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  1. Excellent build, nice job. You can tell from my avatar the 58 Impala is one of my favorite cars.
  2. Kindergarten, but only a couple of years from my dad teaching me how to build models.🙂
  3. I'd love one but I don't want mortgage my house. Lol.
  4. Have one coming in the mail from Upscale Hobbies, looking forward to it.
  5. Outstanding build. Very nice, great color.
  6. Very nice build.
  7. Beautiful build, nice work.
  8. Just received issue #83 in the mail today. Excellent magazine as always.
  9. Stopped for a day or so, now it's back.Very Annoying.
  10. They haven't gone away. They moved their offices from San Francisco to Virginia and brought their printing back to the United States from overseas. I called them last week, Issue #83 is due to come out soon. They apologized for the delay, it took them longer than they thought to get back up and running. The last issue was #82 Spring 2019. I have a 2 year subscription and they said I will see every issue. Love the magazine, best one out there. Wealth of history, information and inspiration on Hot Rods and Customs, both past and current.
  11. Ads are still a messed up. Hope you guys figure it out.
  12. When I was a teen, there was a neighbor who had a custom 63 Splitwindow. It was black with flared fenders, chrome side pipes and a candy blue stripe that started at the front of a 68 L88 scoop and went over the roof to the back valance. The car was beautiful, my buddies and I would always stop to stare as it drove by. I can graft a scoop, just trying to save myself the trouble.
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