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  1. Ed, it really is pretty easy. First find the center point of the axle and the outer most points you want to go to on the axle. Then keep spliting the difference to make the spacing even and so you have the same amount of holes on each side. Find the right bit depending on the width of the recess in the I-beam that will look right. But before drilling the final size holes, I drill smaller pilot holes so my final bit size doesn't wander. You could practice on a scrap piece of styrene to get comfortable with drilling the holes before doing on your kit.
  2. I just take a fine tip Sharpie and mark out the spacing that looks good depending on what size drill bit I use.
  3. Nice survivor, I built that kit yeeeaars ago. Wish they'd reissue it if the molds still exist.
  4. Very nice ride. We had a two tone green 54 Olds when I was a kid. Unfortunately it was a 4 door.
  5. Looks great. Patiently waiting for mine. Also ordered Ed's 32 Ford PU roadster body and up top.
  6. Neat idea, look forward to seeing the finished build.
  7. 58 Impala


    Weird but cool, nice work. Don't think I've ever seen a flat 5 engine.(5 velocity stacks)
  8. Wow, sweet build. Nice save.
  9. 58 Impala

    2020 Corvette

    Just wait till the dust settles and they'll be available. Same feeding frenzy happens every time.
  10. 58 Impala

    2020 Corvette

    Just read an article saying the 2020 Corvette is sold out already (people putting down payments on pre orders) based on Chevrolets projected run for the year. Wow.
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