "Wheeler Dealers" also). They pushed him to tell what his next project will be, he said "Lotus". I hope Mototrend follows that build.
  3. Stunning. Nice build.
  4. Excellent build, nice job. You can tell from my avatar the 58 Impala is one of my favorite cars.
  5. Kindergarten, but only a couple of years from my dad teaching me how to build models.🙂
  6. I'd love one but I don't want mortgage my house. Lol.
  7. Have one coming in the mail from Upscale Hobbies, looking forward to it.
  8. Outstanding build. Very nice, great color.
  9. Very nice build.
  10. Beautiful build, nice work.
  11. Just received issue #83 in the mail today. Excellent magazine as always.
  12. Stopped for a day or so, now it's back.Very Annoying.
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