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  1. 58 Impala added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Found one of the elusive 30 Model A coupes at a Hobby Lobby outside of Dallas while visiting my family over the weekend. Went to the store with the hopes of one being on the shelf, and there was one left.
  2. 58 Impala added a topic in General   

    Question for resin casters out there, 30 Model A parts.
    I have a question for resin casters kit there. Being that we don't know if and when Revell will start releasing the 30 Coupe again, and we have a lot of the roadster kits that made to the shelves (I have a few). Are there any resin casters out there casting, or are planning to cast parts to make the roadster into a coupe (roof and 32 grill )?
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  3. 58 Impala added a post in a topic Looking for nicely casted carbs or EFI units   

    Norm at Replicas and Miniatures does some excellent work also.
  4. 58 Impala added a post in a topic Olds powered traditional '29 Ford model A Coupe   

    Wow,nice build. Great paint color.
  5. 58 Impala added a post in a topic 65 Pontiac 2+2 Custom/Stock   

    Great looking model, love the wheels. They give it a mild custom look.
  6. 58 Impala added a post in a topic 1937 Chevy   

    Very nice job. Beautiful color. I have a couple of models that blue would look good on.
  7. 58 Impala added a post in a topic what white paint to use on rubber tire white letters   

    I've used a white acrylic gel pen. 
  8. 58 Impala added a post in a topic Viper cuda   

    Beautiful job. More pics.
  9. 58 Impala added a post in a topic If "They" Outlawed the Manufacture and Sale of Model Kits Tomorrow...   

    "IF" i could build a model a week, I would never live long enough to build all the models in my stash.Lol.
  10. 58 Impala added a post in a topic 65 Pontiac Grand Prix   

    Nice job, always loved the big Pontiacs. (Second only to Impalas).
  11. 58 Impala added a topic in Wanted!   

    1/16 scale T/F slicks
    I have the Revell 1/16 scale Garlits top fueler kit. The slicks that came with the kit are ruined (my fault). I'm looking for a set, either original or aftermarket. Any help wood be appreciated, thanks.
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  12. 58 Impala added a post in a topic Adventures in soldering:The GT40 project New pics 2/13/17   

    Phenomenal work Randy. Your attention to detail is inspiring to other modelers. Where do you get your scale hardware? I used to use "Scale Hardware" but he has closed up shop.
  13. 58 Impala added a post in a topic RIP Rete Chapouris   

    Sad day for Hot Rodding, I always loved the iconic "California Kid". RIP Pete.
  14. 58 Impala added a post in a topic 29 roadster with a twist, trim?   

    Just enough, no engine is too much. The 409 is perfect. Nice work so far, will be following your build.